Je ne parle pas le français

Currently, I’m in Nashville writing from my hotel room. I have a legislative event to speak at tomorrow morning. The event is comprised of all women who are lobbying at the capital in Tennessee. I’m excited about it.

Last week I was in Canada, hence the title of this blog. I loved Canada. The people were all super nice... too bad they will all die of lung cancer. EVERYONE smokes in Canada, at least it seems that way. Things are super expensive there.  So, I didn't buy much. 

Also, Canada basically has no abortion laws. There’s no waiting period, no limit on gestational weeks, no parental consent... nothing. It is really tragic. However, they have an awesome 40 Days for Life team there! Like I say, one heart and one mind at a time. That's exactly what they are doing. 

I have to say, I had a terribly hamburger in Canada, it can be likened to eating cardboard. The service at the restaurant was even worse! I kept trying to find someone to give me my check, but alas, there appeared to be no waitstaff in the whole restaurant, even after searching. 

I ended up just leaving a $20 bill on the table and left... $20 in U.S. currency. They will have to figure out how to convert it. At least I left something!

I had another stinky flight on the way up here today. Yuck. I ended up closing my air vent, but it didn't help.

I am having someone design a website for me. I am really excited about it. The website will be a good place for people to visit and receive information about me and my upcoming book. 

Oh yeah, if you didn't know, I’m writing a book. It should be available for purchase in January.

So, I have a group page on Facebook. Well, actually there are three, but this is the official one. I didn't have anything to do with the other two, but it’s cute that other people made them. I haven't joined the group. I think that might be a little weird to join your own group. This will be a way for people to find out what is going on with my travels and my book. Another thing I have to keep updated...

There is a group, a huge one, of high school 4-Hers here in the hotel. They better settle down in the hallway... I would hate to have to go out there and give them the stink eye. :)

Anyway, after the event tomorrow I am able to hang out with the folks from Ambassador. I am so fortunate to have them represent me. I don't know what I would do without them. They are my little travel angels. 

Now, I just need someone to handle my Facebook. Then, I could just lay on the couch and eat bon bons. Just kidding. I don't even like bon bons.

I’m looking forward to the next few days. I don't travel again until April 7th. That will give me a lot of time home with Grace and Doug. I miss them so much when I am away. I even watched wrestling again tonight just because it made me think of Doug. He needs to start watching better shows. Actually, there was a wrestler on tonight from College Station. That was pretty interesting.

Also, this being Holy Week and everything, I was thinking about some spiritual stuff. Today, I was watching some TV and noticed almost half of the channels were talking about celebrities and their lives. I mean, I guess I care about Kate Gosslin's hair extensions, but I started to think about how obsessed our society is with the way other people live and the decisions they’re making. 

I was thinking we need to concern ourselves less with "celebrities" and more about our own life choices. I mean, we are so worried about the marriages of other people, what they’re wearing, and how they raise their children. I wonder if that’s just a way for everyone to NOT think about their own shortcomings. We don't want to be accountable for how we live. 

Would we act differently if every part of our lives were on tape and broadcast nationally? In a way, our lives are like that already. We might think the words we speak and the thoughts we have are private, but they’re really not. God hears everything we think, say, everything in our hearts; good or bad. 

We don't seem to worry about that too much, but He is the most important critic we have. We should behave that way, me included.

Well, this blog has been pretty boring. I will spice it up next time. Until then...