I just finished reading a book by Francine Rivers called “The Atonement Child.” It’s an amazing book and I encourage everyone to read it. It stirred up some thoughts about the way we handled babies who had been conceived in rape in the abortion clinic during my time working there.

Disclaimer: This post is probably going to contain some unpleasant information, but I just wanted to share it.

When a woman is raped, the police can use the fetal tissue for DNA. In most rape cases, we would be asked to draw two tubes of the mother’s blood and collect the “products of conception” after the abortion. All of this has to be kept in a very strict “chain of custody.”

So, if I was in charge, I would draw the woman’s blood before the abortion, put the tubes in a “chain of custody” bag, fill out the information on the bag, seal it up and put it in the refrigerator. Then, when she went in to the room for the abortion, I would accompany her into the room, stand by the suction machine and wait for the procedure to be completed. The jar with the “products of conception” would then be handed to me and I would take the jar into the lab.

Then, I would “float” the “products of conception” in a Pyrex dish. “Floating” is the process of dumping all of the contents into a kitchen strainer and using a sprayer to wash all of the blood, as well as additional tissue away from the “product of conception.” Then, to “float” the tissue, you spray a little water into the Pyrex dish and dump the remaining tissue into the dish, the tissue actually floats. Then, you will be able to reassemble the fetal parts.

After all of the parts were reassembled and accounted for, I would gather them up and put them in a sterile cup, ensuring to be careful so that everything went into that cup and that I hadn’t left anything behind. I would close the cup, put it in the “chain of custody” bag, fill out the info on the bag, seal it up, and carefully put the bag in the freezer.

Usually, the police department would come and pick up the blood tubes and frozen tissue the next day. They would have us fill out a form to ensure the “chain of custody” had not been broken. We would carefully pack the items into a Styrofoam cooler with an ice pack and send them off with the officer.

I realize now how strange that was. These are the rape conceived children. These are the “exceptions.” These are the ones that the pro-lifers can excuse, right? But, we took such good care of them in the abortion industry. It seems ironic that so many in the pro-life movement can justify the death of children conceived in rape, but the abortion industry does their best to protect their remains. It’s strange. I just wanted to give you something to think about.