Did Somebody Say Steak?

Animal Rights vs. Human Rights. This is really a debate? Seriously? I love it when we are about to have an event and PETA calls to get a statement. They always say, “If you are pro-life, then why do you eat animals.” 

What I find ironic about that is, undoubtedly, ALL of them are pro-choice!!!! So, my question is, “If you are against killing animals, then why do you believe it is okay to kill children during abortion?” I just don’t get it. I don’t understand how someone can actually think that a chicken can have the same “rights” as a person. I mean, am I missing something here?!?! 

Without a doubt, I believe in the humane treatment of animals. Almost all of our animals have come from the shelter and I do believe that animals deserve to be protected, but, do I think they deserve the same “rights” as humans???  No, of course not. They are not humans! 

Have we become so dumb as a culture that we don’t even know what things are anymore? If I showed you a banana, I think most of you would be able to say, “That is a banana,”  right?  Okay, if I show you a frog, I think most everyone would be able to say, “That is a frog.”  Now, are a banana and a frog the same thing?  I hope you would say no. 

You would say no because we are all smart enough to know what things are. We know that a dog is a dog and a person is a person. How have we arrived at this point where things are so backwards? Dogs do not deserve the same rights as people because THEY ARE NOT PEOPLE!  They do not have the use of reason, so they cannot choose right or wrong the way a human is able to, so they lack the dignity that human life has.

I just don’t even understand the argument here. I recently saw an ad that had Pam Anderson on it. She was dressed, or not really dressed, in a bikini and she was drawn on like you would quarter out a piece of beef. Well, my first thought was, there is just not enough fat there for any good quality meat. :) 

My second thought was, I don’t think silicone is edible. My third thought was, what in the world does this have to do with eating beef? I see what they were trying to do, but the bottom line is that cows aren’t people. Cows are here so we can sustain ourselves. 

What else would we do with them?  I don’t think they would make very good pets. They would be rather difficult to litter train. I believe that animals were put here for us, but many people don’t want to believe that. 

Well, those would be the people that believe we are equal with animals. But, if that is not the reason they are here, then why else are they here? Just to make us happy? I don’t think so. 

Well, all of this talk about food has made me hungry. I think I will go have a steak.