I have been receiving these emails from a friend of mine about a man who was on trial against Planned Parenthood. This guy went into a Planned Parenthood building that was under construction, blew a horn, and then walked out. 

Well, because he criminally trespassed, PP pressed charges on him and took him to court. Yes, there are a million "NO TRESPASSING" signs all over the PP grounds. This guy, we’ll call him Stan, recently had his day in court. My friend sent me an e-mail update about this guy saying that he was pleading not guilty. 

I was confused because I was certain that he did, in fact, criminally trespass onto their property and blow a horn, so how was he not guilty?  However, I decided to wait and see what his argument was going to be. Well, the day arrived and Stan found himself in court against PP. 

Stan read a piece of paper stating how abortion had robbed children of their rights and how PP was doing this every day, but did he trespass on to their property and blow a horn? Yes. Did he state that he did that? Yes. Was he still pleading not guilty? YES. Stay with me here...

As it turns out, Stan seems to be a nice guy and the judge is super pro-life. So, the judge decides to only give him probation because the judge thinks he is "such a nice guy." Plus, he sympathizes with his situation because he is also pro-life. My friend also tells me how there were so many lawyers and workers of the court who were there wearing pro-life garb such as bracelets and things like that. That couldn't have hurt Stan's cause. 

But is this right? I mean, the guy criminally and intentionally trespasses onto someone else's property and just because he's a nice guy and the judge values life, this guy basically walks a free man?  You may be wondering why I am not jumping for joy about this. Well, here's why. It isn’t fair. It isn’t justice. This is not what our judicial system is about. What if it were the other way around? 

Let's say you were the director of a pregnancy center and you were in the middle of constructing a beautiful new building. One day some pro-choice loon decides to trespass onto your property and stage some sort of demonstration right in the middle of your new, beautiful pregnancy center. You would be angry. You would, of course, press charges. You would go to court. 

You walk into court and everyone is wearing PP bracelets. You recognize the judge and he’s a well-known supporter of PP. He tells the court that he supports PP and a woman's right to choose and thinks the guy that trespassed is "such a nice guy" that he basically gets a slap on the wrist. You would be FURIOUS!!! That would not be a win. That would not be justice. We would want better. We would EXPECT better. 

That is exactly what has happened in this situation. I am not happy with this outcome because I believe that if you break the law, you deserve to suffer the consequences regardless of being pro-life or pro-choice. What this guy did is not right. It was a crime. I believe he deserves to pay for his action. 

I believe that if we are going to win this fight we must play by the rules, which means following the law, not breaking it. Don't people understand this is the reason people in the pro-choice movement call us lunatics. 

Going into a building a blowing a horn? Really? What has that done for the movement? This guy has broken the law. More fuel to their fire. Better to spend time volunteering for a pregnancy center or sidewalk counseling outside of an abortion clinic, not trespassing onto Planned Parenthood property.