Dallas Days and Fort Worth Nights

I haven't really been in Fort Worth...I just like that song by Chris LeDoux.  I have been in Dallas for the past several days.  I feel like I should have an apartment here.  I really like it here in Dallas.  But I don't think it is anywhere I would want to live...too many people.  However, I like all of the people that I meet! :)  I go home tomorrow.  I will have a few days at home until I leave for Illinois on Thursday. 

Yesterday I saw a truck with filled with packing peanuts.  I kind of laughed because I never thought about transporting packing peanuts.  It would actually be a great way to smuggle things.  I mean, packing peanuts weigh nothing.  So, you could put stuff at the bottom...who in the world is going to dive into the bottom of a huge bag of packing peanuts???  You would NEVER be able to get those things off of you!  What is it with those things having so much static in them anyway?

I got to be at an event with Sarah Palin on Friday...while it is neat to be around famous people, it is even cooler to be around all of the people who are directly involved in any sort of pro-life ministry.  As cool as Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly and all of these other people are...you all are the ones who are out there, feet on the ground, saving lives.  That is the coolest and most inspiring thing.  It is such an honor to know all of you! 

Hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend.  It is the beginning of a new week.  Let's all make it count!