They love me, they love me not.

Ever since Planned Parenthood alerted the media about my change of heart, pro-choicer advocates have been out to get me. When I really I think about it, I just don’t understand it. 

I remember reading this one blog where this woman was attacking me about my change of belief and this other woman simply said, “You know, it doesn’t matter to me that she had changed her mind. I am truly pro-choice, so I am fine with her decision to be pro-life.” I have to say, her logical state of mind seems to be rare. 

Yesterday, I found out that a pro-choicer was making threats against my 4 year old daughter. Really? Is that the way the pro-choice movement really wants to be seen? So, they don’t respect life in or out of the uterus. Great. 

Another thing that kind of gets me is that the pro-choicer advocates are so interested in me. I mean, if they are SO for abortion rights, why in the world are they following me so closely? I’m not engaging them, but they continue to engage me. 

All that really shows me is that these folks are vulnerable in the best kind of way. If someone is certain of what they believe, then they don’t continue to defend them, over and over again. They know their beliefs, they are sure of them, and that is enough. 

They certainly don’t continually engage people from the other side of the debate. It gives me hope for these individuals. I was once like them, but look at me.  The more they are exposed to the lies of the abortion industry, the better. The more they hear the truth, even if they fight against it, the better. 

Pro-choicer advocates seem to think that my fight is against them. It isn’t. I still care about them. I have friends that are pro-choice. That is not a dividing issue for me when it comes to my friends. It is when it comes to voting, but not friendships. 

It makes me sad because I see them as trapped. Trapped inside rhetoric that they have heard so many times that now, they have started to believe it; rhetoric that many of them use to justify their own abortions. They don’t know peace, but they know dysfunction. They don’t know joy; they only know pain masked by defensiveness. They don’t know facts, but they know the talking points. 

When I worked for Planned Parenthood I was revered as such a “hard worker,” “wonderful employee,” “trustworthy,” “loyal,” “educated,” “intelligent,” and a “creative mind.”  I was heading up the Planned Parenthood chain. I was a trusted leader in the organization. 

Now that I am pro-life, all of a sudden, it seems that these Planned Parenthood supporters think I have lost my mind or something to that effect. Now, they call me a “liar,” say that I was a “terrible employee,” I am a “terrible mother,” “traitor,” “immature,” “follower,” “moron,” “idiot,” “whore,” “stupid,” “trashy,” and that I have “no class.” 

It’s rather ironic. I make a “choice” that is different from their choice, and all of a sudden they become the most intolerant people I have ever been in contact with. 

The majority of these people that are attacking me and my character are young women. Many of them have probably made an abortion decision. It is easier to mask pain by trying to inflict pain on others. As the saying goes, hurt people hurt people.

I pray for these young women daily and hope that one day they will reach out to someone for help. They will realize when they are hurting, Planned Parenthood won’t be there for them, but we will, just like the people who were there for me.