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Walk for Life 2011 - Abby Johnson

Walk for Life 2011 - Abby Johnson Interview

San Francisco is pro-choice?? Really? This is one of the chants I heard while at the West Coast Walk for Life. There was an estimated 40,000 people, at least, who joined their hearts and voices in honor of the unborn on January 22, 2011. This day marked the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

This was my second time attending the WCWFL. I am always so blessed by the spirit and enthusiasm of the crowd. I am always so encouraged by the attendance of the crowd; it gets bigger and bigger every year. It also makes me feel frustrated for my own state.

When people think of the liberal state in our country, they probably immediately think of California. It is generally a place that doesn’t stand for traditional family values. However, when I look out into this San Francisco crowd, I see 40,000 people who are ready to stand up and do something for this movement.

When I’m there, I see people who are more than just talk. I see people who believe that women deserve better than abortion. I look out and feel encouraged.

Take my state for instance. Texas. Texas would be considered a conservative state. Yet, we are lucky if 5,000 people show up for our state walk. I mean, what is going on here? Do we just feel like we voted for the right people so that is enough? It’s not enough.

We can’t count on our legislators to end abortion. We must do our part, too. Why the complacency? Why no sense of urgency from so many pro-lifers? While we are busy being complacent, children are dying every day.

I pray that pro-lifers will feel that urgency in their soul. I pray they will feel compelled to “take up their cross” and get involved in this movement. I pray they will go to the clinics, get involved in pregnancy resource centers, do SOMETHING!! If California, the most liberal state in our nation, can do it, then so can we.