Planned Parenthood is trying to secretly open this abortion clinic in Dallas, but pro-lifers found out.

“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” Luke 8:17

We have known for years that Planned Parenthood will do anything to get into our public school system, our churches, and even our neighborhoods. They will present themselves as a “medical organization” instead of saying they are with Planned Parenthood. And, when they want to open a new facility they will always use a secret identity, usually in the form of a newly formed LLC.

I have always questioned the secrecy, even when I was employed at Planned Parenthood. If we were so proud of our services, then why did we work so hard to hide them?

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by an amazing pro-life group, the Catholic Pro-life Committee of Dallas. They had learned some interesting and troubling news. Here is the report directly from them.

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee (CPLC) received information that Planned Parenthood applied for a license to operate an ambulatory surgical center (ASC) at 7989 West Virginia Drive, Dallas (formerly Specialty Surgical Services), across from Methodist Charlton Medical Center. The property records for this location show that the deed to the property was transferred to A Brooks Group LLC on January 30, 2014 with an appraised value of over 2.2 million dollars.

According to online corporate records, Aimee B. Boone is the sole managing member of A Brooks Group, LLC. Aimee Boone (now Aimee Boone Cunningham) is an officer of the Center for Reproductive Rights and recently served as Vice President of Development for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (formerly North Texas). She is the daughter of Cecilia Boone, board member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (board chair, 2012-2013).

“So what now?” they asked. The only answer was to blow this open before Planned Parenthood had a chance to announce their new property. We all know that Planned Parenthood is at their weakest when they are on the defensive.

I only wish I could have been present when Planned Parenthood got the call from the first reporter. They had been exposed… and they weren’t ready.

Since the release of this new information, the Dallas pro-life community has been hard at work. They are already outside their new facility praying and holding signs to raise awareness to the surrounding medical community about the abortion clinic coming to their area.

During the first day of the peaceful prayer vigil, Planned Parenthood turned the sprinklers on them. Not a problem. It’s hot here in Texas anyway, we appreciate the cold water.

After the sprinkler fiasco, a physician from another non-abortion providing facility came out to ask what they were doing. He was very concerned that these prayer warriors may interfere with his business. They kindly told him that they would be there EVERY DAY now that Planned Parenthood was opening an abortion facility.

He said that he had an “obligation to his patients,” to which they replied, “We have an obligation to the victims of Planned Parenthood.”

Pro-life activists protest outside the planned abortion facility in Dallas.    Catholic Pro-life Committee of Dallas

Pro-life activists protest outside the planned abortion facility in Dallas. Catholic Pro-life Committee of Dallas

I applaud CPLC for their proactive approach to this problem. The best way to keep these centers out of our communities is to expose them for what they stand for, what they areare. They are cCorrupt. and d They are dirty. Thesey are not the people youthey want as your neighbors.

CPLC is doing active community outreach to the medical professionals in the area to inform them about Planned Parenthood and their unsavory practices. The group isy are holding community -wide events in an attempt to educate those in the local community.

Here is more directly from CPLC and their director, Karen Garnett.

An initial prayer vigil will take place on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 10 a.m. on the public right of way outside 7989 West Virginia Drive, followed by a community meeting.

Planned Parenthood currently commits abortions through the first 15 weeks of pregnancy at one location in Dallas, 7424 Greenville Avenue. The fourth provision of the new Texas law (HB 2), requiring that all abortion facilities meet the safety standards of an ambulatory surgical center, is scheduled to go into effect on September 1, 2014. There has been no visible indication that Planned Parenthood on Greenville Avenue is modifying its facility to meet these requirements. Apparently unwilling to lose its profitable 'hold' on Dallas, Planned Parenthood is reportedly planning to open this new South Dallas location -- already outfitted as an ASC, where it will be able to commit abortions through five months.

“'The South Dallas medical community, devoted to promoting health and saving lives, should not be forced to accept the heinous business of abortion right outside their doors, let alone through five months of pregnancy,' said Garnett. 'One has to wonder at the sad irony of pregnant mothers arriving at the nearby Methodist hospital for the joyous arrival of their babies, while Planned Parenthood takes advantage of mothers in need with the false 'hope' of abortion.”'

We have seen amazing things happen in Texas this past year. We have had a record number of abortion facility closures. We have had abortionists lose licenses because of their inability to uphold the law. We have seen an unprecedented amount of “saves” on the sidewalks outside abortion facilities. As of September 1st, we will have just seven (including this new facility) abortion facilities in the state.

The end of legalized abortion in Texas is coming soon. Let this all all of this be a lesson to us to remain vigilant in our pro-life efforts. Just because we experience successes does not mean that we should take it for granted and can become complacent.

Thank you to CPLC and the prolife community in Dallas for being observant and exposing this.

Planned Parenthood is of course bragging that they will run the majority of the abortion facilities that will remain open after September 1st. Hmm. Didn’t they say they wanted abortion to be safe, legal, and rare? I guess they were just kidding.

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Texas Sized Victory!

I never thought I would get such a huge blessing on Halloween, but I did. We found out on October 31st that all four parts of the Texas Pro-Life Omnibus Bill will be placed into effect as planned.

Here are the components:

1. Any physician committing abortion must have privileges at a hospital within a 30 mile radius of where they practice. Began November 1, 2013.

2. The RU-486 abortion procedure (medical abortion) must be provided by FDA guidelines. Began November 1, 2013.

3. Abortions after 20 weeks gestation are no longer legal. Began October 29, 2013.

4. Any facility providing abortions must be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center. Begins September 1, 2014.

All of these regulations just make sense. If a physician is not able to get hospital privileges, then I probably don't want him performing surgery on me. It's really that simple.

I've never had surgery where my physician would not be able to treat me if complications arose. However, that is precisely what women are subjected to when they have an abortion. They usually don't even know the name of the doctor that performed the abortion.

If, by chance, they do learn the doctor’s name, he/she won't be the one to care for her if she ends up at the hospital anyway. Now, that is what you call poor patient care. The RU-486 changes will include more visits to the actual physician who will give you the abortion medication. What a lofty idea!! To be able to meet and speak with the physician who will be giving you medication that could potentially kill you, and will, most definitely, kill your unborn child. Wow. What a concept.

I will only say one thing about the 20 week ban. If you can't decide whether or not you want to have an abortion in FIVE months, then you need counseling, not an abortion. And, don't give me some ridiculous line like, "But, what if the baby is diagnosed with Down's Syndrome or some other syndrome that deems them imperfect?" Excuse me, but those "imperfect" children have the exact same value that anyone else has. They don't deserve to die.

The last part of the bill is really the most detrimental to the abortion industry. This is the portion that will shut down all, except for 6, abortion clinics in the state. It's not ready to go into effect until next year. All I can say that is that September 1, 2014 is going to be a HUGE day of celebration.

This section of the bill will be the part that most significantly reduces the number of abortions performed in Texas. Requiring a facility that performs surgery to be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center is not a crazy idea. It's actually a very logical and practical idea, also increasing the safety standards for women.

There are MANY abortion facilities in Texas that would not be able to accommodate emergency personnel if they were called. They would not be able to fit a gurney into the hallways or rooms. They may not even be able to fit through the front door. This is a major safety issue. This portion of the bill will rectify that issue.

There are CURRENT abortion clinics that have window AC units in the rooms where abortions are performed. It’s supposed to be a sterile environment. So, under these new regulations, that will no longer be allowed. Facilities will be required to have hospital grade HVAC systems to ensure sterility. Other requirements include life-saving equipment, elevators that can be used during emergencies (you know, so they can safely transport patients), increased reporting to the state, and additional medical staff.

These regulations shouldn’t come as a surprise because this should be standard procedure for any provider offering surgical services. Thankfully, this will now be the standard for abortion facilities across the state.

Will these regulations cost the abortion industry money? Yes, they will. However, it’s a billion dollar industry, so that shouldn't be a problem. And, of COURSE these facilities would want to meet these higher standards because certainly their first priority is the safety of their patients, right? Wrong.

The abortion industry has been kicking and screaming like my toddler for the past few months. But, on Halloween, they officially lost. Now, that doesn't mean their tantrum is over. It does mean, though, that their little fits of rage will fall on deaf ears.

In the end, we won, so did babies, mothers, and families. Can I call this a victory? Well, in the last three months, we have seen 7 Planned Parenthood facilities close such as Burleson, Corsicana, Bryan (abortion providing), Lufkin, Huntsville, Midland (abortion providing) and San Angelo (abortion providing). As of November 1st, we have seen an additional 16 abortion facilities cease to commit abortions. From 42 clinics to 19 in three months... Yeah, I'll call that a win.