There have been different ideas about how to handle abortion clinic workers. Attempts to bribe abortion clinic workers out of the abortion industry with promises of thousands of dollars in reward money generally sends one message to clinic workers, we want to use you for what you know, and we really don’t care about your well-being, your healing process, your relationship with Christ or your family.

This is not what the pro-life movement should be about.  This is certainly not what And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is about. I started this ministry not to "get stories," but to help people find healing and renew and or begin their relationship with Christ.

ATTWN has had 80 abortion clinic workers leave the industry and come through our ministry since last June. We didn’t accomplish this with bribery, intimidation or with the intention to use those who come to us. We help them pay their bills while they job hunt, get them into healing retreats, and provide them with legal aid, but only if they want it.  ATTWN offers a safe and confidential option for abortion clinic workers when they’re ready to leave. This is the reason we are successful.

I founded the ministry specifically to change minds and convert hearts.  You cannot bribe an abortion clinic worker or pay them off to what is right, that only comes from a true conversion. Former clinic workers with converted hearts can be a huge asset to the pro-life movement, but that doesn’t mean we coerce or push them to share their stories or air all the dirty little secrets of their former clinic. 

If a former abortion clinic worker wants to go public, it needs to be on their own time, on their own healing journey, if, and only if, they truly desire to speak out, not because big chunks of money are dangled in front of them. We will continue to be here for abortion clinic workers as long as they need healing. Our only goal is conversion.