Is blogging for me?

Well, I am finally going to do it. I’m going to take the plunge with blogging. Everyone kept asking me to, so I figured I would try it out. I’m not particularly in love with writing, so we will have to wait and see how this goes! I’m guessing most of my thoughts on here will be pretty scattered. That’s how I think most of the time. 

I’m not really sure where to start with this blog. Life has been really different for me lately!  So much can happen in a year, so much has happened. This time last year, I was getting ready to attend the National Abortion Federation (NAF) conference in Oregon. This year, I’m blogging on pro-life issues. God is amazing. 

I recently finished reading The Shack.  If you haven't, you should. I would have to say that book has really changed my spiritual life. Not like this hasn't been a time for radical change or anything for me already, but really, it’s an amazing book. So, read it. That’s my book choice of the month. Haha! Now, I may have to keep that up! The whole, choosing a "book of the month”  

Tomorrow, I’m going to be sidewalk counseling outside of my former place of employment. It’s not my first time, but every time I go, I’m reminded of the deep sadness that lingers over that place. I’m reminded of the tension, the broken friendships, and, of course, all the lives lost. 

I don't know if anyone ever becomes comfortable being on the sidewalk outside of an abortion clinic, I really hope not. I hope it doesn't ever feel "normal" to me. I hope I will always feel uneasy about it. When I feel uncomfortable, I’m reminded just how much I need Christ. So, I don't ever want to lose that when I’m witnessing to people who are despairing, as if there’s no hope. 

Today, I appeared on the Scott Hennen show and I feel pretty yucky about it. I was scheduled to talk with Alan Colmes. You may remember him from Hannity and Colmes, now it’s just Hannity. 

Well, I thought that it would just be a discussion between myself and Alan, but it turned out to be something entirely different. There were actually FIVE pro-life activists "ganging up" on Alan. I didn't like that. I actually have a lot of respect for Alan Colmes. We agree on a lot of policy, abortion just happens to not be one of those things. 

Anyway, I felt terrible about the whole thing, so I decided to send Alan a message. I needed some atonement from Alan Colmes. Well, he responded with the nicest message. I feel better about what happened. 

I keep saying I will learn from all of these media traps I keep finding myself in, but I don't seem to be doing a very good job at "learning." I have a love/hate relationship with the media. It's just not my goal. My goal is to be on the front lines of this abortion issue. I want to be out there sidewalk counseling with all of you. I want to encounter the same troubles you have with opposition and then work to help all of you deal with those struggles. 

Media seems like a necessary problem. Sometimes it’s really great. I’m primarily talking about the secular media. 

I guess this will end my first official post. I can't say there was anything of substance in here, just my thoughts on the day. It's kind of like typing therapy. Maybe this blogging thing won't be so bad.