"Ask them what they mean by CHOICE" Blog Day

Today, many, many, pro-life bloggers are typing away. We are on Twitter, Facebook, and even on our own blogs trying to ask pro-choice supporters the question of what exactly does CHOICE mean?? 

We are still waiting to receive a good answer. They can't seem to just say, "Well, "choice" is deciding to murder your unborn child." Why won't they just say it? Do you know how much more credible they would sound?  Why tippy-toe around it?? 

There was one time I spoke with a guy that said, “Yes. I know it's murder, but I'm okay with that.” At least he was honest about what’s taking place. Planned Parenthood won't be honest. They keep hiding behind "choice." I wonder... who gave these babies a choice? 

(Warning - graphic images)