Get Involved

I am a real life example of why it is so important to not just SAY you are pro-life, but to ACT like you are pro-life. I believe the pro-life movement is sustained by three types of movements…and all three are equally important. The first is the legislative movement. It is important to vote pro-life and to work with our legislators on pro-life initiatives. One organization that is at the forefront of the pro-life legislative movement is the National Right to Life Organization. There are state and local organizations that you can get involved with today. However, even if abortion was made illegal, it would still take place. That is why it is not just important to make abortion illegal…it is important to make it unthinkable. To do that we have to change the way our society thinks. How do we do that?

One way is to work with pregnancy resource centers. My hope is that when a woman finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy, she will immediately turn to her local pregnancy resource center. So many women today think of Planned Parenthood as a safe place to turn to…a place where they will NOT hear all of their options. A place where women will be coerced into thinking abortion is the best and only option for them. Women deserve better than Planned Parenthood. They deserve better than abortion. They deserve REAL choices…choices that will not scar them for the rest of their lives. Choices that will empower them as women, not hinder them. You can make a difference by volunteering with your local pregnancy resource center.

The final necessary piece to this movement is holding vigil outside of abortion facilities. We have to be where the abortions are taking place. We are these women’s last hope. We are their last chance. We HAVE to be there. There is nothing that saddens me more than to drive by an abortion facility and see a parking lot full of cars and empty sidewalks. That means that none of those women walking in that day were able to hear those final words of hope. It also means they won’t hear the words of healing they will need so desperately when they leave. We HAVE to be there. Is it uncomfortable to pray outside of an abortion facility? Yes. It should be. It should always be difficult to look into the eyes of a woman who is about to take the life of her child.

But let me tell you the best feeling in the world…when a woman changes her mind. She pulls into the parking lot, you talk to her, she listens, you keep talking, she walks in the clinic, you pray, you pray, you pray like you have never prayed before, she comes out, she is crying, your heart is pounding, she walks up to you and tells you that she just can’t do it, she is choosing life for her child, because of you, because you chose to listen to Christ, you are smiling, she is smiling, Christ is smiling. Wow. Can you imagine being a part of something that amazing? You can be. You can get involved in a 40 Days for Life campaign in your community. Don’t have one in your community? You can start one! I can tell you that I wouldn’t be here today, on this side of life, if it hadn’t been for my local 40 Days for Life campaign. It works!!

I have posted some links information below about these different organizations. You can save a life. You can be a part of this movement. You can start today.


The National Right to Life Committee is the largest pro-life organization in the United States with affiliates in all 50 states and over 3,000 local chapters nationwide. The group works through legislation and education to work against abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

To find a pregnancy center near you, please visit one of these sites.

40 Days for Life is a great way to make a difference by becoming a foot-soldier in the pro-life movement. This program is a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program:

Prayer and fasting
Constant vigil
Community outreach

40 Days for Life takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families. It puts into action a desire to cooperate with God in the carrying out of His plan for the end of abortion in America.

The 40-day campaign tracks Biblical history, where God used 40-day periods to transform individuals, communities … and the entire world. From Noah in the flood to Moses on the mountain to the disciples after Christ’s resurrection, it is clear that God sees the transformative value of His people accepting and meeting a 40-day challenge.

I would encourage you to check out their website, and prayerfully consider how God would have you become more involved. Remember, all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing!