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December 4th

Previously, I have explained my decision to become Catholic. I have also explained the influence Fr. Frank Pavone has had on my life. After much planning, I recently found out that Fr. Frank will not be able to come to my Confirmation.  I have written a letter to Bishop Zurek about my feelings. It's posted below.



Bishop Zurek,

This Sunday, December 4th, I am entering the Catholic Church.  My journey has been a long one.  I have gone from directing an abortion clinic to a pro-life advocate…my final step is my Confirmation.  When I made this decision many months ago, I talked to Father Frank Pavone.  Fr. Frank has been a huge influence in my life since I left Planned Parenthood.  Because of that, I wanted him to be the person who administered my first Communion.  The tentative arrangements had been made.  Everything seemed to be falling into place…then he was sent to Amarillo.  Now, my plans have come to a screeching halt.  I am still getting confirmed, but I am now doing it without Fr. Frank.  He has been one of the most influential people in my life…and he can’t be there.

I wanted to share this with you for one reason.  The decision to keep Fr. Frank in Amarillo is not just detrimental to the pro-life movement.  It is also keeping him from doing what he does best…bringing people to Christ and to the Catholic Church.  That is what he is called to do as a priest, and now that ability has been stripped from him.  This conflict has now gone far beyond the Diocese of Amarillo.  It is affecting many.  It is affecting the best day of my life…the day me and my family will become Catholic.

I am not writing this to ask you to do anything.  I just needed you to know that your decision has tainted my Confirmation.  A very important person in my life will not be present…a person who has led me to the Catholic Church…a person who has stood beside me in difficult times…a person who epitomizes what a priest should be.


Abby Johnson

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