Top 10 Most Feared Pro-Lifers!!!!

Recently, a list came out that showcased a top 10 list of pro-lifers that are feared by pro-choicers. You can view the list here.  I was so honored to be included on the list with many true heroes in this movement…much less to be considered #1!  The people and organizations on that list should be feared by the pro-choice movement.  On the webcast,, Marjorie Dansfelder (President of SBA List) said that we are no longer a “pro-life movement,” we are pro-life AMERICA!  The majority of Americans are now pro-life.  So, yes, we are pro-life America.  I liked that.  All I have to say is Planned Parenthood better be scared.  We are closing in on them.  We are cornering them.  We are catching them at their very worst…and we are exposing them.  Women are speaking out about the shabby service they received from Planned Parenthood.  People are speaking out against the regret they feel from their abortion.  Planned Parenthood’s “repugnant behavior” is now public…open for everyone to see.  Yes, they better be scared.  We are winning.  We will win.  Planned Parenthood…we are no longer a “fringe.”  We are the majority.