House of Cards

People have asked me about my own insight about these recent videos published by Live Action. This is the first time I have had a chance to sit down and write out my thoughts since the release of the videos. 

When Lila told me about the videos she was planning on releasing, my mind immediately went to a woman I knew well from the clinic. We will call her Sara. Sara was a young woman, not a minor at the time, who had gone into the sex industry. 

She had once been a beautiful woman on the outside. Her body had once not been ridden with disease. She once had a bright future ahead of her. She had siblings who were also our clients, they were not in this industry. 

She was on birth control, and her family would have to hunt her down on the streets to bring her in to make sure she was continuing her birth control correctly. It seemed that every time she came into the clinic, we had to treat her for another infection. 

She had become pregnant from one of her “customers” and miraculously, had chosen life for her child. However, because of the many viral sexually transmitted diseases she carried, her child was born with multiple birth problems. Her child lives with her mother. 

I remember her coming into the clinic and feeling terrible for her. I remember wanting to help her, wishing she would just get out of that industry. But, did I offer her a way out? No. Did I ever report this to the police? No. 

I remember her telling me one time that she began her life in the sex industry when she was a teenager. Did I do anything about this? No. I was the bad guy. I wanted to help her, but I didn’t. 

I remember one particular time when she came in with her pimp. I was furious. I couldn’t believe he actually had the nerve to show up in our clinic. I didn’t take her back for her appointment, but the employee who did told me later that her pimp had forced her to come in.  He wanted her to get a more permanent birth control method because he was tired of her having to come in so often to get birth control. 

At the time I thought “it’s a good thing that she comes in, otherwise she would walk around forever with those infections!” There we were. We had Sara’s pimp right there in the palm of our hand. And what did we do? We let her walk out the door with him. 

We inserted a long-term method that day, per her pimp’s request. We treated her, yet again, for a sexually transmitted infection and sent her on her way. We never saw her again. I thought about her frequently. 

When I would drive through the “bad” part of town, I would search for her on the street. I don’t know what happened to Sara. But I do know that I could have done my part to protect her. I failed her. 

I am not proud to tell you this, but, I think it’s necessary. You need to know that what you see in these videos presented by Live Action is not a rare occurrence. It happens every day in some Planned Parenthood clinic in this country. 

Pimps are sending their workers into the arms of Planned Parenthood. Why? Planned Parenthood is safe. I don’t mean safe in a good way, but in the worst way. It is safe for the pimp and dangerous for the women. 

Planned Parenthood touts the line that they want to “keep women safe.” Well, is that only certain women? We know they don’t care about females in the womb. We know they don’t care about women who have complications from an abortion. We know they don’t care about minors who are being abused by grown men. 

Now we have to add in women who work in the sex industry. So, who are these women that Planned Parenthood wants to keep safe? The group keeps getting smaller and smaller. 

You may wonder if Sara was the only prostitute to walk into our clinic. No. There were many others. Did we report any of those? No. But, we actually had a relationship with Sara. We considered ourselves to “care” about her. If that is caring for someone, then we needed a better definition.

I still wonder about her. I pray that she is well. However, somewhere in my heart, I know she is not. I could have stopped that. We could have stopped that. Planned Parenthood could have stopped that. We didn’t. We didn’t “care.” We caused harm. 

Planned Parenthood is harmful to these women. They are harmful to all women. Don’t let this go unnoticed. Please send these videos to everyone you know. Share the truth.  Share