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For up to date information on INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION, please visit, As much as I would like to, I cannot assist with any questions surrounding distribution or licensing.

For groups who want to show Unplanned at your event, you will need to buy the rights to do so. You will get a DVD, or several, with your package.

For non-Catholic groups/Church events, you can get info here:

For any Catholic Church or group, you will need to go through Ignatius Press: Diane Hanson,, 1-866-431-1531, ext. 5

You can order signed copies of my movie here (USA AND CANADA ONLY),

You can get a digital download of Unplanned here,

Thank you for your patience and please do not send me an email regarding the above listed needs surrounding the Unplanned Movie, I am not in the film industry and cannot help you, only the Unplanned film team can. 

1. How can I get involved in the prolife movement?

I don’t know how you are being called.  But the first thing I would encourage you to do is to look at prolife opportunities in your area first and branch out from there. These are my top suggestions of ways to get plugged in.

Sign up to participate in the ATTWN prayer team:

Attend the Prolife Women’s Conference: 

Spread the information on this website like wildfire on social media:

Volunteer with your Local Pregnancy Resource Center: https://optionline.org

Sign up to be a Sidewalk Advocate for Life:

Participate in or start an Embrace Grace group at your church:

If you are a student then consider being involved with Students for Life of America:

Participate with your local 40 Days for Life:

Contact your local prolife PAC groups to find out how you can be more involved in legislative activities. Google Prolife PAC with your zip code.

Host a diaper drive in your community and donate the diapers to your local PRC.

2. Can you help me with my book, music, movie, poetry, or theater projects? Will you endorse my book?

Honestly no. I am not the best person to ask for publishing. I have not gone down the conventional book publishing route. I have not ever had to seek out a publisher or do my own publicity for my books.  You may do better to contact a self-publishing agency and see if they can help you. Also, as much as I would love to be of help to you, I get far too many requests to read peoples books and I just don’t have the time. I travel full time for work, run a non-profit, and I have a husband and 8 children to invest in. This also applies to those seeking my help with their musical talent, movie and theater screen plays, and poetry. I hope you will understand and not take my decline personal, these things are just out of my scope of work and I do not have a list of referrals to send you on where you can get help with these things.


3. How can I change the mind of my prochoice friend?

Really, there is not much you can SAY.  Continue to be open about your beliefs in a non-nagging way.  Don’t feel like you must hide the fact that you are prolife, or shy away from talking about prolife activities.  Your witness is a strong lesson for them.  Remember that you won’t change their mind in an argument. Also, you know your friend better than I ever will, if God has not given you the words to share then consider staying silent and in prayer until He does. Also, I will not go to your friend’s social media page and comment, I do not have time to accommodate these types of requests so there is no need to send a screen shot or a link for me to follow, thanks for understanding.

4. Why are you against hormonal birth control? Do you believe in any form of birth control?

I am against anything that can potentially cause abortion.  For more information about this, you can visit my website at

No, I do not believe in putting any sort of barrier between a husband and wife.  I do believe in Natural Family Planning.  It is a natural way to control your fertility, space children if desired, and be open to life.  

For more information, please visit:

5. Can you come and speak to us in (insert city)?

I select speaking events based on the invitations that are submitted to my agent, Gloria Leyda, at Ambassador Speakers Bureau.  There is usually a fee for me to come and speak for your event, which is why I am usually asked to speak at fundraising banquets or large rallies. If you would like to get more information about bringing me to your event, please visit

6. Have you heard about (this particular news story) that involves the prolife movement?

To be perfectly honest, I have never been emailed a news story that I have not already seen.  It is part of my job to stay up to date on news in the prolife movement. More likely than not, I will not click on the link you send me or take the time to reply, thanks for understanding.


7. Can you donate a bunch of books to my (woman’s groups, pregnancy center, etc)? 

I do not keep a large stock of books on hand.  If you would like to talk to someone about a possible donation, you will need to contact the publisher directly through or

8. Can you post this (event, song, fundraising campaign, etc) to your Facebook page?

Unfortunately, no.  I receive so many requests every week that there is no way I would be able to accommodate all of them.  Because of that, I am not able to post any of them.

9. What made you change your mind and leave Planned Parenthood?

You can find my story at my website  You can also purchase my book, “Unplanned” which gives a detailed account of my story,, or purchase the Unplanned Movie,

Please also feel free to search my name on YouTube and you will see many videos of my full testimony.

10. What can I do to help people understand that Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood? 

The best thing you can do is inform yourself and have resources printed or ready to pass out. Also, you know your friends and loved ones, I do not, therefore I won’t be able to type up a response to share with them. My words to them will likely fall short and sound insensitive. If you do not have the words to share then consider simply praying for them to see the truth and point them to the resources below.

You can get great resources from:

You should also know that there are alternatives to Girl Scouts.  My family has thoroughly enjoyed American Heritage Girls.  They are a Christian scouting group who even has a "Respect Life" badge!  You can find out more about them at

11. What is not effective on the sidewalk if you are trying to talk to women?

I do not believe in using any sort of inflammatory language when talking to clients or abortion facility staff (abortion mill, death chamber, slaughter house, deathscort, abortuary, etc).  Our goal is to reach out to them with compassion and show them that there are resources available to them if they choose life and that we truly care about them. Don’t yell!  Don’t call them murderers!  Love them. Be compassionate.  If you are on the sidewalk and you feel anger in your heart, then just leave.  There is enough anger inside the clinic walls…we don’t need it on the sidewalk. Please consider contacting Sidewalk Advocates for Life for further training and materials to help you be the best version of yourself on the sidewalk.


12. Do you have fliers that we can mail into abortion facilities or pass out to abortion clinic workers?

Yes, we have printable fliers available on the ATTWN website:
Also, check to see if the clinic is listed on this website:

13. Can you help me with my high school or college research project?

As much as I would love to fulfill all of these requests, I am not able to do so at this time. I would suggest that you contact your local prolife organization for help. The FAQ’s are designed to help you find answers that I don’t have time to offer you. You can also google my name to find many articles that I have written which may contain the answers you seek. You can also search my name on YouTube to find videos of me sharing my story. If after you have done these things and still have a very specific question about the abortion industry or perspective of an abortion industry worker, please feel free to email me a few very specific questions.

14. Do you believe in abortion in any case?

No, I do not. Not much else to say about that. Abortion should never be an option.

15. How do I become a prolife speaker?

I really don't know how to help you with this either.  I have never had to seek out representation for prolife events.  I would suggest that you start by talking to your local church or prolife group to see if you can get your story out that way. Even better, try finding a way to plug into a local prolife group who needs help. Let your story be one of action, not just words, and you will reach far more people with a greater impact than simply standing on a stage. See FAQ 1 at the top for ways to plug into your community!

16. Is there a way to handle ectopic pregnancies in a "prolife" way?

Yes.  Direct abortion is never necessary.  There are other measures in the cases of ectopic pregnancy that can be taken to remove the unborn child (which will indirectly cause death) and still preserve the mother's health.  It is all about intent.  Again, DIRECT abortion is never necessary. For more information, see


17. How do I know which organizations give to and support Planned Parenthood?

I refer everyone to to obtain a complete list.  People often ask about how to boycott so many.  In all honesty, if we were to boycott everything on the list, then we would have to pack up and go live in the woods.  How you choose to boycott is entirely up to you.  My family chooses to boycott any charitable organizations who give to the abortion industry.  But when we do boycott, we also send letters letting the organizations know why we have discontinued giving. 

18. How does Planned Parenthood come up with their 3% number?

I wrote an article that explains how they come up with this fictitious number.  You can access the article through

Also see this video:

19. We are looking to adopt a baby.  Can you list us on your Facebook page or give moms you talk to our information?

Unfortunately, no. While I'm sure you are a wonderful couple, I don't know you.  I have never seen your home study.  I would not feel comfortable sending a woman to someone that I don't know.  The best thing you can do is register with an adoption agency or work with your state agency to find a child for your family. Also, you can contact your local pregnancy resource center to let them know you are hoping to adopt. Private adoptions may be less expensive but trust me, the birth mom involved will need all the support she can get from the agency. Her needs are worth the additional expense. Adopting from the foster system is a beautiful and low cost/no cost option as well, just because God called you to adopt, it does not mean that He called you to adopt a newborn.

20. I need resources for post-abortion healing studies. Where can I get this information? 

There are many different studies out there to help facilitate healing. I recommend reaching out to your local pregnancy center and finding out if they have any options available. You can also and There are so many studies it is hard to post them all. There are also many self-paced books available that you can purchase from different online sources. If you are hoping to sit in on a group healing program then please contact your local pregnancy resource center.

21. You have talked about clinics other than Planned Parenthood that can provide healthcare for low income women. Where can we find a list of those facilities? 

This is a website that has a listing of all Federally Qualified Health Centers in the United States. There are also rural public health centers, hospital health systems and county health departments that are not listed. 


22. What are your thoughts, opinions, and personal beliefs on vaccinations?

I understand that vaccinations have become a topic of controversy in recent years. I believe that all parents should do their own research about vaccine efficacy and potential risks and make their own informed decision. As a parent, I am concerned about the ethical standards of vaccines and will continue to advocate for alternatives to protect our children. I believe this document from the Catholic Church articulates my feelings surrounding the vaccine issue:

23. Have a question regarding information, statistics, and advocacy surrounding conception after sexual assault?

Here is a link to the contact form for Save The 1, founded by Rebecca Kiessling, one of my dear friends who was conceived because of an act of sexual violence perpetrated on her birth mother.

You can also contact Ryan Bomberger, founder of The Radiance Foundation, another friend conceived through an act of sexual violence perpetrated on his birth mother.

24. You or a loved one believe that they survived after an abortion procedure failed to take your life?

Please visit The Abortion Survivors Network, founded by Melissa Ohden, a dear friend of mine who survived after her mother was forced to have a saline abortion.

25. This prolife organization or someone I know is being attacked legally because they oppose abortion, can you help?

Your best bet is to contact Alliance Defending Freedom, The Thomas Moore Society, and if they are employed in the medical industry they can contact

26. Someone shared an article with me saying that the Ultrasound Guided Abortion you witnessed never happened? 

Here is a rebuttal article I wrote, I hope this answers your questions and that you will share this factual information with those who are spreading falsehoods about my experiences.

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