I don't practice Santaria

There a chance this post might rile up some people, that’s okay with me. This needs to get out there. There is an organization called the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Go check it out when you are finished reading this.

There are many churches that contribute to the RCRC. The RCRC helps “religious women” pay for abortions. People need to know about this so they can stand up against it. There are a couple of denominations that support the RCRC that some of you, as pro-lifers, might belong to. You need to know where your tithe is going. You need to know if you are helping women obtain abortions.

It is probably no surprise, but one of the largest donors to the RCRC is the Episcopal Church. They are a pro-choice church and help many women obtain abortions through the RCRC. Many Episcopal Priests sit on the board of “Clergy for Choice” and some sit on the advisory board for RCRC.

Probably one that is hardest for most people to swallow is the United Methodist Church. I admit, it is hard for me, too. I have family members that are part of this church, but it is what it is. If you tithe to the UMC, you are helping women obtain abortions. That’s just the fact. For me, this is totally inexcusable.

I have heard people say, “well, the UMC has a few people at the national level that make this decision. There’s nothing we can do about it.” I say that’s absolutely RIDICULOUS!! You can absolutely do something about it! You can take a stand against it!!

If all of a sudden the Catholic Church said, “Hey, we have decided as a Church we are going to start funding abortions,” I would say, “See ya later!” How can people who are pro-life justify this? I don’t know. However, if you are Methodist, you need to stand up against this.

This is not right. I don’t care who makes the decisions. There are 8 million Methodists. Do something! Use your voice! How can you put your check in the offering plate with a clean conscience? I wouldn’t be able to. I know this may offend some people, but seriously?

Abortion has invaded our Christian culture. We have need to stand up and do something about it! 78 percent of women obtaining abortions are Christian! Why? Well, one reason is because some of our churches are saying this is okay!!! It’s not okay and we need to say just that. We need to work together to get abortion out of our churches.