And Then There Were None.

There are messages that Planned Parenthood tells their employees constantly, and I heard those messages for eight years.

“Pro-lifers are only out to harm you and your families.”

“Make sure you don’t take the same route home every day from work. A pro-lifer could be following you home.”

“The goal of the pro-life movement is to stop abortion at all costs, even blowing up our clinics.”

“Pro-lifers don’t care about people in the clinic. They are only out there to make themselves feel good.”

“All pro-lifers are the same. The ones that shoot doctors are the same ones that pray outside of your clinics.”

“Don’t go to the clinic alone. There could be a pro-lifer hiding out, waiting to attack you when no one is looking.”

“Pro-lifers HATE you. They would never want to help someone that works in the abortion industry.”

“If you don’t have one, you should probably get an alarm system on your house. You never know what those pro-lifers could do to you and your family.”

“Pro-lifers are hoping you will lose your job and you won’t have any money. They think you should be punished.”

“When pro-lifers pray for you, they are praying you go to hell.”

“You will never find another job outside of this clinic. No one wants to hire someone that has helped with abortion.”

Does this make pro-life advocates sound very inviting?

Is there any truth to some of these statements? Yes. Are some “pro-lifers” violent? Yes. Do some “pro-lifers” shoot doctors and clinic workers? Yes. Do some pro-lifers yell out hateful things to clinic workers and women going into the clinics? Yes. Do some pro-lifers harass clinic workers at home? Yes. Do some “pro-lifers” wish death and hell on clinic workers? Yes.

However, is it the majority of pro-life advocates? No, it isn’t. I would, of course, argue that the people who engage in that type of behavior are not really “pro-life”. However, that is for another post.

Pro-lifers can certainly seem like a scary bunch of folks to people who work inside the walls of the clinics. Keep in mind that the way pro-life advocates are presented to the clinic staff is intentional.

So, would these workers ever come to a pro-lifer and ask for help? Yes. That’s what I did. For what reason would they turn to pro-lifers? They must seem so scary to them.

First, we have to remain hopeful that the pro-lifers they turned to did not fall into the pro-life stereotype that the abortion industry tries so hard to peg on all of us. Second, these workers have nowhere else to go. They have no one else they can trust. They find themselves having to trust the unknown. Scary.

When a clinic worker does decide to leave the abortion industry it’s usually because they suddenly realize that they have been living, believing, and speaking a lie. They have been betrayed. They have betrayed others. It’s a terrible feeling. I can’t think of any feeling that is worse.

You thought you were the good guy, only to discover that you were the enemy the entire time. So, these workers now have to put their trust in a group of people, the pro-lifers, who they were led to believe, over and over again, were their enemy. The first step is a leap of faith, reaching out to ask for help.

Hopefully, they find a group of pro-lifers that are ready and willing to help. Hopefully, this group of pro-lifers will get them in contact with people who can help them get a job, get them on the pathway to spiritual and emotional healing, or get them in contact with someone who can help.

The clinic workers biggest fear is money. How will they be able to support their family? How will they be able to pay their mortgage, buy groceries, pay doctor bills, pay for utilities? These are incredibly real issues that must be addressed because that’s a problem they will immediately face.

It is incredibly unfair for the pro-life movement to say things like, “just take a leap of faith and God will provide for you.” Really? Most hardcore Christians I know wouldn’t take that sort of leap. However, you’re asking someone who is probably new to the concept of God to take that kind of leap. Not fair. Quite honestly, it’s kind of irresponsible.

They do need to have a backup plan in place. You can’t just jump without a safety net. That would be foolish. If you had never walked a tightrope before, you would want a net underneath you, right? Well, these people have never, or have not in a long time, walked with God. They need a net under them.

Here’s where the problem comes. There is no net. There is actually nothing for clinic workers. No ministry. Nothing. We have hundreds of ministries for women who have had abortion’s, we have pregnancy centers, but nothing for those that have actually been inside the clinics themselves.

That is changing.

I have known since I left Planned Parenthood that I was supposed to reach out to clinic workers, I just didn’t know how. Now I do. I am starting a ministry for them. It is called, “And Then There Were None.”

This ministry will focus on providing a safe place for clinic workers to land if they decide to leave their jobs. It will be a place to safely share, to heal, and to find courage. And we are not simply waiting for them to come to us, we are pro-actively reaching out to them. These workers did not grow up wanting this for their lives. We can help change that.

Right now, I am in the early stages. We are working on our website. We are building our strategic plan. We are looking for donors. It is not always easy to convince people to give to a ministry where you may never meet the people you help. You may never know their names. You may never see them face to face. However, your support is saving them. It’s saving them from a road of darkness, of pure evil. Your support is bringing them into hope.

Planned Parenthood is terrified of former abortion workers. They are terrified of their own, the defectors. We are called, “Traitors.” We have betrayed women in the worst way, they say. But, we know better. We have heard the truth, and we have followed a path that we didn’t even know we had the courage to walk. They call us names because they fear us, and they should.

We become strong warriors for life. We have seen the ugliest side of this movement of “choice.” And, most of the time, we want to talk. And when we talk, people want to listen. Yes, abortion industry, be scared. Be scared of what we will expose about you. Be scared of the truth. The truth is what will bring you down.

I am asking all of you reading this to please pray for those still working in this evil industry. Pray that they will be touched by truth. Pray that they will find a place to turn and that they will be embraced by the love of Christ. Pray that they find the peace and joy that only He can bring.