I talked her into getting an abortion. And then I ran into her at the store.

“I am sorry. I am sorry that we did not tell you the truth about abortion. I am sorry that you were deceived by people who you thought you could trust. I am sorry that we didn’t listen to you when you cried in our offices.”

Read more of the story below.



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Planned Parenthood is trying to secretly open this abortion clinic in Dallas. But pro-lifers found out.

Everything kept in secret will be brought to light.

Read more about a new abortion facility opening in Dallas.



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This is precisely how a late abortion is performed: now, tell me about the ‘right to choose’

“The woman is usually given sedation so that she is unconscious during the actual abortion. The nurses and technicians will physically push on her belly to help the physician pull the pieces of the baby out.”

To read more of this article, please visit http://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/this-is-precisely-how-a-late-abortion-is-performed-still-support-it.


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I am proudly a no-exceptions pro-lifer. But I wasn’t always.

Here’s my latest article put out by LifeSiteNews.

“I am proudly a no-exceptions pro-lifer.

But I haven’t always been. Admittedly, I used to accept the rape/incest exception. My opinion began to change as I met people who had been conceived in rape and saw that their lives deserved the same protection as mine. I came to understand that how a child was conceived had no bearing on their humanity. I also began to understand and reflect on a strange irony…two of them.”

Read more below.



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Our Five Surprises After Abortion


There has been an explosion recently of women sharing their personal abortion experiences as part of a new self-described “pro-VOICE” movement. The stated goal of this campaign is to shift the focus from debating the legality of abortion or discussing whether abortion is right or wrong, to sharing stories from individuals who offer an intimate look at life after abortion. One example is an article that was recently put out by Upworthy, http://www.upworthy.com/a-woman-wants-to-tell-you-the-5-most-surprising-things-about-her-abortion. In an attempt to paint abortion as a positive experience, the woman in the article said that she was “surprised” by several things that have happened after her abortion.  There are many women who now suffer because of their abortion and we felt like our voices needed to be heard as well.

Here are those five voices.


They say the very best gift you can give to your child is a sibling. So what’s the worst gift? I think it’s deliberately taking the life of one of their siblings. That’s what I did…twice…by legal abortion. As a person who speaks about my own abortion experiences publicly, it has of course prompted questions from my daughter who is 7 years old. I have three other children, but they are too young to understand.

One day in the car, my daughter (out of nowhere) asked if someday she would be able to see her siblings in Heaven. I asked her what she meant…honestly, hoping that she was not talking about my own two abortions. She said that she knew I had two abortions and she wanted to know if she would ever get to meet those babies because she said, “in my heart, I miss them.” I never knew I would pass that sort of heartbreak on to my children.

When I had my abortions, I never thought about how it would affect others. I didn’t think about my future children. I never thought about how I would have to explain my selfishness to them.

My abortions live in me, and unfortunately, they live in them.

Abby Johnson

Founder, And Then There Were None http://www.abortionworker.com/

Author, Unplanned: The true story of a former Planned Parenthood leader’s eye-opening journey across the life line http://www.unplannedthebook.com/


Jewels pregnant

Finding out I was pregnant initiated a seismic shift in my life: I quit drugs, I started taking care of myself, I had hope for a better future–for myself and for my baby. That all changed after my abortion 25 years ago. Within days I was consumed by overwhelming grief and intractable guilt and attempted suicide. After spending a month in a psychiatric unit to recover, I worked in an abortion center for five years in an attempt to assuage my guilt, normalize my trauma, and rationalize away my pain.  I wandered through life trying to fill the void where my baby should have been. Academic and career pursuits, moves to different states, marriage(s)–nothing satisfied me until I started speaking out about the anguish and regret I felt (and still feel) from my abortion. Accepting responsibility for my son’s death and allowing myself to truly grieve has led me closer to inner peace. Sharing my story, writing and speaking publicly about how abortion can wound women (and men and grandparents and siblings) has helped me to connect with people who also seek healing, and to share insight with those who hope to provide it.

I’ll never be the young idealist trying to turn her life around I was when I found out I was pregnant. I’ll also never again be the stricken, self-sabotaging, guilt-ridden, broken woman I was for years after my abortion. Grief can be overpowering, but it can also be transformative. I am a different person because of my abortion, but only because I survived the dark decades-long aftermath and now stand in the light.

Jewels Green

Former abortion clinic worker, mother, writer, convert


beatrice baby

My first abortion was the father’s choice. The second time, the devil whispered in my ear that abortion would “save” my child from his abusive dad.

For years I lived with self-hatred and contradictory emotions. I told myself that one day I would have children when the time was right, when I’m with the right guy, etc.

Shortly after I married, I was having obsessive thoughts: “Pregnancy means choice, choice means abortion.” I was in the ideal situation to have children, but I was traumatized by the past. When I became pregnant, I had to share my pregnancy/abortion history and I was ashamed. Were the doctors and nurses judging me? It was a dreadful time.

I was feeling unworthy to carry a “wanted” child. Every evening, my husband would find me curled up in a chair, crying. It went on until I sought help and took antidepressants. When our son was born, I wanted to love him but I was feeling detached. I had nightmares where I would hurt him with knives and say, “It’s OK, he can’t feel anything.” Or he would drown and I couldn’t save him.

Since I started to heal and share my story, I have spoken to dozens of women about this. It strikes me that many who were able to conceive after an abortion either couldn’t bond with their children or lived in constant fear that someone was going to take them away. This is not emotionally healthy.

Abortion impacts us long after we leave the clinic. We can’t suppress motherhood now and start again when the stars are aligned. Women deserve choices they can live with.

Béatrice Fedor

Member of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/

Blog: 400 Words for Women.com http://400wordsforwomen.com/

ashley talk

I was 22 and thought that having an abortion would be the best option. Society had me believing there was nothing good that would come out of an unplanned pregnancy…especially for a college student. They said that if I wasn’t ready to be a parent this was “the most loving thing” I could do and that most women felt relief afterwards. That sure wasn’t the case for me. The coming year would be my rock bottom.

I tried to commit suicide three times, withdrew from friends and family, and I was pretty much high all time to stay numb inside. After seeking help for most of these issues (except for the abortion) I felt much better. I got married and became pregnant again. This time I was so excited that I ran to the store and bought almost every book about my developing baby! It was then that I was struck with absolute grief and horror about what I had done just a few short years earlier. My baby was able to move and kick and suck his thumb?! No one told me that! My baby could respond to touch by just 7 weeks?! No one told me that! So while I was joyful to be pregnant, I was also grieving the loss of my other child. 

Now that my son is 4 years old, I sometimes look at his sweet face and wonder what features my other child would have had. I still have dreams about holding him or her and it makes me so deeply sad to think that I have robbed my son of a sibling. Why not just try and conceive a sibling for him today you may ask? Well, I would love to but my husband and I have been struggling with infertility for two and half years. I never once dreamed that I wouldn’t be able to conceive when I wanted to! Every night my sweet boy prays to God for a sibling and every time I hear those precious prayers my heart aches over what I did. Because in retrospect an abortion isn’t an easy fix or a solution to a problem….it is the problem, and it leaves a lasting effect on generations to come.

Ashley Granger

Wife, mother, sonography student

brice kid

No one ever even knew I was pregnant. As soon as I saw two lines, I interrupted Poker Night to share the news with my rock star boyfriend. Five words would change my life: “We’ll take care of it.” I was surprised at how easily I opened the Yellow Pages to the very front and entered the first number I found under the heading “ABORTION.” Assuming that fulfilling my boyfriend’s wish would guarantee a happy future for us, I was surprised that the after-effects of the abortion were what tore us apart. I was devastated to find myself so empty and broken and so absolutely all alone.

After suffering silently for over a decade, I was surprised to find that the very people from whom I tried to hide my guilt and shame—the closest people in my life—were the ones who comforted me when I finally confessed my abortion to them. These people that I adore bombarded me with forgiveness, and admitted their own grief that I didn’t come to them for help in my darkest and most difficult situation.

Most of all, I’m surprised to find the lack of choices presented to vulnerable pregnant women. Only one choice was presented to me, and it was the most painful choice I’ve ever made.

Brice Griffin        

Founder, Charlotte Center for Women http://charlottecenterforwomen.com




Guest Post from Claire Culwell

As many of you know, Claire Culwell is one of my closest friends.  Claire survived an abortion…her twin did not.  She recently found out the name of the abortionist who attempted to take her life and decided to write him a letter.  Claire now works for my ministry, And Then There Were None www.abortionworker.com.  It is our sincere prayer that Dr. Patel will one day be a part of our growing organization of those who have left the abortion industry.  She mailed this letter to Dr. Patel last week.  It arrived on Monday. Her letter is below.

claire claire2 claire3 claire4

Dear Dr. Patel,

I am writing with a heavy heart. I recently discovered you in the news due to the violations your abortion clinic has made. I found that I have a closer connection to you than I thought.

            In 1988, my 13-year-old birth mother placed herself in your care to perform her abortion…her 20-week abortion. She was assured that the abortion would fix her problem and that her life would return to normal but it didn’t. When she returned to see you, she was informed that the abortion had been successful, in part, but she was still pregnant as she had actually been pregnant with twins but had been misinformed. She was also told that during the abortion the amniotic sac had been ruptured, thus leaking fluid for weeks. This proposed many complications for my birth mother. Due to the botched abortion, I was born 2.5 months premature with many lifelong complications.

As I read your medical practice history, I found my testimony consistent with many of your other former patients. My birth mother was 13. She was young and naïve; she would be easy to manipulate and lie to. She didn’t know any better. Due to the abortion that was botched, my birth mother has suffered 26 years of hardship and regret. I can only imagine the things that may have happened that she feels like she can’t speak about…things that other women are confessing that you did to them while in your care.

However, she was not the only one affected by the failed abortion. My life, my family’s life, and my children’s lives would all eventually be effected by one “mistake” or one “botched abortion” that was performed so long ago. Not only was I born 2.5 months premature but I was born with complications including dislocated hips, club feet, and was on life support in the hospital. I went through multiple casts on my feet, a harness on my hips to prepare for surgery and body casts in order to correct what the abortion had done to my body. In fact, I still have hip and foot complications today due to the abortion. The unfortunate part is that I am not alone. Hundreds of other survivors of abortions are speaking up letting the world know that we ARE children, we DO deserve a chance at life and that abortion is, clearly, NOT SAFE. 

I spent 21 years of my life wondering if I had a sibling that was missing. I felt it in my heart. My birth mother confirmed my questions when she told me about her abortion when I met her. Realizing that you have lived your entire life without your twin is a harsh reality.  However, the hardest part for me is realizing that you took my daddy’s only son from him. His life would have been even more full and joyful had he had his son who would carry on his family name and do the things he loves with him—hunt and fish. Because of the selfishness that abortion has brought to us today, our family will remain incomplete and I mourn the amazing adventures my daddy is missing with my brother.

In February of 2013, another miracle happened… My daughter was born! I can’t help but think about how she wouldn’t be here if the abortion had been successful on my life. She has only been here for a short time but she has touched so many lives with her fun-loving personality. I can’t help but wonder how many children are missing because their mothers were misinformed by you and told that the best decision, or even the only decision, was abortion.

Dr. Patel, I write to not only shed light on the reality of the severe aftermath that can happen when abortions are performed but to also express my forgiveness to you for what happened. I have lived a full life and been well loved in my 26 years of life despite my circumstances. I was adopted into an incredible home that gave more grace and forgiveness than I ever could have asked for. In the same way I have been forgiven by God for many things, I choose to forgive you. I forgive you for performing the abortion in 1988 and for the enormous impact it has had on my birth mother and me.

 I also pray for you. I pray that you are able to see past the medicine, the money and your usual way of life… and that you will remember my face (and my daughter’s who would not be here had the abortion been successful) as you go to perform abortions. I pray that as you remember my face that you will be moved in such a way to walk away from the abortion practice and use your gifts outside of the industry. I assure you that many of us, myself included, would help you leave the industry and be encouragers and supporters to you. I would welcome you with open arms because I fully believe your life and what you do with your life is just as valuable as every single unborn child that I advocate for. I will continue to pray for you and your past and current patients.


Claire Culwell

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive probably around 50-75 emails a day.  And I love receiving them from you guys!  However, most of the emails I receive are basically the same questions asked over and over again.  So, in order to help you answer your questions and eliminate some of the emails, I have created a FAQ to help.

1. How can I get involved in the prolife movement?

I don’t know how you are being called.  But the first thing I would encourage you to do is to look at prolife opportunities in your area.  You may want to check out local pregnancy centers, 40 Days for Life campaigns, or even legislative groups.  If you are a student, then I encourage you to contact Students for Life of America to help get you pointed in the right direction.

2. Can you help me write a book? Can you help me with a book project?

Honestly, I am not the best person to ask for publishing advice.  I have not gone down the conventional book publishing route. I have not ever had to seek out a publisher or do my own publicity for my books.  You may do better to contact a self-publishing agency and see if they can help you.

3. How can I change the mind of my prochoice friend?

Really, there is not much you can SAY.  Continue to be open about your beliefs in a non-nagging way.  Don’t feel like you have to hide the fact that you are prolife, or shy away from talking about prolife activities.  Your witness is a strong lesson for them.  Remember that you won’t change their mind in an argument.

4. Why are you against hormonal birth control?

I am against anything that can potentially cause abortion.  For more information about this, you can visit my website at http://www.abbyjohnson.org/prevention-another-piece-of-rhetoric/.

5. Do you believe in any form of birth control?

I do not believe in putting any sort of barrier between a husband and wife.  I do believe in Natural Family Planning.  It is a natural way to control your fertility, space children if desired and be open to life.  For more information, please visit www.iusenfp.com.

6. Can you come and speak to us in (insert city)?

I select speaking events based on the invitations that are submitted to my agent, Gloria Leyda, at Ambassador Speakers Bureau.  There is usually a feefor me to come and speak for your event, which is why I am usually asked to speak at fundraising banquets or large rallies. If you would like to get more information about bringing me to your event, please visit www.ambassadorspeakers.com.

7. Have you heard about (this particular news story) that involves the prolife movement?

To be perfectly honest, I have never been emailed a news story that I have not already seen.  It is part of my job to stay up to date on news in the prolife movement.

8. Can you donate a bunch of books to my (woman’s groups, pregnancy center, etc)? 

I do not keep a large stock of books on hand.  If you would like to talk to someone about a possible donation, you will need to contact the publisher directly through www.Tyndale.com.

9. Can you post this (event, song, etc) to your Facebook page?

Unfortunately, no.  I receive so many requests every week that there is no way I would be able to accommodate all of them.  Because of that, I am not able to post any of them.

10. What made you change your mind and leave Planned Parenthood?

You can find my story at my website www.abbyjohnson.org.  You can also purchase my book, “Unplanned” which gives a detailed account.

11. What can I do to help people understand that Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood? 

The best thing you can do is inform yourself and have resources printed or ready to pass out. You can get great resources from: www.girlscoutswhynot.com, www.speaknowgirlscouts.com, www.cookiecott.com, www.mygirlscoutcouncil.com.

You should also know that there are alternatives to Girl Scouts.  My family has thorougly enjoyed American Heritage Girls.  They are a Christian scouting group who event has a “Respect Life” badge!  You can find out more about them at www.ahgonline.org.

12. What is not effective on the sidewalk if you are trying to talk to women?

I do not believe in using any sort of inflammatory language when talking to clients or abortion facility staff (abortion mill, death chamber, slaughter house, deathscort, etc).  Our goal is to reach out to them with compassion and show them that there are resources available to them if they choose life and also that we truly care about them. Don’t yell!  Don’t call them murderers!  Love them. Be compassionate.  If you are on the sidewalk and you feel anger in your heart, then just leave.  There is enough anger inside the clinic walls…we don’t need it on the sidewalk.

13. Will you endorse my book?

At this time, I am not endorsing books.  I have a very busy schedule as a mom, wife, pro-life speaker, etc.  I will hopefully be able to get back to reading more once things slow down.

14. Do you have fliers that we can mail into abortion facilities or pass out to abortion clinic workers?

Yes, we have printable fliers at www.attwn.org/for-sidewalk-counselors.

15. Can you help me with my high school or college research project?

As much as I would love to fulfill all of these requests, I am not able to do so at this time. I would suggest that you contact your local prolife organization for help.

16. Do you believe in abortion in any case?

No, I do not. Not much else to say about that. Abortion should never be an option.

17. How do I become a prolife speaker?

I really don’t know how to help you with this either.  I have never had to seek out representation for prolife events.  I would suggest that you start by talking to your local church or prolife group to see if you can get your story out that way.

18. Is there a way to handle ectopic pregnancies in a “prolife” way?

Yes.  Direct abortion is never necessary.  There are other measures in the cases of ectopic pregnancy that can be taken to remove the unborn child (which will indirectly cause death) and still preserve the mother’s health.  It is all about intent.  Again, DIRECT abortion is never necessary. For more information, see http://www.prolifephysicians.org/rarecases.htm.

19. How do I know which organizations give to and support Planned Parenthood?

I refer everyone to www.fightpp.org to obtain a complete list.  People often ask about how to boycott so many.  In all honesty, if we were to boycott everything on the list, then we would have to pack up and go live in the woods.  How you choose to boycott is entirely up to you.  My family chooses to boycott any charitable organizations who give to the abortion industry.  But when we do boycott, we also send letters letting the organizations know why we have discontinued giving.

20. How does Planned Parenthood come up with their 3% number?

I actually wrote an article that explains how they come up with this fictitious number.  You can access the article through http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/politics/153699-exposing-the-planned-parenthood-business-model.

21. My husband and I are looking to adopt a baby.  Can you list us on your Facebook page or give moms you talk to our information?

Unfortunately, no.  While I’m sure you are a wonderful couple, I don’t know you.  I have never seen your home study.  I would not feel comfortable sending a woman to someone that I don’t know.  The best thing you can do is register with an adoption agency or work with your state agency in order to find a child for your family.


Miscarriage Management

Protocols. We had many at Planned Parenthood.  Protocols on billing, customer service, client donations, medical services, counseling…you name it, we had a protocol for it. It was my job as clinic director to know them all. And, I did.

None of the protocols were all that interesting. Well, none of them…but one.

Buried at the back of this daunting folder of protocols, there was one that wasn’t talked about that often. But we needed to have it and know it…just in case.


This protocol was simply called “Miscarriage Management.” It was preparation for when abortion made illegal. What would all of these women do if they couldn’t walk into a Planned Parenthood for an elective abortion? We had an answer for that written in this three-page protocol.


We would instruct women to take medications and/or vitamins to end their pregnancy. Some of those on the list were Vitamin C, Black or Blue Cohosh, or Misoprostol bought online. We would give them instructions on how much they needed to ingest in order to terminate their pregnancy.


We would give them warning signs…signs to help them decide if they needed to go directly to the emergency room. If everything went as planned, they would be instructed to come to our facility for an ultrasound to confirm fetal demise and an MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration). This would not technically be considered an abortion since the death of the child had happened outside our facility.


Of course, there would also be a fee for this “miscarriage management” service. You certainly didn’t think they would do this out of the kindness of their hearts, did you?


I want you to really mull this over in your mind. Abortion supporters are CONSTANTLY talking about “unsafe abortion.”  They are ALWAYS waving around those ridiculous coat hangers. Yet, they are willing to actually coach women on how to carry out an unsafe abortion on their own?


They could talk to these women about other options. Heck, maybe Planned Parenthood could actually become a center that provided prenatal care and adoption services. They could begin giving out material assistance to women in need. But no. Instead, they will simply help women harm themselves. Why? Because they “care” so much for women? I think not. This is simply a way for them to keep their abortion dollars coming in…even if abortion were to become legally obsolete.


If this is carried out, abortion supporters will be right. Women will be dying from ‘illegal abortions.’ Not because of the pro-life movement, but because of their own so-called “women’s rights” movement in which they’re actually causing women’s death.


“Miscarriage management.” We could also call it “How to help women carry out an illegal abortion.” I’m guessing that with the closing of all of these abortion centers, and so many states with only one abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood is dusting off this protocol.


But women deserve better than abortion…legal or illegal.

This Is Safe Abortion

We talk about “safe abortion.”  I have attached a complaint below by a woman who has now lost her fertility because of a “safe and legal abortion” committed by Dr. Douglas Karpen.  I would love to tell you that this type of complication is rare, but it is not.  I watched women almost bleed to death on our abortion tables because of our negligence.  It happens much more than the public knows.  Please read this complaint and share it.  We need the truth to get out.

Mendoza Original Petition

Texas Sized Victory!

I never thought I would get such a huge blessing on Halloween...but I did.  We found out 
on October 31st that all four parts of the Texas prolife omnibus bill will go into 
effect as planned.  Here are the components:

1. Any physician committing abortion must have privileges at a hospital within a 30 mile 
radius of where they practice. Began November 1, 2013. 
2. The RU-486 abortion procedure (medical abortion) must be provided by FDA guidelines. 
Began November 1, 2013
3. Abortions after 20 weeks gestation are no longer legal.  Began October 29, 2013. 
4. Any facility providing abortions must be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center. 
Begins September 1, 2014.  

All of these regulations just make sense.  If a physician is not able to get hospital 
privileges, then I probably don't want him performing surgery on me.  It's really that 
simple.  I've never had surgery where my physician would not be able to treat me if 
complications arose.  But that is exactly what women are subjected to when they have 
an abortion.  They usually don't even know the name of the doctor that committed the 
abortion.  And if, by chance, they do, he won't be the one to care for her if she ends 
up at the hospital anyway.  Now that is what you call poor patient care.  

The RU-486 changes will include more visits to the actual physician who will give you 
the abortion medication.  What a lofty idea!!  To be able to meet and speak with the 
physician who will be giving you medication that could potentially kill you...and will, 
most definitely, kill your unborn child. Wow.  What a concept.  

I will only say one thing about the 20 week ban.  If you can't decide whether or not 
you want to have an abortion in FIVE months...then you need counseling, not an abortion.  
And don't give me some ridiculous line like, "But what if the baby is diagnosed with 
Down's Syndrome or some other syndrome that deems them imperfect?"  Um, those 
"imperfect" children have the same value as anyone else.  They don't deserve death.  

The last part of the bill is really the most detrimental to the abortion industry.  
This is the portion that will close down all but 6 abortion clinics in the state.  
It's not set to go into effect until next year.  All I can say that is that 
September 1, 2014 is going to be a HUGE day of celebration.  This section of the 
bill will be the part that most significantly reduces the number of abortions 
performed in Texas.  Requiring a facility that performs surgery to be licensed as 
an Ambulatory Surgical Center is not a crazy idea.  It's actually a very logical 
and practical idea...and increases the safety standards for women.  There are MANY 
abortion facilities in Texas that would not be able to accommodate emergency 
personnel if they were called.  They would not be able to fit a gurney into the 
hallways or rooms.  They may not even be able to fit through the front door.  This 
is a safety issue.  This portion of the bill will rectify that.  There are CURRENT 
abortion clinics that have window AC units in the rooms where abortions are committed.  
This is supposed to be a sterile environment.  That will no longer be allowed under 
these new regulations.  Facilities will have to have hospital grade HVAC systems to 
ensure sterility.  Other things include requiring life saving equipment, elevators 
that can be used during emergencies (you know, so they can safely transport patients), 
increased reporting to the state, and additional medical staff.  Aren't all of these 
shocking??!!  No, of course they aren't.  This should be standard procedure for anyone 
providing surgical services.  Thankfully, this will now be the standard for abortion 
facilities across the state. 

Will these regulations cost the abortion industry money?  Of course they will.  But 
since it is a billion dollar industry, that shouldn't be a problem.  And of COURSE 
these facilities would want to meet these higher standards because certainly their 
first priority is the safety of their patients, right?  Wrong.  The abortion industry 
has been kicking and screaming like my toddler for the past few months.  But on 
Halloween, they officially lost.  Now, that doesn't mean their tantrum is over.  
It does mean, though, that their little fits of rage will fall on deaf ears.  In 
the end, we won...babies won...mothers won...families won.  

Can I call this a victory?  Well, in the last three months, we have seen 7 Planned 
Parenthood facilities close...Burleson, Corsicana, Bryan (abortion providing), Lufkin, 
Huntsville, Midland (abortion providing) and San Angelo (abortion providing). As of 
November 1st, we have seen an additional 16 abortion facilities cease to commit abortions.  
From 42 clinics to 19 in three months...yep, I'll call that win.