Oops, PP did it again!

Live Action released another video today, as promised. So, this was an “isolated incident” I don’t think so. Planned Parenthood claims that Live Action went to 12 health centers to find out if their employees would aid in sex trafficking of minors. If that is the case, then 2 of those 12 failed miserably. 

So with that, one-sixth of Planned Parenthood clinics would aid in sex trafficking.  That’s not a very good statistic, Planned Parenthood. Not to mention, you’re other stats aren’t very promising either, 76 percent of clinics in minority neighborhoods, abortions on the rise, the amount of women who have complications from abortion… it doesn’t look good. You really didn’t need this too. 

I remember being on their media team.  Oh man, I am glad that is not my job now! I am not sure how I they are going to frame this. “Isolated incident” is out. “One bad clinic” is out. “Video is a hoax” is out. “We’ve taken care of the problem by firing the bad apple” is out because it seems like the “bad apples” keep reproducing. 

People have asked what I said when I worked with Planned Parenthood and Live Action would come out with these videos. Well, I’m no dummy. I know when I see something that’s plain wrong like Live Action has shown in their videos. 

I never defended Planned Parenthood. I would say, “Well, that is really bad. Those clinics obviously had some serious problems.” I just didn’t realize that we probably had the same problems. 

In this video, there was something that really struck me. The girl in the video said that they, at PP, respect people of all walks of life and they don’t judge. It seems as though Planned Parenthood is so worried about not judging the women, they forget to protect them. 

Here is the SECOND video from Live Action.