Money, Money, Money

Money, dinero, change, cash; all of these things are names for something that seems to keep this world moving.

While it is important to us normal citizens, it is even more important to Planned Parenthood. They desperately need it and their funds are under attack!! Today, the US House of Representatives voted to strip Planned Parenthood of government funding. This organization received just over $363 million dollars of our tax dollars last year.

Some people think they could survive without our tax dollars. Could they? No way. They NEED our money, yours and mine. They need it BAD!! Yes, they have famous actors and investors that support them, but do they support them to the tune of $363 million dollars? No.

Their biggest donor maxes out around $22 million. There is no way they could get to that huge number. They need us. We have to take this money away from them. It is simply a matter of us getting our hands dirty and moving to action.

The vote will now be in the Senate. Call your Senator, even if he is pro-life. Call him or her. Let them know that you want them to vote for LIFE!! Call several times! This type of grassroots effort makes the biggest difference.

I was talking to a legislator the other day and he was telling me how disappointed he was. He said that for every 1 pro-life call he got 30 pro-choice calls, and he lives in a very conservative district!

Come on!! Don't take this for granted. Get moving! This is our chance, our opportunity to defund the largest abortion chain in the country. Make something happen!!!