We all know the power of prayer. Prayer is what moved me out of the abortion industry. Christ works miracles. We may not see them everyday, but they are happening. God placed something on my heart and I have felt called to act on it. Praying for people by name is an important tool during prayer. A (now) friend of mine, Elizabeth, prayed for me by name for months and months. What if thousands and thousands of people were praying for one particular person, by name, at one time? Wouldn't that be powerful?? Well, that is what God has placed on my heart. My husband (I want to give him credit :)) named it OPERATION CONVERSION!!!! Here's the idea. Once a week, on Saturday, I will post a well-known, prominent abortionist on my public facebook page and here on my website. I have decided on Saturday so that people can take this name to their churches and put them on their prayer list, give the name to their paster/priest, pray in their Sunday school class...whatever. We will commit to pray for this one abortionist EVERY DAY for 7 days. This is not a call to contact the abortionist or their facility. This is simply a call to prayer. We CAN pray these men and women out of the abortion industry. Christ CAN get them out of there!!!!! We have to believe that!!!

Will you commit to this with me? A new name every Saturday. Every day. It can be a short prayer...or a long prayer. Just pray for this person by name every day for 7 days. We are making an impact on these people whether we see it or not. Blessings to all of you!!!!