Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Uh, Oh!!!

Oh, Goodness!!  Today, Planned Parenthood received the shock of their lives!! They thought they were stung. They were, BIG TIME!!! 

Today, Live Action released their big news! They have incredible footage of Planned Parenthood's CLINIC MANAGER making deals with a "pimp" and "prostitute" on how to traffic underage girls in the sex industry. I would like to say I am shocked, but I'm not. 

Here is the statement that I released for Live Action, "As a former Planned Parenthood director, it is not surprising to me that this organization would protect individuals involved in sex trafficking. It actually seems like a natural fit. Planned Parenthood is involved in the violent killing of children and have no regard for life. People who traffic these young women for sex have no regard for their lives and are often involved in violent crimes. As someone who has witnessed this connection first hand as a clinic worker, I am so thankful Planned Parenthood's connection to this industry is being exposed.  -Abby Johnson"

The clinic manager in the video, Amy Woodruff, is a nurse. She coaches these people on how to bring these minor girls into have testing, get birth control, and even have abortions with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I could go on and on and quote parts of the video, but you need to watch it yourself. It is truly disturbing. 

Not sure how Planned Parenthood is going to get out of this mess. 

Watch the video and view the press release