Blogging Fail

I realize that I’ve been a huge slacker with blogging. There is so much I would love to be able to share with you. I will have to do it a little bit at a time because I’m playing catch up. 

Anyway, for New Year’s this year, my husband and I went to Disney World, and it was amazing. Yes, we went without our beautiful daughter. Yes, we felt guilty almost the whole time. Yes, we brought her back so many gifts that we had to buy another bag to fly them back. We called them “guilt gifts.” However, we are taking her next year for her 5th birthday, so we aren’t all that terrible. 

While we were there we experienced one of the coolest things that happened by total happenstance. We were in Epcot and had just finished with dinner at the Japanese restaurant. In Epcot, Japan is right next to the U.S. area. 

As we were walking around, we heard this beautiful chorus and saw that the stage was also lit up beautifully. They were singing Christmas songs. We asked one of the workers when the show had started and he said that it had just begun and we could still get in. So, we walked around to the entrance and they escorted us to our seats. 

Marley Matlin was narrating the Christmas story from the Bible in American Sign Language. There were probably about 300 people on stage singing these songs about the birth of Christ. Two-thirds of them were high school students. There were hundreds of people in the audience. I have never been so moved by music in my whole life. I had tears streaming down my face the entire time because of how it beautiful it was. 

Sitting there during that performance, I realized that God was in that place. I realized that it was actually not a show or a performance at all. It was a time of witness. A time for people to experience God; people who maybe have never experienced Him before. It was so awesome. 

I realized how cool it was for that to happen at a place like Disney World. Disney is a place where people come from all over the world with so many different cultures and beliefs. People who NEED to hear the truth of Christ. And there we were in the midst of hundreds of people, listening to such a powerful message of Christ. Amazing. 

Then, I started to think of something else. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Disney decided they would take out all of this “tolerance” crap and actually become a Christian organization?? I mean, it will probably never happen, but wouldn’t it be totally awesome???? 

People wouldn’t stop going to Disney!! They would continue to come, every year, by the millions! And all of them would be exposed to the truth of Christ. Wow! I can’t even imagine what sort of impact that would have on our world.  That was just a vision I had, a wonderful thought.  

There were two things that REALLY impressed me when we were at Disney. 

The first, was when we spent one day in Hollywood Studios at Disney. I was so impressed to see a huge nativity scene when you walked through the park and also during the lights show at night; they had a lighted nativity scene at the front of the lights show. I was shocked to see it, but very happy!! Also, no one seemed shy to say Merry Christmas or anything like that. I didn’t hear any “holiday” talk. 

The second, I was so excited to see the accommodations they made for people with special needs. It was beautiful to see so many adults and children getting to experience Disney without stress. It was great. 

We actually talked to a family who had a child with Down’s Syndrome. He is 6 years old. His mother kept talking about how wonderful everyone treated her son at Disney while they were there. She said they bent over backwards to make sure that her son had the very best time while he was there. That was so good to hear. 

Anyway, we counted down the New Year in Hollywood Studios which was awesome. It was great to be in a place with a ton of people from all over the world and with so many families. There was no drunk and disorderly conduct or anything like that. It was great. 

If you guys haven’t ever experienced the “magic” of Disney, I hope that you get to one day. It truly is like nowhere else on earth.