URGENT! Your help is needed!!

In the last four months, And Then There Were None has been incredibly fruitful: seventeen abortion clinic workers have had changes of heart on the issue of abortion and left the industry. Since ATTWN's first-ever webcast on June 11, three more workers in three days have contacted us, needing emotional and financial assistance so they can leave the industry as well. This ministry needs your help! In order to assist these clinic workers and help convert many more, we need both prayerful and financial support. The biggest challenge we face is being able to financially help these abortion workers transition out of the industry of evil.

This is how pro-lifers can truly be active in their convictions: prayerfully considering a donation to ATTWN. There is no donation is too small. Please help us help these abortion clinic workers convert to the side of life. Any amount is generous and greatly appreciated.  To donate or find out more information, please visit www.attwn.org.