The Dangerous Side of Birth Control.

We can’t ignore the birth control subject. The effects of hormonal birth control can not only end a human life, but also affect the health of the mother. Studies reveal that most women who have died from the use of the pill or other birth control products, have died from blood clots, heart attacks or pulmonary embolisms. As you can see on our side effects link, the pill also causes many other serious problems such as cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, depression, and much more.

Life begins at conception,
and birth control is designed 
to end that life there.

Many forms of birth control thin the walls of the endometria, stopping implantation
from occurring and causing the woman to lose the child early on.



Is fertility a disease?

We treat our fertility as a disease that needs to be corrected with a birth
control pill, which is dangerously harmful to our health.



The Birth Control Pill is
known to cause cancer.

The Pill is a known group-1 carcinogen for breast, cervical, and liver cancers (BCPI).



It can double your risk
of a heart attack.

Women on The Pill are twice as likely to have a heart attack
than women who are not taking The Pill (BCPI).



Is there another way?

Yes! Natural Family Planning, NaPro Technology, works with your body
instead of against it. It’s a healthy way to space your children.