Webcast - unPLANNED

On January 10, at 8pm Central, there will be a webcast concerning my new book, “unPLANNED.”  When you register with the unPlanned webcast, you will receive the first chapter of the book! 

You can also go to that website to get more information about the webcast. We already have over 8,000 participants signed up for the event!! If you would like to pre-order “unPlanned,” you can do so by going to the homepage, you may even be on it now, of www.abbyjohnson.org and clicking on the button “Buy from Amazon Now.” It will take you directly to the website to purchase the book. 

I believe God is going to do amazing things through this book! As of this morning, “unPlanned” was #197 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List, and it’s not even out yet!!  That number is just from pre-orders! Amazing! 

Thank all of you so much for all of your support! I look forward to the webcast on the 10th. Please be praying for all of the Planned Parenthood workers that will be on the call that night. Please pray that their hearts will be opened. There will be many on the call.