"No Easy Decision." Bad decision for PP.

I realize I’m a little late here to chime in on this, but here it goes anyway. I did watch the show. I am actually glad they showed it. NARAL had sent out an email showing their excitement about the upcoming show. 

Interestingly, they didn’t send anything out praising the show AFTER it aired. I think the reason was that it didn’t really do much for their cause. They had these three young girls who had obviously been given the Planned Parenthood talking points before the show, but they could hardly get them out over their sobbing. 

My heart is so broken for them. I thought there were three outstanding parts of the show. One was after the African-American young lady had her abortion. Her boyfriend brought her out to dinner to make her “feel better” about her abortion. Good thinking... 

Anyway, they were at dinner and the girl starts saying how her abortion counselor had told her to “not think about it as a something with a forehead and 10 fingers and 10 toes. Just think about it as a mass of cells.” Then her boyfriend, trying to chime in and support that statement said something about how he had always encouraged her not to get attached to that “thing.” 

Then out came the truth. She didn’t like him calling it a “thing” because it wasn’t a “thing” to her. She said that it was her baby and it did have 10 fingers and 10 toes and it would have turned out just like the daughter they already had. 

Then, she said she wondered “if they had made the wrong decision.” She said she had already become attached to her baby and he would never understand what she was going through. So, there it was. The truth. The raw truth. Those counselor’s words sounded good, but they weren’t true to her. And now, she wondered if it was the right decision… too late. 

The second thing I really liked was the conversation they showed between the same couple. They were lying on their bed discussing what decision they were going to make. I liked it because it showed the real, unedited logic a woman in a crisis pregnancy will use to justify abortion. I think if pro-lifers have a better understanding by gaining more insight into the logic of these women, then we can have more understanding of how to penetrate through that logic. 

The third thing I liked was the woman they talked to for only a few minutes named, Katie. She quickly broke down after she began talking about her abortion, but that wasn’t what I liked. I liked that she said this, “For me having an abortion was a parenting decision.” 

She said she recognized her “fetus” as a baby and she thought the best decision as a parent would be to abort her baby. Now, this has left some people totally taken aback, but not me.  I am already familiar with the talking points. 

Right before I left, Planned Parenthood released some new talking points, one of them was about this exact topic; abortion being a “parenting decision.” Planned Parenthood says “Women choose abortion because they care about their family and their future family.” 

You see, Planned Parenthood had to wise up. The young people in the country have become smarter. The technology and science have advanced. We can no longer say that it is just a “mass of tissue.” Our young people know better, they can see better.

So, Planned Parenthood had to come up with something else… and this is it. They had to figure out a way to convince these women that it was better to kill their baby than to parent their baby. 

Unfortunately, many women have bought into that lie. Not because they really believe it, but because they are so desperate to hang on to something. They are in a crisis and Planned Parenthood is throwing them a life raft. What they don’t know is that life raft is going to deflate when they are right in the middle of the ocean, when they feel alone and helpless, and then Planned Parenthood won’t be there again. 

If you haven’t watched it, I encourage you to do so, if you can find it. The show originally aired on MTV called “No Easy Decision.” The episode doesn’t appear to be available for public viewing, but here’s an article from the Pro-Life Action League discussing the show.

There are so many people hurting from abortion. We can learn from shows like this where, unfortunately, they are exploited.