For all inquiries regarding my movie Unplanned.


For up to date information on INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION, please visit, As much as I would like to, I cannot assist with any questions surrounding distribution or licensing.

For groups who want to show Unplanned at your event, you will need to buy the rights to do so. You will get a DVD, or several, with your package.

For non-Catholic groups/Church events, you can get info here:

For any Catholic Church or group, you will need to go through Ignatius Press: Diane Hanson,, 1-866-431-1531, ext. 5

You can order signed copies of my movie here (USA AND CANADA ONLY),

You can get a digital download of Unplanned here,

Thank you for your patience and please do not send me an email regarding the above listed needs surrounding the Unplanned Movie, I am not in the film industry and cannot help you, only the Unplanned film team can.