A new kind of feminism.




Our goal is to show how motherhood empowers women. Women need to be empowered, not exploited.


We're pro-life because we're pro-love.


Being pro-life is synonymous with being pro-love. We're in the fight for life because we believe in love.


Every life
is worth fighting


We believe that all life, whether unborn
or born, should be valued. From conception to natural death, every single life should be shown dignity.


Women can't
do everything men can. And vice versa.


And this is what makes being a
woman so awesome. We're unique. We're distinct. We're one of a kind.


Being a stay-home mom is exciting, not embarrassing.


And not having children is okay, too. For too long society has placed a stigma on stay-at-home-mom's, but not anymore. Moms are cool and being a mother is empowering.


We show our brains, not
our skin.


There's something so empowering in rebelling against our culture by showing less skin and more of our brains. A belief in self-worth is something young girls in society lack. We're out to change that.