Earth Day

I have been really slacking on the blog. I will try to be better. I really like doing it, so I don't know why I have not posted in so long.

Today, I am writing from Tennessee. I am doing a pregnancy center event tonight. Pregnancy centers are awesome, aren't they?!?! They used to only do pregnancy testing, but now they do ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, STD testing, counseling, parenting classes, education in schools, and tons of other services. They are so comprehensive now.  It is amazing! 

The people that work there are amazing, too. They don’t treat as just a job, but as a calling… a mission. They sincerely care about the men and women to enter their doors.  It’s such great work. 

Tomorrow, I’m off to New York to speak at another pregnancy center event. Saturday, I am back in Houston speaking at a Right to Life event.  There are so many great things happening in the pro-life movement!!

Doug and I decided that we would take a family vacation to Tennessee this summer. There are lots of fun family things to do here. They have an indoor water park, which is a resort. We will probably check that out. 

Then, we will HAVE to go to Dollywood!! They have rides and things that Grace will love. We will drive so that we can stop along the way. I think it will be fun. It will be our first family trip like that. It should definitely be an experience.

Also, today is Earth Day. I think it’s funny how people think that if you are environmentally aware then you are a liberal hippy. That’s just ridiculous. It's like people think that if you recycle and drive a hybrid then you worship mother Earth. 

I do believe that we need to take care of this beautiful creation that God has given to us. I believe that is part of loving Christ, we have to love the gifts He gives us. It seems some people think that if you believe in global warming, then you are a pagan. It is so silly. 

We have to protect our planet so our children will have a place to raise their children; that’s actually part of the pro-life message. That’s actually what worshipping God is about, I think so, anyway. So, protect our planet. Protect our children. Protect all of the things God creates.

So, my awesome website guru, Thomas, said that my blogs need to be shorter... so I guess I should wrap it up, but it seems like I hardly said anything. He knows what he's doing, so I will take his advice and close by saying thank you to all of my followers. 

I will have an awesome website up soon.  The website address will be I will announce when it’s complete. I know you will all love it.