I think a hug is in order

I mean, at least a thank you card.  After all, Planned Parenthood called their clinic manager, Amy Woodruff’s behavior “repugnant.” Wouldn’t they WANT to get rid of a “repugnant” employee?? 

I think Live Action deserves a thank you. In fact, if I still worked for Planned Parenthood media, that is exactly how I would recommend they frame their response. But, they won’t. 

Planned Parenthood can’t admit fault. And, it wasn’t just one employee. Now, Live Action has released 5 videos concerning sex trafficking of minors. Not one of the employees in these videos even batted an eye. They never said they would have to report the activity. 

Shouldn’t Planned Parenthood be thankful that Live Action brought these “bad apples” to their attention?  What’s interesting is that Planned Parenthood actually has “mystery callers” and “mystery shoppers.” They evaluate the employees and how well they provide and offer Planned Parenthood services. 

I guess they must have missed all of these clinics. Maybe Planned Parenthood should just hire Live Action!! I’m sure they would happily clean house!!

To view all of the videos, please visit Live Action.