I get most of my makeup from Sephora. I am absolutely addicted to that store. Last time I went in, I needed some suggestions on a product I was using. The makeup artist on duty was a guy…who wore more makeup than I did. Anyway, I noticed a couple of women pass by and then whisper, obviously about his appearance. It kind of made me think about how we build up these gender biases and how they came about. Why pink for girls and blue for boys? Why is it acceptable for girls to wear makeup to improve their appearance or to hide a pimple, but a boy is just stuck with their face exposed even if a little concealer could possibly help their appearance? How did dresses become a thing that only women wear? Why are women supposed to be prim and proper, but it is acceptable for men to just “let it all hang out?” If women have multiple sex partners they are considered promiscuous, but if men do the same they are considered more manly. How did these things happen? How did they evolve? I know the easy answer is just “societal norms.” But these things had to transpire over a long period of time. Another question…how did curse words become curse words? How did people decide which words were going to be “bad?” And who decided that??? Curse words are a weird concept to me. I mean, they are just words like any other words…but some words are bad?? I mean, of course taking the Lord’s name is vain is bad. But calling a pile of poop by another name…is that really bad? Who decided that? Just a question. I have always wanted to know the history of curse words. Maybe I need to Wikipedia that.  Anyway, back to the man makeup. I kind of feel bad for guys. You know, if I have a blemish, I can easily cover it up…no one knows. But guys, no can do. They wear concealer, and all of a sudden, they are compared to women. Why can’t a guy cover up a pimple? Who decided makeup is only for women? Look, I am not saying I want my husband and I to share lipstick or anything…  Just wondering where all of these gender roles came from. I know this day in age they are continuing to blur and change. Some of them I don’t mind. I like a man in pink! Two days ago we got a great answer from our attorney general in Texas! We had requested opinions on a couple of abortion questions. We got the answers we wanted. One was whether RU-486 (medication abortion) was in fact an abortion. I know it is hard to believe, but some Planned Parenthood centers were actually trying to claim that they DIDN’T KNOW that a medication abortion was an abortion. WHAT???? I know that is crazy, but that really is what happened. So, we got a favorable ruling on that. Also, we had asked a question about informed consent. Currently, the abortion industry performs their “informed consent” via a recorded message. I don’t know about you, but anytime I have had surgery, I have always been able to ask my physician questions while I am consenting to surgery. Well, Planned Parenthood doesn’t follow those rules. What is funny about this is that even in the textbook Planned Parenthood loves, authored by the National Abortion Federation, states that informed consent needs to be a DIALOGUE between doctor and patient. Clearly, a recorded message would not fit into that category. So now, because of this ruling, PP’s style is really going to be cramped. They are going to have to actually perform informed consent over the phone. The physician is going to have to answer the patient’s questions…amazing. The doctor is actually going to have to take time for the patient. What a concept. Honestly, I don’t know how some centers are going to pull it off. It is not ideal, but it is a start. We would rather it be a face to face consult, but this is definitely better than the message. One step at a time! One baby at a time!!!!