PPGG...moving on to better things.

Pro-lifers are very excited about the collapse of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate.  They should be.  This is great news. I could go on and on about how the audit process works and what they look for when it comes.  I could tell you all of the inside scoop about accredidation and all of the line by line items they look for when they visit an affiliate.  But here is the bottom line...it is rare that PPFA will pull affiliation away.  I mean, you have to REALLY mess up.  And, they had been really running a muck.  For many people, this was not a surprise.  I'm sure that for the people making the big bucks, the upper management, this was not a huge shock.  After all, they were part of the problem...the "HR" problem.  They lead to a lot of these issues that caused their disaffiliation.  However, I know for many in the organization, there is probably a huge sense of betrayal.  How could they mess this up so badly?  How could they leave me without a job?  How could they leave these women without a place to turn for healthcare?  I hope that for the employees that were left behind, they actually see the truth of this organization.  I hope that they finally see that PP is not really about their "clients" or their "care."  They are about monetary gain...at the expense of these precious women.  I hope they see that PP is not really interested in THEM!  You felt like a family while you were there...but where is that family now?  I know.  I remember.  That sense of betrayal that I felt is still close under my skin.  Some days I still feel it.  But now when I feel it, I am not angry.  I am no longer bitter.  I am thankful.  I am so glad that I have moved on to something better...ultimately to the truth.  If you are reading this and you are a former worker for PPGG, you can have that, too.  You may feel betrayed.  You may feel like no one else knows what you are going through right now.  That is not true.  I have been there.  Many others have been there.  I know what you have seen inside those walls.  I know what has been said...maybe what you have said that now rings in your ears and haunts you.  I know about the dreams and nightmares that you may have now that you no longer work there anymore.  You see, you are not alone.  Not by a long shot.  There are so many people that would like to help you...I am one of those people.  Some people may be excited about the clinic closures...but I am excited about you...about your future...a future without Planned Parenthood.  It can be so much better.  If you need to talk or reach out to someone, please click on my "contact" link.  I would love to chat with you.  It can be totally anonymous.  I am not looking for "insider" information or any sort of personal gain.  I am just here to tell you that sometimes it helps to talk to someone who has walked in the same shoes.  If you need it, I am here.