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This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

Recently, Ben Johnson authored a great article titled Planned Parenthood Promotes HPV Vaccine to Minorities as Officials Probe Its Link to Girl’s Death. As the name suggests, it’s about the damaging effects of Gardasil, the HPV vaccination.

He talks about the women who have died, which is exactly 96 women who have died from this vaccine. However, these are just the ones that have been reported.  He explains that women have lost their fertility after receiving the highly regarded HPV vaccine, but the main focus of the article is how the Gardasil vaccine is being specifically, and heavily, promoted to the African-American community through ad placement on BET (Black Entertainment Television).

When I read his article, my conspiracy alarms went off. Personally, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I find people who are quite entertaining. However, when I heard about these ads, something in my memory triggered.

Of course Planned Parenthood is trying to target minorities with this vaccine. They receive large reimbursements for injecting their low income patients with this dangerous drug! It was at this point that I knew I needed to write this article about my personal experience inside Planned Parenthood regarding Gardasil.

When Gardasil was released, Planned Parenthood was PUMPED. “Such a wonderful way to serve women,” they said. “This will help prevent cancer for so many young women,” one of my coworkers raved. Shortly after this I heard the real reason behind their excitement, “We are going to make so much money off of this vaccine.” Bingo. Of course they were excited. Each injection was going to cost around $200, and women are required to receive three to be “fully protected.” That equates to $600 for a vaccine. That was a lot of money.

But, then I thought to myself, “Our clients don’t have $600 for a vaccine. This is going to be a huge flop.”

I wasn’t aware at the time about the “Merck Vaccine Assistance Program.” Merck is the manufacturer of Gardasil. This program would pay 100% of the cost of the vaccine itself. Our patients would just have to pay a little $30 “injection fee” per vaccine. Ninety dollars versus six hundred was definitely doable.

Next, we were instructed to offer Gardasil to EVERY woman aged 11 to 26 who walked through our doors. “Oh, you’re here for a vaginal infection? How about a vaccine, too?” “Oh, I see you marked that you had Herpes and need treatment. Well, you better get this vaccine so you won’t get genital warts, too.” This might seem funny, but it was seriously how we were told to sell this vaccine to our clients.

We signed people up by the dozens. We faxed off numerous applications for the “Vaccine Assistance Program.” Almost everyone was approved since most of our clients were low income.

We were actually running out of vaccines. Those little bottles flew off our refrigerator shelves at around $170 per bottle, for which Planned Parenthood was being reimbursed by the Merck program.

I’m not aware of any of these women returning with complications, or if any of them went to the ER with problems. It’s not exactly like we did any follow up. I don’t even know if they got all three doses. My gut tells me that 80% of them did not.

Let’s get back to the conspiracy idea. Planned Parenthood just ran a series of ads promoting Gardasil on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Ninety-six women have died, several have experienced sterility, and yet Planned Parenthood launches a big campaign targeting the African-American community?

The pro-life movement has talked for years about how Planned Parenthood targets our minority community in the United States. And, even if we totally scrap the fact that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who was a raging racist, we can still look inside of the organization and find racism there.

In the past, I’ve discussed the document stating that we were NOT to talk about inside of Planned Parenthood, the “Jaffe Memo.” So, here is my article about that memo and the information it entailed. This document was composed in the late '60s by a high level official with Planned Parenthood. You will notice some really interesting ideas included in the document.

“Fertility control agents in water supply”

“Eliminate Welfare payments after first 2 children”

“Encourage increased homosexuality”

“Compulsory sterilization of all who have two children except for a few who would be allowed three”

“Payments to encourage abortion”

The Jaffe Memo was proposed to the Population Council, a eugenics-based population control organization led by its first president, Frederick Osborn, who also served as the President of the American Eugenics Society. This was one of Planned Parenthood’s first attempts, after Margaret Sanger’s shenanigans, to reduce the minority population.

We also know that currently over 70% of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in low income, high minority communities. We know that more than 50% of African-American pregnancies end in abortion. We know that Planned Parenthood has dumped tons of money into “Promotora” programs that go into Latino communities and convince them that Planned Parenthood is the ONLY place they can go for health care. And now, they are targeting these same communities for the dangerous Gardasil vaccine.

I mean, am I crazy? How is it that rational people can’t see what Planned Parenthood is doing here? I’ve never been of the belief that Planned Parenthood operates solely out of racism, but strictly sees money-making opportunities and goes for them. Unfortunately, it’s typically at the expense of minority women.

The fact of the matter is that this will continue to happen until these minority communities wake up to the realization that Planned Parenthood is USING them to pad their pockets. They don’t care about health care for minorities.

Planned Parenthood’s only goal deals with making money off of you! This will not stop until people stand up to this abortion giant and say, “NO MORE.” What will it take for these Black and Hispanic women to simply say, “We will not be used. We will not be your pawns. We will no longer be lied to. We are better than Planned Parenthood.”

Kris Ford, an African-American woman who runs Women’s Health and Justice Initiative, said it better than I can. “Planned Parenthood has ignored the voices of women of color and the organizations that women of color lead for years. Planned Parenthood continues to raise large sums of money off of issues of reproductive justice while framing the issues as a binary that leaves out the experiences of women and communities of color.” It’s time to do something about it. Stop buying the lie”.

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I helped so many women abort their babies. How do I live with that?

I spent eight years of my life with Planned Parenthood, so as you could imagine I have many memories of my time there. Some of those memories are good, some are not. Nonetheless, those memories are there packed away in my mind. It’s easy to forget them. I have forgotten so much about my time there in just four and a half short years.

I found my old business card the other day. That is a tangible memory for me. It made me think of the day that I heard I had been promoted to direct the clinic. I was so happy, hugging and jumping up and down with my supervisor. She was so proud of me.

I reflected on the day I moved everything into my new, big office. I put pro-choice stickers all over my filing cabinet. I called my parents to share the news. They were, of course, proud of me, but hated my work. I can’t imagine how conflicted they were in their minds and hearts.

Human resources sent me my new paperwork. There was my new title, along with my new and amazing salary. A few days later, my new business cards arrived. I remember placing them in my new business card holder on my desk. I filled up the business card holder that I kept in my purse. I had already become used to hearing myself say my new title.


I was proud of myself. I was proud of the hard work I had put in to earn that new title. I worked so many hours, sacrificing so much of my time with my family. But, I knew it would all be worth it, especially now that I had my new job title to prove it.

I remember proudly passing out my new business cards to anyone that would take one. Being pro-choice wasn’t only a movement to me, it was a lifestyle. I fully embraced that lifestyle and loved being a part of it.

These tangible reminders that I occasionally find are sometimes hard to work through. I remember receiving the records from my medication abortion. That tangible reminder of my past was difficult to manage.

I look at my “Employee of the Year” award that I received from Planned Parenthood and ruminate on the night I received it. I ended up deciding to place that old award on my desk as a reminder of where I came from and how much my life has changed. Seeing that plaque no longer brings back those tangible memories.

One of the reasons I was so taken aback when finding my old business card was not just because it was a reminder of how proud I had been to run an abortion clinic, something I find deplorable now. I was taken aback because of all of the things I engaged in while I had that big title.

I remember handing women small monetary checks to pay for their silence after we had left them with a serious infection after their abortion. The memories of watching women bleed out on our abortion table and being instructed not to call the ambulance because we didn’t want to let the pro-lifers know that we had a medical emergency. The memories I have of “joking” about the babies that died in our facility by abortion. The memories I have of training our abortion facility employees on the “normalcy” of abortion and how to convince women that abortion is the best choice for them.

Part of being a former abortion clinic worker is learning how to deal with your past sins. The woman that came to your clinic for an abortion could also be the familiar face that you bump into at the store. It could be standing in front of your former abortion facility and remembering all of the damage your thoughts, words, and actions caused so many women. It could be finding that old business card that reminds you of the pride you felt when you became the director of an abortion facility.

People ask me all the time, “How do you live with your past?” My answer is silly, but it’s a true story. It’s my story.

One day I was watching the kid’s movie “Kung Fu Panda” with my daughter. In the film there is a wise, old tortoise named Oogway.  He is talking to one of his students who is frustrated with his current situation. Oogway asks his student, “Do you know why today is called the present? Because it is a gift.”

That little line by an animated tortoise hit me like a ton of bricks. Today is a gift. There is absolutely nothing we can do with our past. There is very little we can do to control our future, or if there is a tomorrow for us in this life. All there is for us is the present. We live NOW. We serve NOW. We choose to move on from our past NOW.

I don’t know what your past sins are. I don’t know how frequently you are reminded of them. However, as someone who has to face their past sins on a frequent basis, almost daily, I can tell you that you can be free from their burden. Past sins do not have to be a source of constant grief.

You have been given the opportunity to transform your past into something positive. Maybe you could help others make different choices than you did. Maybe you could help others heal from the same struggles that you lived through. I don’t know what you are being called to do, but as the saying goes, “God can turn our mess into a message.”

Carrying around past burdens doesn’t help us in any way. Sometimes you may remember the person that you were and the decisions that you made, but you can thank God for pulling you out of it each time it comes to mind. Count your blessings daily.

Just know that you can be forgiven. Accept that forgiveness. Use your life to help others. The present is indeed a gift.

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I talked her into getting an abortion, then I ran into her at the store.

I used to have a standard line that I would ask people if I thought I recognized them, “Do I look familiar to you?”. I asked that question once a week, at least. It’s been four years since I have asked that question to anyone.

Four years ago, there was a woman in a store I recognized. I could tell that she recognized me as well, because every time we would pass each other she would give me a little smile.

Finally, I just asked, “Do I look familiar to you?”

She started laughing and said that I did look familiar, but she could not figure out where she had seen me before.  As soon as she started talking, it hit me. She sat across from me at my desk at Planned Parenthood. I convinced her to get an abortion. I remembered her story vividly. She was crying. I was reassuring her by saying things like, “Just because a decision makes us cry, doesn’t mean it’s not the right decision.”

I remember that I was trying to get her out of my office. We had been talking for at least 45 minutes and that was way over my 15 minute maximum for “counseling.” I knew I must have a stack of charts waiting in my box outside. Finally, I pulled out the last card to hurry this thing along. I told her, “If you don’t have the abortion today, you won’t be able to come back to us for at least a week and it will be more expensive. You don’t want that, do you?”

Reluctantly, she said that she was ready to go back for the abortion. Good. My job was done. Every line was signed and every box was checked.

I was now, once again, staring this young woman in the face. I had left Planned Parenthood. I was pro-life. I was sorry for what I had done to her, but what do I say now? I panicked and said, “Well, who knows? Maybe I will see you around again.” Then, I rushed off, feeling ashamed.

I really hoped that would never happen again. However, it did. It happened several times. Each time, I would look into the woman’s eyes and walk the other way. How could I face these women? My sins were staring back at me when I looked at them. I didn’t want to see it. It was too real.

As time progressed, these encounters occurred less often. We moved to a different town for my work and I rarely ran into anyone that I recognized from the clinic. Even if I did, I had more confidence to deal with it as it arose. I was more comfortable than before to tell them who I was and how I knew them. I was now quick to apologize for my part in their abortion. The more healing I experienced, the easier it became.

About six months ago, I received an email that I wasn’t expecting. In those few seconds my confidence was shaken. A young woman had come to my clinic when she was just 16 years old. Admittedly, I did not remember her. She told me her story through a message and I was heartbroken for her. She had gotten hooked on drugs, dealt with very serious depression, and even attempted suicide after her abortion.

She blamed me. “You told me I would feel fine after my abortion,” she said. I told her she wouldn’t have any regrets, but she did. She told me that I caused her pain. While I read her email, I felt that pain. I also felt that shame that I hadn’t experienced in several years.

I think I read her email at least 50 times. Honestly, I thought about just deleting it, pretending I had never received it, but I knew I couldn’t do that. I had to respond. I had to apologize. After two days of discerning my response, I finally sat down to write.

I accepted the blame. I apologized at least 10 times in my first response. I didn’t try to make any excuses. I didn’t try to justify my words or actions. I just apologized, over and over again. After that, I offered help. This young woman, now in her early 20's, needed healing. We have now exchanged several conversations through email and phone. I was able to get her connected to a post-abortive healing ministry in her area. She is a different person. Due to her honesty, I am a different person.

Recently, I asked a few former abortion clinic workers a question, “If you could go back and say something to a woman who had an abortion in your clinic, what would you say?” The responses were somewhat varied, but all had the same theme. They would tell these women that they were sorry. They would apologize for lying, for misleading them.

So, here is that apology to any post-abortive woman reading this right now. I am sorry. I am sorry that we did not tell you the truth about abortion. I am sorry that you were deceived by people who you thought you could trust. I am sorry that we didn’t listen to you when you cried in our offices. I’m sorry that you were treated like a number and not the beautiful person that you are. I’m sorry for the pain you felt. I’m sorry for any regret that you felt or continue to feel because of our dishonesty.

As much as I wish I could change the past, I’m not able to. I can’t change the poor decisions that we have all made, but I can tell you that there are many of us who care about your healing. You don’t have to live with regret, pain, and shame.

If you haven’t yet, please take that first step and find help. Call your local pro-life group and ask about resources in your area.  The Catholic Church offers resources as well. Receiving the sacrament of reconciliation is a physical and spiritual healing that comes directly from Jesus. I have found freedom and healing from my past. You can find that freedom, too.

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Planned Parenthood is trying to secretly open this abortion clinic in Dallas, but pro-lifers found out.

“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” Luke 8:17

We have known for years that Planned Parenthood will do anything to get into our public school system, our churches, and even our neighborhoods. They will present themselves as a “medical organization” instead of saying they are with Planned Parenthood. And, when they want to open a new facility they will always use a secret identity, usually in the form of a newly formed LLC.

I have always questioned the secrecy, even when I was employed at Planned Parenthood. If we were so proud of our services, then why did we work so hard to hide them?

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by an amazing pro-life group, the Catholic Pro-life Committee of Dallas. They had learned some interesting and troubling news. Here is the report directly from them.

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee (CPLC) received information that Planned Parenthood applied for a license to operate an ambulatory surgical center (ASC) at 7989 West Virginia Drive, Dallas (formerly Specialty Surgical Services), across from Methodist Charlton Medical Center. The property records for this location show that the deed to the property was transferred to A Brooks Group LLC on January 30, 2014 with an appraised value of over 2.2 million dollars.

According to online corporate records, Aimee B. Boone is the sole managing member of A Brooks Group, LLC. Aimee Boone (now Aimee Boone Cunningham) is an officer of the Center for Reproductive Rights and recently served as Vice President of Development for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (formerly North Texas). She is the daughter of Cecilia Boone, board member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (board chair, 2012-2013).

“So what now?” they asked. The only answer was to blow this open before Planned Parenthood had a chance to announce their new property. We all know that Planned Parenthood is at their weakest when they are on the defensive.

I only wish I could have been present when Planned Parenthood got the call from the first reporter. They had been exposed… and they weren’t ready.

Since the release of this new information, the Dallas pro-life community has been hard at work. They are already outside their new facility praying and holding signs to raise awareness to the surrounding medical community about the abortion clinic coming to their area.

During the first day of the peaceful prayer vigil, Planned Parenthood turned the sprinklers on them. Not a problem. It’s hot here in Texas anyway, we appreciate the cold water.

After the sprinkler fiasco, a physician from another non-abortion providing facility came out to ask what they were doing. He was very concerned that these prayer warriors may interfere with his business. They kindly told him that they would be there EVERY DAY now that Planned Parenthood was opening an abortion facility.

He said that he had an “obligation to his patients,” to which they replied, “We have an obligation to the victims of Planned Parenthood.”

Pro-life activists protest outside the planned abortion facility in Dallas.    Catholic Pro-life Committee of Dallas

Pro-life activists protest outside the planned abortion facility in Dallas. Catholic Pro-life Committee of Dallas

I applaud CPLC for their proactive approach to this problem. The best way to keep these centers out of our communities is to expose them for what they stand for, what they areare. They are cCorrupt. and d They are dirty. Thesey are not the people youthey want as your neighbors.

CPLC is doing active community outreach to the medical professionals in the area to inform them about Planned Parenthood and their unsavory practices. The group isy are holding community -wide events in an attempt to educate those in the local community.

Here is more directly from CPLC and their director, Karen Garnett.

An initial prayer vigil will take place on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 10 a.m. on the public right of way outside 7989 West Virginia Drive, followed by a community meeting.

Planned Parenthood currently commits abortions through the first 15 weeks of pregnancy at one location in Dallas, 7424 Greenville Avenue. The fourth provision of the new Texas law (HB 2), requiring that all abortion facilities meet the safety standards of an ambulatory surgical center, is scheduled to go into effect on September 1, 2014. There has been no visible indication that Planned Parenthood on Greenville Avenue is modifying its facility to meet these requirements. Apparently unwilling to lose its profitable 'hold' on Dallas, Planned Parenthood is reportedly planning to open this new South Dallas location -- already outfitted as an ASC, where it will be able to commit abortions through five months.

“'The South Dallas medical community, devoted to promoting health and saving lives, should not be forced to accept the heinous business of abortion right outside their doors, let alone through five months of pregnancy,' said Garnett. 'One has to wonder at the sad irony of pregnant mothers arriving at the nearby Methodist hospital for the joyous arrival of their babies, while Planned Parenthood takes advantage of mothers in need with the false 'hope' of abortion.”'

We have seen amazing things happen in Texas this past year. We have had a record number of abortion facility closures. We have had abortionists lose licenses because of their inability to uphold the law. We have seen an unprecedented amount of “saves” on the sidewalks outside abortion facilities. As of September 1st, we will have just seven (including this new facility) abortion facilities in the state.

The end of legalized abortion in Texas is coming soon. Let this all all of this be a lesson to us to remain vigilant in our pro-life efforts. Just because we experience successes does not mean that we should take it for granted and can become complacent.

Thank you to CPLC and the prolife community in Dallas for being observant and exposing this.

Planned Parenthood is of course bragging that they will run the majority of the abortion facilities that will remain open after September 1st. Hmm. Didn’t they say they wanted abortion to be safe, legal, and rare? I guess they were just kidding.

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Miscarriage Management

At Planned Parenthood, we had many protocols.  Protocols on billing, customer service, client donations, medical services, counseling, et cetera. You name it, we had a protocol for it. It was my job as clinic director to know all of them, and I did. None of the protocols were terribly interesting. None of them, except one.

Buried at the back of this daunting folder of protocols, there was one that wasn’t often talked about. However, we needed it to exist and we needed to know it, just in case.

The protocol I’m referring to was simply called “Miscarriage Management.” This was preparation for when abortion would made illegal. What would all of these women do if they couldn’t walk into a Planned Parenthood for an elective abortion? We had an answer for that written in this three-page protocol.

We would instruct women to take medications and/or vitamins to end their pregnancy. Some of those on the list included Vitamin C, Black or Blue Cohosh, or Misoprostol bought online. We would instruct them on the amount they needed to ingest in order to terminate their pregnancy.

We would give them warning signs. These signs would help them to decide whether they needed to go directly to the emergency room. If everything went as planned, they would be instructed to come to our facility for an ultrasound to confirm fetal demise and an MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration). This would not technically be considered an abortion since the death of the child had happened outside of our facility.

Of course, there would also be a fee for this “miscarriage management” service. You certainly didn’t think they would do this out of the kindness of their hearts, did you?

I want you to really mull this over in your mind. Abortion supporters are CONSTANTLY talking about “unsafe abortion.”  They are ALWAYS waving around those ridiculous coat hangers. They are seriously advocating for and willing to coach women on how to carry out an unsafe abortion on their own?

They could talk to these women about other options. Heck, maybe Planned Parenthood could actually become a center that provided prenatal care and adoption services. They could begin giving out material assistance to women in need, but no.

Instead, they would rather, simply stated, help women harm themselves. Why? Is it that they “care” so much for women? I think not. This is simply a way for them to keep their abortion dollars coming in, even if abortion were to become legally obsolete.

If this is carried out, abortion supporters will be right. Women will be dying from 'illegal abortions.' Not because of the pro-life movement, but because of their own so-called "women's rights" movement in which they're actually causing women's death.

“Miscarriage management,” we could also call it, “How to help women carry out an illegal abortion.” I'm guessing that with the closing of all of these abortion centers and so many states with only one abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood is dusting off this protocol.

However, women deserve better than abortion, whether it’s legal or illegal.

Texas Sized Victory!

I never thought I would get such a huge blessing on Halloween, but I did. We found out on October 31st that all four parts of the Texas Pro-Life Omnibus Bill will be placed into effect as planned.

Here are the components:

1. Any physician committing abortion must have privileges at a hospital within a 30 mile radius of where they practice. Began November 1, 2013.

2. The RU-486 abortion procedure (medical abortion) must be provided by FDA guidelines. Began November 1, 2013.

3. Abortions after 20 weeks gestation are no longer legal. Began October 29, 2013.

4. Any facility providing abortions must be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center. Begins September 1, 2014.

All of these regulations just make sense. If a physician is not able to get hospital privileges, then I probably don't want him performing surgery on me. It's really that simple.

I've never had surgery where my physician would not be able to treat me if complications arose. However, that is precisely what women are subjected to when they have an abortion. They usually don't even know the name of the doctor that performed the abortion.

If, by chance, they do learn the doctor’s name, he/she won't be the one to care for her if she ends up at the hospital anyway. Now, that is what you call poor patient care. The RU-486 changes will include more visits to the actual physician who will give you the abortion medication. What a lofty idea!! To be able to meet and speak with the physician who will be giving you medication that could potentially kill you, and will, most definitely, kill your unborn child. Wow. What a concept.

I will only say one thing about the 20 week ban. If you can't decide whether or not you want to have an abortion in FIVE months, then you need counseling, not an abortion. And, don't give me some ridiculous line like, "But, what if the baby is diagnosed with Down's Syndrome or some other syndrome that deems them imperfect?" Excuse me, but those "imperfect" children have the exact same value that anyone else has. They don't deserve to die.

The last part of the bill is really the most detrimental to the abortion industry. This is the portion that will shut down all, except for 6, abortion clinics in the state. It's not ready to go into effect until next year. All I can say that is that September 1, 2014 is going to be a HUGE day of celebration.

This section of the bill will be the part that most significantly reduces the number of abortions performed in Texas. Requiring a facility that performs surgery to be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center is not a crazy idea. It's actually a very logical and practical idea, also increasing the safety standards for women.

There are MANY abortion facilities in Texas that would not be able to accommodate emergency personnel if they were called. They would not be able to fit a gurney into the hallways or rooms. They may not even be able to fit through the front door. This is a major safety issue. This portion of the bill will rectify that issue.

There are CURRENT abortion clinics that have window AC units in the rooms where abortions are performed. It’s supposed to be a sterile environment. So, under these new regulations, that will no longer be allowed. Facilities will be required to have hospital grade HVAC systems to ensure sterility. Other requirements include life-saving equipment, elevators that can be used during emergencies (you know, so they can safely transport patients), increased reporting to the state, and additional medical staff.

These regulations shouldn’t come as a surprise because this should be standard procedure for any provider offering surgical services. Thankfully, this will now be the standard for abortion facilities across the state.

Will these regulations cost the abortion industry money? Yes, they will. However, it’s a billion dollar industry, so that shouldn't be a problem. And, of COURSE these facilities would want to meet these higher standards because certainly their first priority is the safety of their patients, right? Wrong.

The abortion industry has been kicking and screaming like my toddler for the past few months. But, on Halloween, they officially lost. Now, that doesn't mean their tantrum is over. It does mean, though, that their little fits of rage will fall on deaf ears.

In the end, we won, so did babies, mothers, and families. Can I call this a victory? Well, in the last three months, we have seen 7 Planned Parenthood facilities close such as Burleson, Corsicana, Bryan (abortion providing), Lufkin, Huntsville, Midland (abortion providing) and San Angelo (abortion providing). As of November 1st, we have seen an additional 16 abortion facilities cease to commit abortions. From 42 clinics to 19 in three months... Yeah, I'll call that a win.

September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013.  It seemed like I was seeing my former Planned Parenthood clinic for the first time.  The iron fence was still up.  The automatic gate keeping unwelcome guests out of the parking lot was closed.  It looked the same, yet it was so different.  

My former abortion clinic was now closed.  The sign had been removed.  The doors were locked. No one was in that building. Never again will anyone walk through those doors seeking an abortion.  No woman will ever be sold their lies again, not there. Not in Bryan, Texas.  

I had returned to my old stomping grounds to celebrate, but also to pay tribute to those who had lost their lives inside that building, including one of my own children.  I had no idea how I would feel on this day.  

Upon walking up onto that all too familiar sidewalk I was overcome with joy, strangely mixed with grief.  It was over.  No more children would die inside those walls.  Women would no longer be subject to the lies and manipulated for Planned Parenthood's gain. I was also overwhelmed with the amount of lives I had helped to take while I was there for 8 years.  

Memories of walking into and out of our back metal fence thousands of times. Thoughts of sitting in my office, looking out at the people praying for me, and not understanding the reason they came out day after day. I couldn't stop thinking about the POC lab, the place where babies were pieced together and discarded like trash.  

I thought about my old friends. I was sad that they faced unemployment, but elated that they were no longer participating in killing the unborn and wounding their mothers.  As I stood there, I prayed for them, that they would one day reach out for healing.  I think I even prayed for our reconciliation.  

I carried two roses, one red and one white. I placed one on the fence for my own child. The other, I placed in memory of the thousands of lives that had been taken by my hands, my words, my lies. One single flower didn't seem like enough, but it was all I had to offer. How do you memorialize so many children?  

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed.  I fell to my knees, weeping for these women and children.  Hundreds of people began to gather in order to pay tribute.  I could hear them taking pictures of me as I cried.

I closed my eyes. This moment was not about me. None of the work that I do is ever about me.  I was trying to tune out the noise of clicking cameras in the background.  This was my time to mourn, to really feel that loss.  

After about 15 minutes, I stood up and composed myself.  Now, it was time to thank everyone who had sacrificed so much to see this moment happen.  This was their dream.  So many people had sacrificed so much. I was blessed to be such a small part of it.  

That being said, this is my prayer, that all of you who sacrifice so much would experience this joy.  You stand and pray with faith that the abortion clinics will close.  They WILL close.  And, you will be there to witness it, to see your dreams come to fruition.  

Each of us has the opportunity to be a part of something that truly saves lives. For instance, 40 Days for Life.  If you have never participated, I encourage you to make the commitment.  No one loves praying outside of an abortion clinic.  It is a sad place.  Even though it’s uncomfortable, we MUST go.  We must be there to bring Christ out to these places of despair.  You won’t ever go alone because God will be there with you.  

You might wonder if your presence outside of an abortion clinic makes a difference.  Well, let me tell you what Planned Parenthood announced at the last national conference I attended.  They said this, "Our no-show rate goes up to 75% when people are outside our clinics praying."

You see, when you come to pray, you are saving lives even if you don't know it.  Women see you and instead of pulling into the parking lot, they drive right by. When you are on the sidewalk, women see you as an outward sign of their inward conscience.

Your presence shows them that the decision they are making is morally objectionable.  Doesn't it feel good to know that you CAN save a baby from abortion?  You just have to show up.  You have to be present.  

I am in this movement today because of ordinary people who took on an extraordinary task.  My former abortion clinic is closed because of their sacrifice.  Babies are alive because of them.  Women are no longer being hurt by abortion in their community.  You can do this.  You can save a life.  To find a location near you, visit 40DaysForLife

Former Bryan Planned Parenthood Clinic Sign Being Taken Down.

Former Bryan Planned Parenthood Clinic Sign Being Taken Down.

Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood Link

It’s almost that time of year again, cookie season. What do we say to these cute little girls who will ask us to buy their cookies?  Well, maybe we shouldn't SAY anything.  Maybe it would be better to be prepared with something in hand that you could give to their moms. 

Well, here is that piece of paper that you can hand out, Girl Scouts PP. You will be doing these girls and their families a favor by educating them about the link between the Girl Scouts and our largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.