No comprende.

We used to have the hysterotomy, then came the saline abortion. Sometimes induced abortions were performed. Then, it changed to partial birth abortion. There were some other techniques in between those, but those were the main procedures used to abort babies past 18 weeks.  So, if those are gone, then what happens. I will tell you. 

If a woman desires to have a late-term abortion, she will need to go in for several appointments. One appointment consists of placing sterile seaweed sticks, called Laminaria, into her cervix. These sticks soak up the moisture in the cervix and cause slow dilation. 

During another visit, she is injected with a long needle into her amniotic sac. There are times where they actually hit the baby with the needle, sometimes they are only interested in getting the needle into the sa, it .just depends on the doctor.  Inside this needle is a medication called Digoxin, a heart medication used on adults to treat congestive heart failure and heart rhythm problems.

However, the child in the womb certainly couldn't benefit from a drug like that, right?  Of course not. In that long syringe, they have enough Digoxin to overdose a small child and that is the intent. The abortionist tells the woman that her child will die instantly, but they lie. Not surprising, right?

They couldn't tell her the truth; they couldn't possibly tell her that the child in her womb could possibly struggle and suffer in her womb for up to 48 hours or that she will feel her baby tossing and turning as he or she overdoses and eventually dies. No, that type of honesty is certainly not something the abortion industry likes to share with their patients, but that’s the reality.

The baby doesn't die quickly. It isn't instant. It is a struggle. It is pure torture, hours and hours of torture. Then after a couple of days, she will go back to the clinic, and they will confirm that her child has indeed overdosed on the medication and they will induce labor. She will deliver her child. 

Sometimes the children are intact. Sometimes they aren't. Since the woman can't really help push her baby out since she is usually sedated, the doctor will often have to pull the baby out with instruments. Sometimes the force will cause the baby's limbs to tear. Then it is over. The woman leaves with a huge bag full of medicine and the doctor never sees her again. 

So, does that sound like a good option to you?  It doesn't to me. If you know anything about partial birth abortion, that's not pretty either. If I am forced to compare the two, nothing makes my stomach turn more than the thought of a fully grown child fighting and struggling for its life, being tortured for up to 48 hours.

So, here's my question. Why would we fight against one terrible procedure just to ensure that another type of terrible procedure will be performed?  That doesn't make sense to me. It actually just doesn't make sense. I mean, are we saying that "if you are going to kill a 24 week old baby, you should really do it this way, not that way." 

Really?  That's what we want to say in the pro-life movement?  That's not what I want to say. I want to say all abortion is bad. I want to say no baby should die from abortion, regardless of their age. I want to say that all abortion procedures are terrible and barbaric. I will not pick and choose which abortion procedure is "better." They all end a life.