Prevention: Another piece of rhetoric.

When I worked for Planned Parenthood, I said this ALL of the time.  “The only way to reduce the number of abortions is to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies.  The only way to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies is to increase the supply of contraceptive methods.”  I wish I had a dollar for every time I said that to a legislator or a media reporter, a client…or even myself.  It kind of seems to make sense when you look at it.  But, in reality, it makes no sense at all.  It was just another justification I told myself over and over again to help me feel better about the abortions I was party to.  “I am just trying to decrease the number by working here!”  Yeah right.  Studies show that contraception DOESN’T actually reduce the number of abortions.  A recent study actually showed the opposite.  The higher the contraception rate, the higher the abortion rate.  Interesting, huh??  Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood’s hired research firm) actually showed similar statistics.  On their website,, they show that 60% of abortive women state that they were using a contraceptive method at the time they got pregnant.  Hmmm.  I thought the “typical” (failure) rate of hormonal and barrier methods was around 5-10%.  Guess someone got that wrong!!  And here’s the truth from my experience.  I rarely counseled a women who was having an abortion that wasn’t using a method when she got pregnant.  That is the truth.  Yes, there are some women who say…well, I just wasn’t using anything!  But most were using something; condoms, the pill (most common), depo, IUD, SOMETHING! 

And OF COURSE they would be on a method!  Our society today makes women feel like it is riskier NOT to be on a hormonal method.  Totally ridiculous.  It is risky TO BE pumping artificial hormones into your body!!  These hormones have been linked to reproductive cancers, strokes, heart disease, osteoporosis, nerve disorders, future infertility, food allergies, metabolic disorders, and many other things!!  But we think it is riskier NOT to take them??  We think getting pregnant is riskier than those diseases I listed above??  Really?  And you know what makes this even better?  All of those risks are listed in the package insert.  But no one takes the time to read them…and your doctor sure doesn’t take the time to go over them with you.  Doctors give out birth control pills like they are handing out M&M’s.  They treat women like we are too stupid to understand our bodies.  Like we are second class citizens when it comes to health care.  And, honestly, we are partially to blame to for that.  We have allowed it happen. 

Birth control enslaves women to their fertility.  It puts all of the responsibility on them.  And that is exactly what it was intended to do.  Birth control was created so that people could have sex without consequences.  What has happened since then?  Women are turned into sexual objects for men to yearn for…and we allow ourselves to be lusted after.  All for a society of sex without consequences.  That is not what sex was intended for.  That is not what fertility was intended for.  Fertility was meant to be a shared partnership between a husband and wife.  A partnership that is open to life.  Where the possibility of life is not seen as a burden, but a gift.  Now, I am practical.  I am not saying that you have to pop out kids like you change your socks.  My husband and I have chosen to use Natural Family Planning, the Creighton Model.  It is a very advanced form of fertility management that allows both partners to be involved…the way it was intended.  That model may not be for you.  You may choose something else.  But, I think if women actually knew the dangers of hormonal birth control, they would not likely take it. 

One more thing.  When do you think life begins?  I believe life begins at conception…when the egg and sperm meet.  Conception is when DNA is formed and a human life is formed.  If you also believe life begins at conception, then you should have a hard time getting behind hormonal methods.  Hormonal methods work three ways.  One way is to prevent ovulation.  But if that fails and “breakthrough ovulation” occurs, then conception can occur.  Another way hormonal methods work is by irritating the uterine lining to the point that a fertilized egg (a human person) would not be able to implant on the uterine wall and begin to grow.  So, the woman passes the fertilized egg (human person) with her cycle and miscarries without even knowing it.  It is sad, but that happens MANY times while women are on hormonal methods.  That is why people will say that hormonal methods have an abortifacient property in them…because they can actually cause an abortion. 

There is a really great documentary out called “28 Days on the Pill.”  I encourage people to check it out.  You can google the title and get to the website.  It was actually created by Protestant ministers.  We need churches to get on board with this and stop pushing the pill and other methods within their congregation.  The pill is not healthy for women and for marriages.  There are other ways that are better and don’t take the lives of children.  People need to know the truth.