People make difficult
decisions in life…

which college will I go to, where will I work, who will I marry; so many questions that will affect the course of our life. None are more important than this…when will I have a baby? Sometimes we plan the answer to this question, sometimes we don’t. Actually, statistics show that most of time people don’t plan their pregnancies.


I remember the day I found out that
I was pregnant with my daughter.

I was devastated. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have any money. I was still in school. My husband and I had just gotten married. My husband was still in school. We weren’t ready. We had not planned this. I was scared, too. I wasn’t sure I would be a good mother. I was terrified about the pain of childbirth. I wasn’t sure how we would afford a child. It would have been so easy to “take care of it.” I mean, I worked at Planned Parenthood. I remember one of the girls I worked with asking me if I thought I wanted to have an abortion. I almost couldn’t believe she was asking me that question. Did she think that every unplanned pregnancy should just be aborted? Well, not mine. It would be hard and I knew that we would have to make sacrifices, but I was going to have this baby. I knew that I could do it…no matter how scared I was.


You can do it, too.
Being pregnant is scary. 

Having a baby is hard. But there is nothing that will bring you more happiness. I will never forget the first time she looked at me and smiled. It was like she knew me…she knew she was part of me…she knew I was her mommy. I remember the first time she called me “Mama.” Her voice was so sweet, so perfect. I WAS her mama. Only me. I gave her life; she gave me joy…joy that
I would have never experienced without her. I remember when she cut her first tooth, when she took her first step, her first Christmas, her first birthday. All of these firsts that I could have taken away because of “choice.” Choice. Choice because we are scared? Choice because we don’t have enough money? Well, big decisions in life are usually scary and if you wait for
your savings account to grow big enough to have a baby, you will never have a child. You see, many of life’s greatest blessings are unplanned. Mine was unplanned, and her name is Grace. I can’t imagine my life without her.

Is it always easy? No. But it is ALWAYS worth it. ALWAYS!


Don’t miss those moments with your child. Don’t let anything steal that away from you…not money, not time, not fear, and definitely not “choice.” You can do this. You are not alone. There are groups all around you that want to surround you with hope and love. Let them help you today. You can call or visit one of the links below to find real help.