My moving feet

I don’t usually wear high heels. I don’t like bunions and I am not fond of back problems. I try to take good care of my feet because I use them every day. I use them much more now than I did two years ago and for much more important work.  I have never wanted a job where I sat behind a desk. 

When I worked at Planned Parenthood there wasn’t much sitting involved. I loved working with the patients. I liked walking around the clinic and working in different areas. I like to move around and be involved in my work. I could never work in a cubicle. I need to have constant interaction with people. I would wear out tennis shoes in just a few months when I worked at Planned Parenthood from walking around so much. 

Then, I made the most important walk ever; the walk over to the Coalition for Life. This is the walk that forever changed my life. It was the walk that changed me from a pro-abortion radical to a pro-life advocate. It was a short walk, but a huge step. I look at my feet and where they have been and where they go now, and I can’t believe the difference a couple of years makes. 

My shoes used to walk around an abortion clinic all day. They would walk in and out of rooms where I would coerce women into having abortions. They would walk into the recovery room, where I would console a young woman who just had an abortion. They would then walk out with a few tears on them. 

They would walk into an exam room where a woman was having an abortion. They would stand still and take the pressure of my feet bearing down on them as the patient gripped my hand to help alleviate her discomfort. They would walk out with a stain of blood on them.

They would walk into the front office at the end of the day so I could help count the thousands of dollars that we collected that day, from the death of children.

Then, they would walk very quickly out to my car. They would walk briskly past the people who are praying for the woman who wears these shoes. Those people who were praying didn’t know that one day those same shoes would end up in their own office. They didn’t know that one day those shoes and that woman would be standing out in that same grass with them, praying for the other women that walk around inside that abortion clinic. 

I didn’t know then that my feet would be walking in and out of pregnancy centers. I didn’t know that they would be standing and praying outside of abortion clinics. I didn’t know they would be standing on stages talking about my life inside the abortion industry. Yes, I am glad my feet helped take me across the street to the right side of the fence. I am glad my feet are planted on the side of life. 

The Bible talks about being the “hands and feet of Christ.” I can’t think of a better way to use those hands and feet that God has given us than saving the lives of the children He has created. Use your feet. Use your hands. Plant your feet outside of an abortion clinic. Pray for those workers who walk around those abortion clinics because you never know when those workers might plant their feet next to yours.