Bitter Pill.

I want a better life for my daughter. I don’t want my daughter to get sucked into the world of Planned Parenthood, the world of the “women’s reproductive movement,” the idea that abortion is acceptable. I want her to know that abortion is evil. I want her to know with 100% certainty that Planned Parenthood is intrinsically evil, regardless of what “good” they are doing. 

Not only do I want her to KNOW it, but I want her to DEFEND it. I am raising a pro-life apologist, something I was not. I do not want to raise a statistic. I want to raise a strong, independent, young woman who is proud to identify as a feminist and pro-life. 

If I want that for my child, should I start teaching her about the benefits of “reproductive choice” while she is still in grade school?  Should I have her go to camps that are partnered with and sponsored by Planned Parenthood? Should I allow her to spend her allowance money on items and treasures that will go toward Planned Parenthood? No, of course not. That wouldn’t make sense. That would go against everything I just stated previously. 

Well, guess what, my friends? If your beautiful girls are in the Girls Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA), that’s exactly what you are doing. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. 

Nobody loves brochures more than Planned Parenthood. I mean, they have a brochure for everything! You can go out and save the world if you will just take a few dozen of their beautifully branded brochures, of course, you can’t find any information on adoption, prenatal care or fetal development, but I digress. 

I will never forget the first time I saw a GSUSA logo on the back of one of our brochures. We had just received a new shipment of life-changing (blah) brochures in the mail. I flipped them over and there it was, Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Surely this was a brochure about being sexually abstinent or about keeping yourself safe from violence, right? Nope. 

It was about “how to know you are ready for sex.” Really? Girl Scouts? “Do Girl Scouts have sex?,” I immediately thought  They are supposed to be selling cookies, not having sex. Wow. So this is where that cookie money goes. I didn’t think much about it at the time. I was, of course, glad to see the collaboration, but now it makes me sick. 

When I left Planned Parenthood, I started to really look into this more carefully. Did the connection do even deeper? I couldn’t believe what I discovered. I saw a video clip on a morning show of the President of GSUSA stating that they had a “longstanding relationship with Planned Parenthood.”  Really?  Then, why weren’t we talking about it??? 

Soon after, I found out that some of us were taking about it. I started meeting different people who were very passionate about this issue. Many of them had been leaders and some had even pulled their girls out of GSUSA. 

They had seen, first hand, the corruption inside of GSUSA. They had seen the partnership between Planned Parenthood and GSUSA. So, I had to ask, why this wasn’t a bigger deal. It turns out that they were getting a lot of pushback, but they were only speaking the truth! Who doesn’t want to hear the truth?? You know who their biggest opposition is? Churches. 

I would like to say that I am surprised, but honestly, I’m not. Apathy runs rampant in our churches. It seems to hurt a little more when the Church is complicit with the mission of Planned Parenthood and their mission. How is it that when a member(s) of a church bring evidence to their clergy that a group their church supports is supporting Planned Parenthood, that clergy member refuses to pull support and actually continues to support the program without hesitation?? 

So, we aren’t pro-life? So, our church does support Planned Parenthood? So, our church does support the abortion agenda?  So, our church doesn’t believe in teaching our children to respect their bodies and remain abstinent until marriage? If our churches support Girl Scouts in ANY way, that is EXACTLY what we are saying. 

Some may say “well, we have a really great Girl Scout group here and it is run by wonderful Christian women and none of that funny business happens with our girls.” Okay. Go here with me for a minute…

There is a Planned Parenthood clinic in Nowhere, Texas.  They don’t perform any sort of abortion services. They only provide annual exams, testing, birth control, and counseling.  Oh, and the women there are just the sweetest! In fact, one of them goes to a church you know right down the street.  She’s even in the same Bible study class with a friend of yours. 

Your friend says she is just fantastic. And wouldn’t you know, it’s really okay she works at Planned Parenthood because they don’t actually DO the abortions at her location. They are just helping women at her center. Actually, the worker there, she doesn’t even really care for abortion.  I mean, really, as long as she isn’t doing abortions and that center doesn’t do abortions, Planned Parenthood is really an asset to the community! 

Now that you think about it, ANY Planned Parenthood that doesn’t provide abortions is really okay. We should just work to shut down the ones that actually DO the abortion procedures. Yeah, that’s a better idea. 

So, that’s what we think, right?  NO, NO, NO!!!  We don’t think that!  We don’t just want some Planned Parenthood centers to close down, we want them ALL to go! Why? The organization as a whole promotes abortion. It’s the same thing with GSUSA. GSUSA, as a whole, promotes Planned Parenthood. 

Is it a hard pill to swallow? Yes. Does it taste bad as it goes down? Yep. No one loves thin mints more than me, but there are no more Girl Scout cookies in this house. My daughter will not be a part of GSUSA. I will not support any curriculum that supports GSUSA. 

Guys, these are our children!! Our kids, who are young and impressionable, and vulnerable. Why take the chance? Be courageous. Take a stand.  e a leader for your children. Be a leader in your church. Stand up for our girls. Stand up for their true rights, for their true self-worth. Be a true role model. Show your children what it means to do the RIGHT thing, even when no one else is courageous enough to step up to the plate. 

Is it easy to go against the main stream? Nope. It is usually not easy to do the right thing, but doing the right thing is the will of God. I will pick God over the easy thing any day. 

You know what else?  There is an alternative, there are many actually, to GSUSA. There is an amazing group called American Heritage Girls.  They are an actual scouting group and they stand up for Christian principles and doing the right thing. How refreshing! For more information about getting your young one signed up or starting your own chapter, go to the American Heritage Girls

I also want you to know that I am not simply giving out my opinion here. GSUSA is linked to Planned Parenthood. There are many groups that are now dedicating their lives to spreading this information. One of the best websites out there with ONLY facts is Girl Scouts, Why Not?.

One of the women that run the website was a GSUSA leader for many years. After she learned the truth about the GSUSA-PP connection, she resigned and pulled her daughter out of the group. She and her family now dedicate their lives to getting the truth out about this terrible connection. 

Has it been easy? No, but she says after she left, it was one of the most “freeing feelings” she has ever felt, just doing the right thing. There is so much awesome information on their website. You really need to spend some time checking it all out, reading all of the information posted, clicking all of the links. You will not be sorry. 

If you care about our next generation, then spread this message. Send out the website, We say we want better for our kids and our grandchildren, now it’s your turn to make a difference.