Guest Post from Claire Culwell

As many of you know, Claire Culwell is one of my closest friends.  Claire survived an abortion, her twin did not.  She recently found out the name of the abortionist who attempted to take her life and decided to write him a letter.  Claire now works for my ministry, And Then There Were None

It is our sincere prayer that Dr. Patel will one day be a part of our growing organization of those who have left the abortion industry.  She mailed this letter to Dr. Patel last week.  It arrived on Monday. Her letter is below.

" Dear Dr. Patel,

I am writing with a heavy heart. I recently discovered you in the news due to the violations your abortion clinic has made. I found that I have a closer connection to you than I thought.

In 1988, my 13-year-old birth mother placed herself in your care to perform her abortion…her 20-week abortion. She was assured that the abortion would fix her problem and that her life would return to normal but it didn’t. When she returned to see you, she was informed that the abortion had been successful, in part, but she was still pregnant as she had actually been pregnant with twins but had been misinformed. She was also told that during the abortion the amniotic sac had been ruptured, thus leaking fluid for weeks. This proposed many complications for my birth mother. Due to the botched abortion, I was born 2.5 months premature with many lifelong complications.

As I read your medical practice history, I found my testimony consistent with many of your other former patients. My birth mother was 13. She was young and naïve; she would be easy to manipulate and lie to. She didn’t know any better. Due to the abortion that was botched, my birth mother has suffered 26 years of hardship and regret. I can only imagine the things that may have happened that she feels like she can’t speak about...things that other women are confessing that you did to them while in your care.

However, she was not the only one affected by the failed abortion. My life, my family’s life, and my children’s lives would all eventually be effected by one “mistake” or one “botched abortion” that was performed so long ago. Not only was I born 2.5 months premature but I was born with complications including dislocated hips, club feet, and was on life support in the hospital. I went through multiple casts on my feet, a harness on my hips to prepare for surgery and body casts in order to correct what the abortion had done to my body. In fact, I still have hip and foot complications today due to the abortion. The unfortunate part is that I am not alone. Hundreds of other survivors of abortions are speaking up letting the world know that we ARE children, we DO deserve a chance at life and that abortion is, clearly, NOT SAFE.

I spent 21 years of my life wondering if I had a sibling that was missing. I felt it in my heart. My birth mother confirmed my questions when she told me about her abortion when I met her. Realizing that you have lived your entire life without your twin is a harsh reality.However, the hardest part for me is realizing that you took my daddy’s only son from him. His life would have been even more full and joyful had he had his son who would carry on his family name and do the things he loves with him—hunt and fish. Because of the selfishness that abortion has brought to us today, our family will remain incomplete and I mourn the amazing adventures my daddy is missing with my brother.

In February of 2013, another miracle happened… My daughter was born! I can’t help but think about how she wouldn’t be here if the abortion had been successful on my life. She has only been here for a short time but she has touched so many lives with her fun-loving personality. I can’t help but wonder how many children are missing because their mothers were misinformed by you and told that the best decision, or even the only decision, was abortion.

Dr. Patel, I write to not only shed light on the reality of the severe aftermath that can happen when abortions are performed but to also express my forgiveness to you for what happened. I have lived a full life and been well loved in my 26 years of life despite my circumstances. I was adopted into an incredible home that gave more grace and forgiveness than I ever could have asked for. In the same way I have been forgiven by God for many things, I choose to forgive you. I forgive you for performing the abortion in 1988 and for the enormous impact it has had on my birth mother and me.

I also pray for you. I pray that you are able to see past the medicine, the money and your usual way of life… and that you will remember my face (and my daughter’s who would not be here had the abortion been successful) as you go to perform abortions. I pray that as you remember my face that you will be moved in such a way to walk away from the abortion practice and use your gifts outside of the industry. I assure you that many of us, myself included, would help you leave the industry and be encouragers and supporters to you. I would welcome you with open arms because I fully believe your life and what you do with your life is just as valuable as every single unborn child that I advocate for. I will continue to pray for you and your past and current patients.


Claire Culwell "

Miscarriage Management

At Planned Parenthood, we had many protocols.  Protocols on billing, customer service, client donations, medical services, counseling, et cetera. You name it, we had a protocol for it. It was my job as clinic director to know all of them, and I did. None of the protocols were terribly interesting. None of them, except one.

Buried at the back of this daunting folder of protocols, there was one that wasn’t often talked about. However, we needed it to exist and we needed to know it, just in case.

The protocol I’m referring to was simply called “Miscarriage Management.” This was preparation for when abortion would made illegal. What would all of these women do if they couldn’t walk into a Planned Parenthood for an elective abortion? We had an answer for that written in this three-page protocol.

We would instruct women to take medications and/or vitamins to end their pregnancy. Some of those on the list included Vitamin C, Black or Blue Cohosh, or Misoprostol bought online. We would instruct them on the amount they needed to ingest in order to terminate their pregnancy.

We would give them warning signs. These signs would help them to decide whether they needed to go directly to the emergency room. If everything went as planned, they would be instructed to come to our facility for an ultrasound to confirm fetal demise and an MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration). This would not technically be considered an abortion since the death of the child had happened outside of our facility.

Of course, there would also be a fee for this “miscarriage management” service. You certainly didn’t think they would do this out of the kindness of their hearts, did you?

I want you to really mull this over in your mind. Abortion supporters are CONSTANTLY talking about “unsafe abortion.”  They are ALWAYS waving around those ridiculous coat hangers. They are seriously advocating for and willing to coach women on how to carry out an unsafe abortion on their own?

They could talk to these women about other options. Heck, maybe Planned Parenthood could actually become a center that provided prenatal care and adoption services. They could begin giving out material assistance to women in need, but no.

Instead, they would rather, simply stated, help women harm themselves. Why? Is it that they “care” so much for women? I think not. This is simply a way for them to keep their abortion dollars coming in, even if abortion were to become legally obsolete.

If this is carried out, abortion supporters will be right. Women will be dying from 'illegal abortions.' Not because of the pro-life movement, but because of their own so-called "women's rights" movement in which they're actually causing women's death.

“Miscarriage management,” we could also call it, “How to help women carry out an illegal abortion.” I'm guessing that with the closing of all of these abortion centers and so many states with only one abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood is dusting off this protocol.

However, women deserve better than abortion, whether it’s legal or illegal.

This Is Safe Abortion

We talk about "safe abortion."  I have included a complaint, below, by a woman who has now lost her fertility because of a "safe and legal abortion" performed by Dr. Douglas Karpen. 

I would love to tell you that this type of complication is rare, but it is not.  I watched women almost bleed to death on our abortion tables because of our negligence.  It happens so much more than the public knows. 

Please read about this complaint, Mendoza Original Petition, and share it.  We need the truth to get out.


Texas Sized Victory!

I never thought I would get such a huge blessing on Halloween, but I did. We found out on October 31st that all four parts of the Texas Pro-Life Omnibus Bill will be placed into effect as planned.

Here are the components:

1. Any physician committing abortion must have privileges at a hospital within a 30 mile radius of where they practice. Began November 1, 2013.

2. The RU-486 abortion procedure (medical abortion) must be provided by FDA guidelines. Began November 1, 2013.

3. Abortions after 20 weeks gestation are no longer legal. Began October 29, 2013.

4. Any facility providing abortions must be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center. Begins September 1, 2014.

All of these regulations just make sense. If a physician is not able to get hospital privileges, then I probably don't want him performing surgery on me. It's really that simple.

I've never had surgery where my physician would not be able to treat me if complications arose. However, that is precisely what women are subjected to when they have an abortion. They usually don't even know the name of the doctor that performed the abortion.

If, by chance, they do learn the doctor’s name, he/she won't be the one to care for her if she ends up at the hospital anyway. Now, that is what you call poor patient care. The RU-486 changes will include more visits to the actual physician who will give you the abortion medication. What a lofty idea!! To be able to meet and speak with the physician who will be giving you medication that could potentially kill you, and will, most definitely, kill your unborn child. Wow. What a concept.

I will only say one thing about the 20 week ban. If you can't decide whether or not you want to have an abortion in FIVE months, then you need counseling, not an abortion. And, don't give me some ridiculous line like, "But, what if the baby is diagnosed with Down's Syndrome or some other syndrome that deems them imperfect?" Excuse me, but those "imperfect" children have the exact same value that anyone else has. They don't deserve to die.

The last part of the bill is really the most detrimental to the abortion industry. This is the portion that will shut down all, except for 6, abortion clinics in the state. It's not ready to go into effect until next year. All I can say that is that September 1, 2014 is going to be a HUGE day of celebration.

This section of the bill will be the part that most significantly reduces the number of abortions performed in Texas. Requiring a facility that performs surgery to be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center is not a crazy idea. It's actually a very logical and practical idea, also increasing the safety standards for women.

There are MANY abortion facilities in Texas that would not be able to accommodate emergency personnel if they were called. They would not be able to fit a gurney into the hallways or rooms. They may not even be able to fit through the front door. This is a major safety issue. This portion of the bill will rectify that issue.

There are CURRENT abortion clinics that have window AC units in the rooms where abortions are performed. It’s supposed to be a sterile environment. So, under these new regulations, that will no longer be allowed. Facilities will be required to have hospital grade HVAC systems to ensure sterility. Other requirements include life-saving equipment, elevators that can be used during emergencies (you know, so they can safely transport patients), increased reporting to the state, and additional medical staff.

These regulations shouldn’t come as a surprise because this should be standard procedure for any provider offering surgical services. Thankfully, this will now be the standard for abortion facilities across the state.

Will these regulations cost the abortion industry money? Yes, they will. However, it’s a billion dollar industry, so that shouldn't be a problem. And, of COURSE these facilities would want to meet these higher standards because certainly their first priority is the safety of their patients, right? Wrong.

The abortion industry has been kicking and screaming like my toddler for the past few months. But, on Halloween, they officially lost. Now, that doesn't mean their tantrum is over. It does mean, though, that their little fits of rage will fall on deaf ears.

In the end, we won, so did babies, mothers, and families. Can I call this a victory? Well, in the last three months, we have seen 7 Planned Parenthood facilities close such as Burleson, Corsicana, Bryan (abortion providing), Lufkin, Huntsville, Midland (abortion providing) and San Angelo (abortion providing). As of November 1st, we have seen an additional 16 abortion facilities cease to commit abortions. From 42 clinics to 19 in three months... Yeah, I'll call that a win.

September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013.  It seemed like I was seeing my former Planned Parenthood clinic for the first time.  The iron fence was still up.  The automatic gate keeping unwelcome guests out of the parking lot was closed.  It looked the same, yet it was so different.  

My former abortion clinic was now closed.  The sign had been removed.  The doors were locked. No one was in that building. Never again will anyone walk through those doors seeking an abortion.  No woman will ever be sold their lies again, not there. Not in Bryan, Texas.  

I had returned to my old stomping grounds to celebrate, but also to pay tribute to those who had lost their lives inside that building, including one of my own children.  I had no idea how I would feel on this day.  

Upon walking up onto that all too familiar sidewalk I was overcome with joy, strangely mixed with grief.  It was over.  No more children would die inside those walls.  Women would no longer be subject to the lies and manipulated for Planned Parenthood's gain. I was also overwhelmed with the amount of lives I had helped to take while I was there for 8 years.  

Memories of walking into and out of our back metal fence thousands of times. Thoughts of sitting in my office, looking out at the people praying for me, and not understanding the reason they came out day after day. I couldn't stop thinking about the POC lab, the place where babies were pieced together and discarded like trash.  

I thought about my old friends. I was sad that they faced unemployment, but elated that they were no longer participating in killing the unborn and wounding their mothers.  As I stood there, I prayed for them, that they would one day reach out for healing.  I think I even prayed for our reconciliation.  

I carried two roses, one red and one white. I placed one on the fence for my own child. The other, I placed in memory of the thousands of lives that had been taken by my hands, my words, my lies. One single flower didn't seem like enough, but it was all I had to offer. How do you memorialize so many children?  

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed.  I fell to my knees, weeping for these women and children.  Hundreds of people began to gather in order to pay tribute.  I could hear them taking pictures of me as I cried.

I closed my eyes. This moment was not about me. None of the work that I do is ever about me.  I was trying to tune out the noise of clicking cameras in the background.  This was my time to mourn, to really feel that loss.  

After about 15 minutes, I stood up and composed myself.  Now, it was time to thank everyone who had sacrificed so much to see this moment happen.  This was their dream.  So many people had sacrificed so much. I was blessed to be such a small part of it.  

That being said, this is my prayer, that all of you who sacrifice so much would experience this joy.  You stand and pray with faith that the abortion clinics will close.  They WILL close.  And, you will be there to witness it, to see your dreams come to fruition.  

Each of us has the opportunity to be a part of something that truly saves lives. For instance, 40 Days for Life.  If you have never participated, I encourage you to make the commitment.  No one loves praying outside of an abortion clinic.  It is a sad place.  Even though it’s uncomfortable, we MUST go.  We must be there to bring Christ out to these places of despair.  You won’t ever go alone because God will be there with you.  

You might wonder if your presence outside of an abortion clinic makes a difference.  Well, let me tell you what Planned Parenthood announced at the last national conference I attended.  They said this, "Our no-show rate goes up to 75% when people are outside our clinics praying."

You see, when you come to pray, you are saving lives even if you don't know it.  Women see you and instead of pulling into the parking lot, they drive right by. When you are on the sidewalk, women see you as an outward sign of their inward conscience.

Your presence shows them that the decision they are making is morally objectionable.  Doesn't it feel good to know that you CAN save a baby from abortion?  You just have to show up.  You have to be present.  

I am in this movement today because of ordinary people who took on an extraordinary task.  My former abortion clinic is closed because of their sacrifice.  Babies are alive because of them.  Women are no longer being hurt by abortion in their community.  You can do this.  You can save a life.  To find a location near you, visit 40DaysForLife

Former Bryan Planned Parenthood Clinic Sign Being Taken Down.

Former Bryan Planned Parenthood Clinic Sign Being Taken Down.

Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood Link

It’s almost that time of year again, cookie season. What do we say to these cute little girls who will ask us to buy their cookies?  Well, maybe we shouldn't SAY anything.  Maybe it would be better to be prepared with something in hand that you could give to their moms. 

Well, here is that piece of paper that you can hand out, Girl Scouts PP. You will be doing these girls and their families a favor by educating them about the link between the Girl Scouts and our largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.



There have been different ideas about how to handle abortion clinic workers. Attempts to bribe abortion clinic workers out of the abortion industry with promises of thousands of dollars in reward money generally sends one message to clinic workers, we want to use you for what you know, and we really don’t care about your well-being, your healing process, your relationship with Christ or your family.

This is not what the pro-life movement should be about.  This is certainly not what And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is about. I started this ministry not to "get stories," but to help people find healing and renew and or begin their relationship with Christ.

ATTWN has had 80 abortion clinic workers leave the industry and come through our ministry since last June. We didn’t accomplish this with bribery, intimidation or with the intention to use those who come to us. We help them pay their bills while they job hunt, get them into healing retreats, and provide them with legal aid, but only if they want it.  ATTWN offers a safe and confidential option for abortion clinic workers when they’re ready to leave. This is the reason we are successful.

I founded the ministry specifically to change minds and convert hearts.  You cannot bribe an abortion clinic worker or pay them off to what is right, that only comes from a true conversion. Former clinic workers with converted hearts can be a huge asset to the pro-life movement, but that doesn’t mean we coerce or push them to share their stories or air all the dirty little secrets of their former clinic. 

If a former abortion clinic worker wants to go public, it needs to be on their own time, on their own healing journey, if, and only if, they truly desire to speak out, not because big chunks of money are dangled in front of them. We will continue to be here for abortion clinic workers as long as they need healing. Our only goal is conversion.

"Whose Choice? My Choice."

I just stood there…and cried. I closed my eyes. I could feel their breath on my neck. They were yelling inches from my ear. “Whose choice? My choice.” I had forgotten what this darkness felt like.

I opened my eyes and noticed a familiar face. It was one of my former friends from Planned Parenthood. I smiled and waved when I saw her. It was as if I had forgotten that we were no longer friends, not because of who I am, but because of what I now defend. 

She mouthed something profane at me, very slowly, so I would be sure to catch what she said. Now I remembered. We were not on the same side. Our eight year long friendship was over, regardless of how much I had wished it wasn’t. 

I was standing in the largest rotunda in Texas State Capitol. There were about five of us pro-lifers. Thousands of people surrounded us, people who supported abortion, a crowd I used to be part of. There were many other pro-lifers there, but they were in the gallery, in legislative offices, and in lines to get into the gallery. 

I needed to be in the middle. I had to feel that heaviness. Sometimes, I forget what it feels like. I need to be reminded from time to time. It reminds me why I fight so hard and what we are truly up against. 

I went to the Capitol every day.  Most of the time there wasn’t much to do. However, it was important just to be there in our blue shirts with our peaceful and prayerful attitude. The abortion supporters were profane. They were vulgar. They had succumbed to evil and they didn’t seem aware of it. We had to be there because when we were there, Christ was there too. 

June 25  – I went to the Capitol with my 5 day old son.  I had written “abortion is mean” on the side of his infant carrier.  I was amazed at the comments from the abortion supporters as I walked through the building with him in his stroller.

“He is so adorable,” they would say.  One woman said, “What a precious gift.” It might have been hormones or possibly the sheer irony, but I couldn’t take it anymore.  I started to respond. “Yes, he is beautiful. And just 5 days ago, it would have been legal to kill him by abortion. That’s what you are here to support.” I received no response from anyone, just blank stares.

I walked into the gallery during the Wendy Davis show. By show, I mean her failed filibuster. I listened to her read story after story, lie after lie. It was hard not to stand up and yell out the truth. However, I listened and I was truly amazed. 

Here was this woman who clearly knew nothing about Planned Parenthood’s reality. She had bought every line they had thrown at her. It was pathetic to think that this hired performer, paid for by the abortion industry, was willing to sacrifice so much. No breaks, no going to the bathroom (hence her catheter), no food, and no water. Nothing. 

What was the purpose? To ensure that women have easy access to kill their children. I could do nothing, except pray for her. A vote was taken that night, but it was two minutes too late. The disrespectful crowd in the gallery had delayed the vote just long enough. So, we waited for Rick Perry to make a call. 

June 26 – Perry made the call. He announced that there would be a 2nd special session.  We weren’t surprised, as we really have the best dang governor in the country. We worked to rally even more troops for our side. We knew we were going to win.  We knew we had the votes. 

However, we had to win the argument too. Talking points were being written and distributed to pro-life groups.  Facebook groups were created in order to keep everyone on the same page.  People were excited.  They knew we were, once again, walking into a spiritual battle.  Though, this time we had more troops, and we were armed with prayer. 

July 1 – The 2nd special session began. Pro-lifers showed up in droves. There were hardly any abortion supporters at the Capitol that day, but we knew they were coming. 

Over the course of the next few days, the bill made its way to the final vote… through the House Committee, through the Senate Committee, through the Senate floor, through the House floor.  It was finished.  The votes had been tallied. 

Texas had now passed the most restrictive pro-life legislation in the country, but it wasn’t without opposition. The abortion supporters had come.  They had come with their vulgar signs.  They had come with their profane language. They had come with their disrespectful attitude. And yes, they came with their used tampons and jars of feces. It was a spectacle. 

They handcuffed themselves to railings. They threw tampons in the air. They took their bras off and waived them around.  They yelled, screamed, and cursed at our children. They were full of anger and hate, but underneath all of it, they were full of pain. 

I have felt a lot of things since leaving the abortion industry.  Namely, sadness, lots of guilt, remorse, and pain. Honestly, I had never felt embarrassment until those days at the Texas Capitol.  While I don’t think I would have thrown a used tampon on a legislator, I would have laughed when someone else did it. I would have thought it was brilliant. 

That’s the point. Their mind is no longer solely their own, even though their free-will remains. With every evil act, sin, a person commits, the evil hooks itself deeper and deeper into you, until your thoughts, words, and behavior, are not heavily influenced by it. You are more susceptible to those temptations in that particular evil and tempted with other more sinister types.

When I think back to my time with Planned Parenthood I can’t even believe some of the things that came out of my mouth. It’s like I was a different person. In a way, I was a different person. 

That must be our prayer, that these misguided individuals would one day become new creations in Christ.  That’s what I pray for my former friend, the one I saw at the Capitol. That’s what I pray for all clinic workers. It’s what I pray for women who have chosen abortion.  It’s what I pray for those people who stood around me in the rotunda, those who were screaming in my ears and staring at me with such evil disdain. I pray because I know it works. 

I had never been more proud to be pro-life than those days at the Texas Capitol. We showed up and we made a difference. We put up a fight, a holy fight, for Christ and His Truth.  We were united for one cause. We were compassionate. We were slow to anger. We were kind. We were merciful. We were prayerful. We were exactly what Christ intended us to be. And now, we are being rewarded. Abortion clinics are already closing. Yes, we will win. 

Recently, I saw an article that showed Wendy Davis on the front cover.  The headline read, “Game On.”  Hmm. With all of these clinic closures, I’m thinking it’s more like “Game Over.”



Bryan/College Station, Texas -- The most significant abortion center closure -- in the 40 years of legalized abortion since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision -- was made public today when Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Inc. announced that it was shutting down its abortion facility in Bryan/College Station, Texas after fifteen tumultuous years in business.

In 2003, on the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, ABC's Nightline spotlighted pro-life efforts in Bryan/College Station and said the community was "shaping the abortion debate" in America. Since that time, the local Planned Parenthood abortion facility gained worldwide notoriety as:

  • Site of the first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign in 2004, an effort that has since grown into a worldwide pro-life mobilization of 575,000 volunteers in 501 cities around the globe; saving 7,536 babies from abortion, closing 37 abortion centers, and helping 83 workers to quit their jobs in the abortion industry.

  • Place where former abortion center director and Planned Parenthood employee of the year Abby Johnson experienced a conversion, quit her job, and became an outspoken pro-life advocate, going on to found And Then There Were None, a new ministry which has since helped 60 other workers to leave the abortion industry over the last year.

  • Home of the Coalition for Life, the grassroots organization which Planned Parenthood credited for making the community "the most anti-choice place in the nation" in which Planned Parenthood experienced its "most consistent and active" opposition in the nation.

"This is epic news fifteen years in the making! Thousands of dedicated community members have faithfully prayed and held peaceful vigils outside this abortion center, offered hope and alternatives to turn away prospective Planned Parenthood customers, and educated the community about the harm of Planned Parenthood. These efforts, combined with the decisive action of the Texas legislature, have finally brought about this closure that is an answer to prayer." - David Bereit, national director of 40 Days for Life

"As the birthplace of 40 Days for Life and the place where Abby Johnson resigned after eight years working for America's largest abortion chain, this is a huge victory for the entire pro life movement! Peaceful and prayerful local opposition to abortion is ending abortion from the grassroots up." - Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life campaign director

"I was surprised when Abby Johnson walked through our doors back in 2009, but today I am not. Victories like these should be expected when a community of faith stands up against the greatest injustice of the day. How little was my faith then, but today I'm reminded once again of how great a God we serve." - Bobby Reynoso, executive director of the Coalition for Life

"This is what grace truly looks like. Knowing that the former abortion clinic I once ran is now closing is the biggest personal victory of my life. From running that facility, to then advocating for its closure, and now celebrating that dream ... it shows that my life has indeed come full circle. I am honored to have worked with so many who helped with my conversion and the closure of this facility. We will continue to fight until every abortion clinic in this country has shut its doors."Abby Johnson, former Bryan/College Station Planned Parenthood abortion center director and founder of And Then There Were None


**This news was also accompanied by announcements of closures of two other Texas Planned Parenthood centers, in Huntsville and Lufkin, both of which were sites of 40 Days for Life campaigns.

Story from Claire Culwell

Thoughts From An Abortion Survivor On The Gosnell Case "Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder and given a life sentence for the murder of three babies who were born alive in his clinic along with involuntary manslaughter for the overdose of a woman undergoing a late term abortion."

These words keep ringing in my ears. Many have linked his practice to the "aftermath of Tiller." Tiller was a late term abortionist in Kansas who changed abortion in our country. He made abortion, specifically late term abortions, gruesome yet easily obtainable, somewhat affordable and not nearly as frowned upon in our country today!

For those who are not familiar with my story, I am a late-term abortion survivor. My 13 year old birth mother had an abortion while she was pregnant with me and my twin in the 5th month of her pregnancy. The abortion was successful for my twin, but not for me.

When my birth mother returned to the abortion clinic still pregnant, the clinic she had originally been to referred her to a "late term abortion clinic in Kansas." Since the abortion was performed in 1988, we can assume that the abortion clinic she went to obtain her second abortion was Tiller's late-term clinic. After examining my birth mother's condition, the abortionist was unable to do the second abortion because the risks were fatal.

Had my birth mother been pregnant these days, she surely would have found someone similar to Gosnell, who mimicked Tillers practices, to "finish the job." Surely, I wouldn't be here and neither would my beautiful three month old daughter, and possibly even my birth mother.

This past week I was studying Romans with my dad as he prepared for a missions trip. One of the verses read "Christ died for the ungodly." That means me. That means you. It struck me, that also means Tiller AND Gosnell!

I have always wanted to go meet the man or woman who performed my birth mothers abortion, the person that took my twins life. I want to tell that person that they are forgiven, not only by me, but by the one true God, who died to save them.

I want to show them pictures of my childhood and my daughter, the amazing pieces of my life that would not have happened if abortion had been safe and successful. I want to tell them about my birth mother, a beautiful woman who was robbed of her childhood at 13 because of abortion. I want to tell them of the joys of a life, love, and happiness that is available for their life too!

I won't get this chance with Tiller, but there are still many doctors modeling Tiller's abortion practices. These are the doctors I pray for. These are the doctors I will have forgiveness for and these are the doctors that I hope one day have joy, love, a conviction to protect all life, and accept the forgiveness of The Lord.

Please join me in prayer. Instead of praying for them to get what they "deserve", pray for Kermit Gosnell and others to get what they don't deserve. After all, we were given the ultimate gift that we don't deserve, freedom and forgiveness in Christ.

For more information about Claire and her story or to have her speak, visit her website. 

Tell Me, What Do I Deserve?

I am vehemently against the death penalty. Now, stay with me. This post is not about my opinion on the death penalty. You can disagree or agree with me on that some other time. I did want to share some information  on the reason I take the words of pro-lifers so seriously.

I have heard so much vitriol spewed from the mouths of "Christian pro-lifers" since the Gosnell trial has concluded. I feel like I must address it. When I was confirmed as a Catholic, I chose Mary Magdalene as my confirmation saint. I felt an immediate connection to her. She had sinned so much and was forgiven in even greater amounts. She knew she didn’t deserve forgiveness, but she received it anyway. And because of this, she clung to Christ. She knew she was nothing without Him.

I, too, have committed my share of sins. And, I have also been forgiven much more than I deserve. I abused and betrayed women in the worst possible way. I convinced them to kill their children. Did I slit the necks of children after they were born? No.

However, I was an accomplice to murder, thousands of times. Some women I knew, some women I didn’t know, my friends, and even my family. I lied to people. I lied to women when they came to me for accurate information. I was among the worst sinners, those that help to take and destroy life. I am no better than Kermit Gosnell.

I ended the life my own children, twice. It wasn’t because I was coerced. It wasn’t because I didn’t know better. It was because I thought children would be an inconvenience to my lifestyle. I am responsible for their deaths, no one else.

So when someone talks about Gosnell and says things like, “murderers and people like him don’t deserve to breathe the same air as I do,” or "I hope he burns in hell," it hurts a little, because that was me. But, I am still here, breathing that same air, and trying to spend my life making reparation for my wrongs.

And, it’s not just me. I know they hurt others like me as well, people who have left the abortion industry. These same people will work every day to recover from their sins. People who are still in the industry and think they will be shunned by the pro-life movement, maybe they would reach out to us if they knew we would accept them.

I am always terrified that clinic workers will see some of the words from pro-lifers. I have been told by several former workers that they will NEVER come forward with their stories because they are so scared of how they will be treated by us, the supposed "Christian" movement. Their fears are real AND legitimate.

I know some will say, “But, you repented. That’s the difference.” But, what if I hadn’t yet? What if I was still inside the abortion industry? What if I was still an accomplice to murder? What if it took me longer to realize the truth? Do I deserve to die? Are we saying repentance is about our timing? Certainly, it is not about us. It is about God and His perfect timing.

Right now, I shouldn’t be in this movement. I should be the COO of the 4th largest revenue generating Planned Parenthood affiliate in the country. I should be overseeing the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere. I should be earning six times the amount of money that I’m earning in the pro-life movement. But, I’m not. Why? It’s because of forgiveness, mercy, and grace. It’s because of God and also because of REAL pro-lifers.

The people I turned to accepted me for me, baggage and all. They knew that I was a broken person, but they extended their love to me anyway. They knew I needed significant healing, and they even helped to provide it.

I remember one story in particular which always makes me tear up when I think about it. One of the ladies, Karen, who immediately befriended me after I left Planned Parenthood, was asked a question by a reporter. He asked her, "So, what was Abby like before she became pro-life? I mean, how nasty was she?" Karen's answer was so genuine, and so Christ-like. She simply said, "I don't remember that person. She is a new creation in Christ. I won't talk about her past. I only want to talk about her future."

Wow. What grace. What forgiveness. She could have really spilled the beans on me, but she chose not to. Why? She truly loved me and she always had, even while I was working at Planned Parenthood. She always believed the best in me, always believed that my conversion would happen.

It was Christ who changed me. It was the merciful and compassionate words of His people. It wasn’t condemnation. It wasn’t prayers that I would burn in hell. It wasn’t those who yelled and called me names. It was the words of people similar to Karen. Those who prayed that I would, one day, walk out of that clinic. Those people who had constant faith, even when that faith was a struggle to have. I am here because of THEM and because of their Christ-like witness.

Don't we want that for every abortion clinic worker and abortion provider? Don't we want that for Kermit Gosnell? I smile every time I imagine his conversion. What a heavenly victory that will be! Can it happen? If you say no, then you do not know the God that I do.

My God is in the business of miracles. My God does not want anyone to suffer in hell. He wants ALL of his children to come to him. Yes, even those of us "monsters" who are in or have been in the abortion industry.

Hate comes from hell. Mercy comes from Christ. When we have hate in our hearts, our spirits are damaged. Be careful with your words. Not only are you a living witness of Christ and His truth, but you could put your own soul at risk. "Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him." 1 John 3:15. When we hate, we are no better than those who kill.

I am not the sweetest person. I’m not the one who catches all the flies with honey, sometimes I am all vinegar. What do you expect? You expect the most tenderhearted to work in the abortion industry?

Maybe we aren’t all like you. Maybe we aren’t the most kind-hearted. Maybe you don't understand how we could do what we have done. But, those of us that leave, we are fighters. We are willing to take hits for our former sins. We are willing to stand up in places that are uncomfortable. We are willing to be bruised by others because we know that we have to.

We know that will be the price we pay, it just hurts more when the bruises come from those who should be rejoicing in our repentance. We are passionate. We don’t waste time beating around the bush, not when it comes to life, especially the lives of people that we helped to take.

For those of us who have worked in the industry all live our lives with a constant burden, one that we will not be freed from until we reach heaven. We can’t let our burden slide off of our shoulders; it’s what keeps us burning for justice. It reminds us of the reason that we fight so hard. We have seen death and evil in a way that most haven’t, and were active participants. We are forgiven.

So, should I be able to “breathe the same air as you?” That’s not really up to me to decide. But, if you say things like that, know that a small piece of our heart is broken, and I have to believe that it grieves Christ. However, even if you break our hearts, we forgive you. Even if you bruise us, we forgive you. He, who has been forgiven much, loves much. And, we love a lot. Personally, I am eagerly awaiting the day when I can call Kermit Gosnell a former and REPENTANT abortion provider.


As I pulled into the parking garage something felt familiar. I walked into the front door of the hotel and received  my name tag. I stared at the large doors that shielded the entrance to the ballroom. It was familiar, too. I walked to my assigned table and looked around the large room full of votive candles and white table linens, all familiar to me.

I sat down at my table and heard the excited chatter around the room. Hugs are exchanged, people reminisce about their families, and they’re talking about work. Yes, that is familiar. The event begins and dinner is served, chicken. Unfortunately, that is very familiar. It’s time for me to give my keynote speech.

I stand on the stage and look out at the crowd. I have been in this room before. Just four years ago, I sat in this room. I was listening to keynote speeches for the Planned Parenthood Annual Conference. I listened and cheered as we were given strategies to increase our abortion numbers. I cried as I listened to Dr. George Tiller recount story after story of how he had been threatened by “anti-choicers.” I clapped as awards were given.

I felt a sense of pride as I watched abortion doctors present their strategies on abortion techniques. I participated in this. I was a fighter, a fighter for women’s rights, a defender of women.

Now, I sit here in this same room and listen as women stand and talk about how their lives were ruined by abortion. I look at the faces of babies whose lives were saved because these “anti-choicers” cared about them and wanted the very best for their lives. Their lives, the very thing I worked so hard to take away. I am still a defender of women, but now, I also defend their children.

I left Planned Parenthood on October 6, 2009. It’s an important day for me. It’s the day my life changed, the day I became new again.

I have noticed many familiar things on this side “of the fence.” I attend pro-life events and see the familiar pro-choice protesters. However, this time, I am inside the building, instead of outside with a homemade sign. I see women going into abortion clinics with the same, familiar burdensome look on their faces.

Now, instead of counseling them on the reason they should have an abortion, I am counseling them from the sidewalk on the reason abortion is not the best choice for them. There are so many familiar things, except for one. That thing is unity.

When I worked at Planned Parenthood, I was subscribed to most of the pro-life national group listserv’s. Every day, emails would flood in stating things like, “this idea was going to be the one to take down the abortion industry.” Then another would come, “No, this is the best idea!”

All of would just sit back and laugh. “These pro-lifers will never get it together,” we would say. “They expect to take down our industry when they can’t even all get on the same page!” We would read these emails and feel very secure in our employment. We will never be taken down, we are too big, we are everywhere, we are in their schools, in their churches, and in their communities. They can’t stop us. We would giggle with pride. We were united in our common cause. We would keep abortion legal at any cost.

This is how it was for eight years of my life. I loved my co-workers. I loved the cause I stood for. I’ve never known that type of unity. To be a part of something like that was exhilarating. We fought together, supported each other, stood together… always.

When I left Planned Parenthood, I was honestly worried about leaving that sense of community behind. Would I ever fit into a group like that again? Surely I would. We are talking about the pro-life movement, the “Christian” movement. Christians love each other! They support each other! We will now work together to support women and their children. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how wonderful it was going to be. Well, I’m still imagining.

I have to sit back and laugh. When I worked at Planned Parenthood I would receive death threats from "pro-lifers."  Now, that I am out I still receive death threats from "pro-lifers."  I'm not sure what they want from me.  They didn't like it when I was in, they don't like it now that I am out.  

I watch groups bicker over which legislation is the "best."  I have seen pro-life groups and initiatives be sabotaged by other pro-life groups.  If one pro-life person doesn't agree with another pro-lifer's opinion, then they have "lost respect for you."  I see an incredible amount of division within the Protestant/Catholic pro-life community.  

I have been uninvited from pro-life events as a speaker because I am now Catholic.  Today, I witnessed a pro-life person on Facebook ridiculing those who call themselves "abortion abolitionists" simply because he doesn't believe some of us are worthy of the title.  I hear constant condescension because I am "so new" to the movement and obviously don't know what I am talking about, unless they agree with me, then I know SO MUCH about what we should be doing.

Why all the infighting? Aren’t we all fighting for a common cause? It seems like we aren’t. It seems like we are fighting against each other. And, at whose expense? The unborn.

I have always been a love me or hate me kind of gal. I am overly passionate. I was overly passionate about abortion rights… and now, I am even more so about the unborn and their mothers. I spent eight years of my life deceiving myself and allowing myself to be deceived, and more devastating, deceiving others.

I know I am sometimes hard to handle. My mom would say that I’ve been like that since I was born. While I appreciate the fact that many do not agree with me and others on many issues, does that mean that it’s necessary to tear each other down? Why do we do this so often in the pro-life movement?

Please understand that I am not talking about accountability. Accountability is very important. Romans 16:17-18 talks about this. There will be false prophets, those that come to destroy. We must divide from them. There are certainly those in the pro-life movement. There are organizations that seem to have no real desire to end abortion. We must divide from them.

There are organizations who promote violence as a means to end abortion. We must divide from them. There are organizations that seek to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideas. We must divide from them.

All of the pieces of our pro-life puzzle have come together. We have solid legislative efforts to end abortion. We have thousands of pregnancy centers to help women and families who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy. We have peaceful activists out on the sidewalks witnessing to women walking into abortion clinics. We now have an outreach to abortion clinic workers. The pieces are there, but can we work together to end this atrocity?

You may not like my approach, and I may not like yours, but I will support you if you are trying to save the unborn through peaceful means. We don’t always have to agree, but we should always pray for each other, we should always build one another up. We should always unite for the unborn.

I look forward to the day when I can look upon the pro-life movement and say joyfully, “Yes, this unity feels familiar.”

Will the Church Please Stand UP??

One night over dinner, a friend of mine told me that he had seen a very pregnant homeless woman on the corner of a busy Austin intersection. I knew the intersection he was referring to because there is a HUGE non-denominational church on the corner.

I felt confident that she had probably received some assistance from them. Maybe they were in the process of trying to help her find resources. One of the friends with us at dinner, Heather, is the executive director of the Austin Coalition for Life, a non-profit group who holds daily vigils outside of Austin’s four abortion clinics. Their goal is to connect abortion-minded women with pregnancy resources in the area to help them choose life for their child.

I was about to deliver my own baby any day, so I was limited with what I could do to reach out to this woman. Heather said she would continue to go by the intersection until she found her. After several days of unsuccessful attempts, Heather was finally able to connect with her.

She explained that there were several pro-life agencies in town that could help her with housing both before and after her baby was born. They could also help with expenses, pre- and post-natal care, labor and delivery, food, clothing, and all of her other basic needs. She talked to her for a long time and found out that she was running from an abusive relationship and was trying to protect her unborn child from the father.

Heather’s next question was a pretty obvious one. Had the mega church, a few hundred feet away, offered to help her? Instead of asking the woman and putting her on the spot, Heather decided to go and ask the church if they knew anything about the woman. She was startled at the response.

“Well, one of our members took her to the Target Café to share the Gospel with her.” So, no material assistance was offered for her or her baby? No resources offered for where she could receive assistance? No phone calls made to maternity homes or pro-life groups in the area? “No,” the woman responded. “Just the meeting at Target to talk about the Lord.”

Well, isn’t that fantastic. The Gospel is wonderful, however, that isn’t extending help to her to find a hospital to deliver her baby in, to help her with food to nourish her body during the last few weeks of her pregnancy, to ensure she is safe from harm as she sleeps outside night after night. Their answer made me disgusted.

How can we expect to nourish someone spiritually when their physical needs aren’t met? How can we expect someone to be receptive to the Gospel when they go physically hungry during the day? How can we expect someone to believe in the mighty power of Christ when they don’t know if they will be forced to deliver their baby in an alley somewhere?

This is Christianity? This is how we treat those in need of help? Certainly not. That is not what faith is about. James clearly states that “faith without works is dead.” What is faith if we are not willing to step out of our comfort zone and get our hands dirty in service to Christ? We are called to be the “hands and feet of Christ,” right? That means service to those who need him, not just words, but actions too.

What does it mean to call ourselves are pro-lifers? Does it mean that we just don’t like abortion? Or does it mean that we are willing to go that extra step? Are we willing to take a young pregnant woman into our home to care for her when she has no one else? Are we willing to give sacrificially to those who have nothing? Are we willing to set our superficial judgment aside and truly be Christ-like? Are we willing to show mercy when others condemn? Are we willing to get our hands dirty?

Being pro-life isn’t always pretty, and it’s not only about “saving babies.” It’s about saving the person; the woman, the baby, the man involved, the family. Sometimes, it’s about putting someone else’s needs above our own. It’s about stepping out of the comfortable and moving into a place that is unfamiliar.

Is it comfortable to talk about abortion? Not always. Do people always want to hear about it? Not usually. However, silence breeds apathy and that is what we are soaked in, APATHY. The greatest breeding ground for apathy seems to be in our churches. Why is that? It’s not like the sanctity of human life isn’t ALL OVER Scripture.

It isn’t as if God didn’t make it pretty clear that life is sacred. We aren’t scared to talk about a slew of other “hot button” issues, but we tend to be silent on the number one issue that has invaded our churches. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 72 percent of women seeking abortions come from the church. I actually think that number is low. We performed very few abortions on women who proclaimed to be atheists or agnostic. No, many of them brought their bibles and/or rosaries to their abortion appointments. Many would ask if we would pray with them before the abortion procedure began.

APATHY is what keeps these church-going women coming to the abortion clinics over and over again. The churches are silent. The majority of clergy are silent. And their silence is DEAFENING! By not speaking up, they are telling those in their congregation who are suffering in silence that their sin of abortion is TOO BIG for God. That is a LIE.

Clergy who are silent on this issue are not doing any one any favors. They are doing their congregation an incredible disservice. With 72 percent of abortions coming from the church, a sermon once a year during the Sanctity of Human Life month is not enough!! People are hurting! They are in desperate need of healing and they have no idea where to go because the church is silent. We have become so concerned with “offending” others that we have forgotten about how much our apathy offends God.

If you are in a church where your pastor/priest actively speaks on the sanctity of human life, I encourage you to thank him, and thank him often. It is not easy, but it is right.

If you are not hearing the message of abortion and healing from the pulpit, I strongly urge you to go to your pastor and ask why. Share with them the reason that this is important to you. Share these statistics with them. Share your heart.

Just because your pastor is silent doesn’t mean you have to be. Stand up for life. Stand up and speak up. Lives are depending on it. It is time for the church to STAND UP.

NO to United Airlines!!!!

Today, I received my standard weekly email from my former Planned Parenthood affiliate, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. You would think they would have removed my name and email by now, but that is another story. Anyway, it was a pretty boring update with nothing exciting to report, but as I was scrolling through something caught my attention.

This particular affiliate always has their big gala event at the Hyatt in downtown Houston. Lots of well-to-do Houstonians come to show support of this huge affiliate, the fourth largest in the country to be exact, and all of the “services” they provide including abortion. No one that comes is surprised that Planned Parenthood provides abortion services. No, they know that all too well.

In fact, the people that come to this particular gala for this particular affiliate come because they are proud to support the largest abortion clinic in the Western Hemisphere. They know what abortion is all about. They know what abortion looks like. They know, and they support it proudly, at $500 per individual ticket.

Now, back to the attention-getting. I always like to see the names of the high rollers who are listed as the “co-chairs” of the event. These are donors who give tens of thousands of dollars to the affiliate and are therefore asked to put their name down on the invitation. They usually have some type of status among the elite local community.

Name recognition is important when you are trying to raise over a million dollars at one event. I scrolled through the invitation and there, listed, was an incredibly familiar name, Jeff Smisek.

That name may not ring a bell to you, but I know it well. I spend most of my life on airplanes. Before every take off we get a little safety demonstration. If we are lucky enough to be on a decent sized plane, that demonstration is shown on a video. I personally prefer to fly on airlines that are in the “Star Alliance.” Some of those include United, US Airways, and Lufthansa.

I am a million mile flyer with this program, which includes a few perks, and because of this I try to stick with United when I travel. When the United safety demonstration video begins, a message from the CEO comes on first. He is thanking us for traveling on United and talks about how image is so important to his airline. That man’s name? Jeff Smisek.

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes with what was on this invitation. Surely not. Surely not MY Jeff Smisek! Surely not the CEO of my favorite airline!! Let it be a lie!!! He was actually listed with someone else, a lady named Diana Strassmann.. Hoping there was someone else with the name, Jeff Smisek, I googled both of their names together to see what I would find. Well, they are married. So, Jeff Smisek, CEO of United Jeff Smisek, also co-chair of Planned Parenthood’s annual gala, is one in the same.

At this point I was disappointed… and angry. Now, I am doing something about it. Jeff Smisek runs the second largest airline in the world. And now he is co-chairing an event for the LARGEST ABORTION CLINIC IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. This abortion clinic’s goal is to perform at least 75 abortions, 6 days a week. They intend to perform abortions up to 25 weeks gestation. And THAT is what the CEO of United Airlines stands for.

Well, this million mile flyer has had enough. It is time to expose Jeff Smisek for who he really is. He is helping to kill the most defenseless among us. And apparently, he is PROUD to do it! He has his name plastered on their invitation!

I am taking a stand against United. Will you stand with me? Will you say NO to United Airlines? This one clinic ALONE in Houston is killing over 23,000 babies per year!!! THAT is what Jeff Smisek is supporting. Jeff says United Airlines cares about their image… well, let’s see how much they care.

Let’s get this message sent out far and wide. On my website,, I have included a sample “letter to the editor” that you can send in to your local paper. Share this article on your blog. Share it on your Facebook and Twitter. We need to hold these people accountable. Our voices DO make a difference, but our dollars DEFINITELY make a difference! Stand against Jeff Smisek! Stand against United Airlines!   

Email Jeff Smisek today and share your disgust.


Letter to the Editor

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, located in Houston is the 4th largest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the United States. They run the largest abortion clinic in the Western Hemisphere. This clinic’s goal is to perform at least 75 abortions, 6 days a week. That totals over 23,000 abortions per year. And they terminate pregnancies up to 25 weeks gestation…that is babies over 6 months old.

So, you can imagine the surprise I felt when I found out that the CEO of United Airlines, Jeff Smisek, was “co-chairing” this particular affiliate’s annual gala in Houston, Texas. When flying on United, you will often see a video of the safety demonstration on television monitors throughout the plane. Before the demonstration begins, Jeff Smisek will come on and thank you for flying and tell you that “image” is very important to his airline. Well, let’s see if that is really true.

Myself, along with thousands of other pro-lifers across the country, are taking a stand against United Airlines. Jeff Smisek runs the second largest airline in the world. And now he is co-chairing an event for the LARGEST ABORTION CLINIC IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Enough is enough. It is time to expose Jeff Smisek for who he really is.

He is helping to kill the most defenseless among us. And apparently, he is PROUD to do it! He has his name plastered on their invitation! I am taking a stand against United. Will you stand with me? Will you say NO to United Airlines? Our voices DO make a difference…and our dollars DEFINITELY make a difference! Stand up for life!  Email Jeff Smisek today and share your disgust.

URGENT! Your help is needed!!

In the last four months, And Then There Were None has been incredibly fruitful, 17 abortion clinic workers have had a change of heart on  abortion and have left the industry. Since ATTWN's first-ever webcast on June 11, three more workers in three days have contacted us, needing emotional and financial assistance so that they are to leave the industry as well.

This ministry needs your help! In order to assist these clinic workers and help convert many more, we need both prayerful and financial support. The biggest challenge we face is being able to financially help these abortion workers transition out of the industry of evil.

This is how pro-lifers can truly be active in their convictions, by prayerfully considering a donation to ATTWN. There is no donation too small. Please help us help these abortion clinic workers convert to the side of life. Any amount is generous and greatly appreciated.  

Please visit And Then There Were None to donate or to learn more information.

An Open Letter to Clinic Workers

I remember the meeting as if it were yesterday. All of the clinic directors assembled in the main conference room, sitting in a sort of squared-circle facing each other. We were being told that we had all been guilty of fraudulent billing to the state and federal government.

We didn’t even know that we had been participating in the fraud. We were all sitting there in silence. What did this mean? Were we in trouble? Could we potentially get in trouble?

So, I broke the silence. I simply asked, “What are we going to do about the money we shouldn’t have received?” The response, “We are going to hope we don’t get caught.” But, ”What if we do get caught? Can we be held responsible?”

She then went into a long story about a similar situation she had once been in at a clinic where she once worked. The moral of the story was, yes, we could all be held responsible, but not to worry, “we” wouldn’t get caught.

A couple years later, I left Planned Parenthood. I spoke with several attorneys about that meeting. I knew what I had been involved in was wrong and I knew Planned Parenthood needed to be held accountable.

That meeting had nothing to do with pro-life or pro-choice issues. It was about our tax dollars and fiscal responsibility. So, I decided to come forward with the information I knew and I am now involved in a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood.

I often think about the people I worked with at Planned Parenthood. When this case goes to court, can they be held accountable? Yes. Can they be put in jail for this fraudulent activity? Yes. Is that a scary thought? Absolutely.

Whenever I think back, I realize just how shocking and disrespectful Planned Parenthood was. You can see how much they value their personnel. “We are going to hope we don’t get caught.” However, if we do get caught, we will throw you under the bus instead of correcting our mistake.

Maybe at the present time you are a clinic worker. Maybe you are aware of fraudulent activity taking place at your facility. Maybe it is happening and you don’t even know about it.

Recently, we viewed videos exposed by Live Action that show clinic workers who are aware they’re breaking the law. Has that been you? Can you really trust your employer, the abortion industry? This is the same industry that has multiple lawsuits pending, all initiated by former clinic workers, who allege fraud.

This is the same industry that is currently under Congressional investigation because of suspected misdeeds. This is the same industry that has been caught again and again by Live Action and other groups breaking the law and deliberately lying to patients.

These are the people you trust? You think they are loyal to you? Think again. Just months before I left Planned Parenthood, I had received their “Employee of the Year” award. Three weeks after I left, I was sitting in a court fighting against the people I once called my closest friends. You’ve heard the saying, “There is no honor among thieves.” Well, there is even less honor in the abortion industry.

You may hear things from your supervisors like, “Oh, those Live Action videos are a hoax.” Why don’t you check it out for yourself? We always post unedited video on our site. If they are indeed a “hoax” then why do these clinics always fire the employees involved in the videos?

I understand tolerance and acceptance, but those two things do not require law breaking, which is what we see over and over again. I remember watching one video. The clinic workers said, “We don’t judge here. We accept people from all walks of life.” I could almost hear my voice making that statement.

The clinic worker was reassuring a pimp and a prostitute that their illegal sex trafficking ring was “safe” with Planned Parenthood. You see what we have done? We have forgotten who we are working to protect. We have allowed the idea of “tolerance” to cloud our judgment of right and wrong.

I suspect you have run into similar situations at your clinic, I know I did. Did you brush them off under the idea that ‘you are a tolerant person’ or did you do the right thing and stand up against what you saw? I bet you let “tolerance” and “acceptance” get the best of you.

Are you willing to be the scapegoat for your employer? Are you willing to go to prison for this industry? If not, then we can help. You don’t have to feel trapped. There is a way out and it’s called And Then There Were None, an organization with its mission to help you leave the abortion industry. We provide four streams of assistance.

  • Up to three months of financial support after a worker resigns and help with job placement.
  • Emotional support during the transition time.
  • A spiritual adviser of the former worker's choosing.
  • Free legal counsel to protect the worker's interests during transition.

There is no reason to remain in the abortion industry if you are seeking a way out, and we have a strong desire to help you. You deserve better than the abortion industry. You deserve to work somewhere where you are valued and respected. Let us help.

Contact And Then There Were None today.


Join former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson and other former abortion workers for a powerful  webcast ,“Exposing the Lie,” on Monday, June 11, 2012, at 7:00pm central (8:00pm EST).

These former clinic workers will share their experiences from behind the doors of the abortion clinics and expose the truth about the abortion industry. Abby Johnson will discuss her newfound ministry, “And Then There Were None,” that reaches out to current and former abortion workers by offering financial, legal, emotional, and spiritual support as clinic workers transition out of the abortion industry and into a new line of work. 

So far, seventeen abortion clinic workers have contacted her wanting out of the abortion industry—and this is only the beginning.

You won’t want to miss this webcast. Register now at to secure your spot for this groundbreaking event.

For more information about our new clinic worker ministry, please visit And Then There Were None.

Alert the presses!!!



No more abortion clinic workers.
No more abortion clinics.
No more abortions.

AUSTIN, TEXAS— On June 4, 2012, former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director Abby Johnson launched the official website for And Then There Were None, a nonprofit organization that ministers specifically to abortion clinic workers.  ATTWN will emotionally, spiritually, legally, and financially assist former abortion clinic workers as they transition out of the abortion industry and into a new line of work.

“We have hundreds of ministries for post-abortive women and men.  There is literally nothing for these former clinic workers,” Johnson said.  “We are going to change that.”

ATTWN seeks to assist former abortion clinic workers through these four integral aspects: emotional, spiritual, legal, and financial.  Emotional support will be readily available for these former clinic workers as they need it.  They will be connected to a spiritual guidance counselor of any religious denomination of their choosing for the process of spiritual healing. Full legal protections of an attorney will be available to former clinic workers at no cost.  They will obtain financial support as they receive assistance in finding a new job outside of the abortion industry.

Aside from prayer, the most crucial aspect of this new ministry is garnering funds so these clinic workers can literally afford to leave the abortion industry and still be able to provide for themselves and their families.  This is where pro-lifers can truly be active in their convictions: as there is no other outreach program like this one, it will need support.

“It is not always easy to convince people to give to a ministry where you may never meet the people you help,” Johnson said.  “You may never know their names. You may never see them face to face. But your support is saving them…saving them from a road of darkness, of pure evil. Your support is bringing them into hope.”

Join ATTWN for their first international webcast to hear testimonials from former abortion clinic workers and how you can help support this new ministry.  You may go to to register for the webcast on June 11, 2012 at 7pm. 

If you or someone you know wants to leave the abortion industry, there is free, confidential help available.  Visit to contact ATTWN and receive guidance and assistance through your transition out of the abortion industry— every step of the way.

Follow up to Thirty-One Gifts. The official response.

Proverbs 31: 10-31

10 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

11 Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. 12 She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. 13 She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. 14 She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. 15 She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants.

16 She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. 17 She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks. 18 She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night. 19 In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers. 20 She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.

21 When it snows, she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet. 22 She makes coverings for her bed; she is clothed in fine linen and purple. 23 Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land. 24 She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes.

25 She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. 26 She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. 27 She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. 28 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 29 “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” 30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

31 Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Based on this description, I am able to say with confidence that a “Proverbs 31 woman” would never support the taking of a child’s life. The verses that speak of a “wife of noble character” start at Proverbs 31:10.  Ironically, or not so ironically, in verse 8 Scripture states, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

For this reason, you might be able to understand my concern when I discovered that the faith-based organization “Thirty-One Gifts” indirectly supported abortion.  This organization prides itself on helping women develop into a “Proverbs 31 woman.”

Phone calls were made and emails were sent. I also wrote a blog about the information I discovered.  Several days later, I received an informal response from the organization stating the accusations written in my blog were “untrue.” 

Huh. That’s strange considering we were able to view the ins and outs of their giving program on their website.  If their website was accurate, then the information I posted was true.  After yet another call and email to them, they released a formal response.

Thirty-One believes in celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women. Thirty-One Gives is our philanthropic initiative that ensures this mission is carried out through the celebration and empowerment of women and girls by strengthening their belief in themselves and strengthening their families … actions that lead to purposeful and thriving lives.

We support initiatives that align with this mission, which is why we focus our giving on organizations that support leadership and economic independence for women and girls such as Salvation Army, Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, Dress for Success Worldwide, Girls Scouts and YWCA of Central Ohio.

Thirty-One Gives has not provided any direct funding for Planned Parenthood or any other activities outside the scope of our mission.

Thirty-One Gives supports HER, no matter her circumstances, no matter where she’s been or where she’s going. We want to be there in her greatest time of need and in her greatest time of joy. We empower HER.”

Even after Thirty-One Gifts has been informed, it’s clear that they simply don’t care.  This is strange for a supposed “Christian” organization. However, it’s honestly not surprising.  We are living in a time where Christians are scared to stand up for what is right, pastors are scared to talk about the sanctity of human life from the pulpit, Biblical values are being tossed to the side, and justifications for our sins are being made because we don’t want to be inconvenienced. 

It’s no wonder 33% of women choose abortion or that 72% of abortions are being performed on Christian women.  It’s no wonder that we have the most pro-abortion president in history.  We are not willing to fight!  We are not willing to stand up for Godly principles and values!  Just like Thirty-One Gifts, so many of us know the truth, but we do nothing to solve the problem.

Let us be part of the solution.  Let us stand up for Christian values.  Let us not cave to convenience.  No one said being a Christian would be easy.  No one said being a true pro-life advocate would be easy, but both are right and necessary.