Unidos por la Vida

Today, I am writing from Los Angeles. I love it here. I love California. It’s such a beautiful place. I am in L.A. because I was invited to be one of the speakers at an event today called Unidos por la Vida, at the LA Convention Center. 

It was so amazing and such an honor. I am continually reminded of how blessed I am to be working in this movement. Somebody wrote me yesterday and was accusing me of "sympathizing with PP workers." In this complaint, it was being portrayed as a negative by this person. 

Let me just address it and clarify my stance. Yes, I absolutely sympathize with them. After all, I was one of them. I know what it’s like to be them. 

I know they think they are helping women. I know they think they provide a wonderful service to women. I also know they are lied to by the abortion industry. I know so many times they feel trapped by their jobs because they think they can't leave their income, their insurance or their job security. 

I know all of these things. So, yes. I do sympathize with them. And that sympathy is what changes their hearts, what softens their hearts, and opens them up to changing. It’s what opens their eyes to the truth. The sympathy I have for them is not me condoning what they do. I hate what they do, but I love them, as God has called us to do; to love our enemy, but hate the sin. It’s what God does for each and every one of us.

Today, I had a conversation with a woman who works at a Planned Parenthood. She heard my testimony and told me that she had struggled with her employment for almost a year. But, like all of the workers, she just kept justifying what she was doing; she kept saying she WAS helping those women, that they needed these services. 

However, after hearing about that child fighting for its life, she knew she could no longer justify her work. She knew she had no choice but to leave. She contacted me for help. She wanted to know what her next step should be. After this, I contacted people and now we are all working to get her out of there ASAP. 

It’s that sympathy, that empathy, that compassion for these workers that keeps me doing this work. It’s precisely because of that, that there is now one more person that is no longer working in the abortion industry. PRAISE GOD!! 

We have to love ALL people that are affected by abortion; the women, the men, the families, the babies, and yes, even the WORKERS. I can't tell you where this particular woman works right now, but please keep her in your prayers. I can't wait until she walks out of that door for the last time. 

This woman will experience a sense of peace that is unfamiliar and indescribable, but so incredible and life-changing. I am so proud of her and her courage. God is so amazing. 

Yesterday, I was sitting in the Dallas airport and there was the most precious little girl wandering up and down the aisle where I was waiting. She was possibly the most precious little girl I have ever seen in my life, except for Grace of course. :) 

She was so happy and sweet. She kept laughing and clapping her hands. She would wave at everyone. She appeared to be about 2 years old. I couldn't stop looking at her and smiling. 

She seemed to make everyone that she encountered smile and laugh, so precious. She had Down syndrome. As I was watching her run around and wave at everyone, I realized what a real gift she is. 

There are so many people choose to terminate their children when they find out they have Down syndrome. I think it’s somewhere around 85 percent, but her parents realized how special she was. They didn't back away from the challenge. She was still their baby; their gift, their blessing. 

I wondered how many people's lives she would touch in her lifetime? How many people's lives would be touched because of her? Hundreds, thousands, maybe millions? I will never know. 

However, I do know that her little life did touch my heart yesterday. I had tears in my eyes as I watched her take in the world for those 30 minutes. ALL life is so precious!!! I am so thankful that God granted me that moment with her. 

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a new week! I hope all of you are blessed beyond belief!