A Comprehensive Look at Contraception

I wrote a series of articles about contraception that I encourage all of you to read. They may challenge you. I hope they do. Prolifers need to know that contraception is NOT okay. You can NOT say that you believe that life begins at conception and then support the use of hormonal methods. You can read more about hormonal birth control here

The second article discusses the idea that has been sold to women for so long, which is that hormonal birth control is the only way to "fix" our reproductive problems such as endometriosis, PCOS, and others. What we’re told is healthy is actually breaking us. Hormonal birth control doesn't fix anything. Read more on this issue here.

The third article talks about the physical side effects that occur due to birth control, and as sad as it is to say these side effects can be deadly. Follow the link for more information here.

Many times, we hear that contraception reduces abortion. However, the fourth article actually shows that to be a contradiction to what we are told. For more information click here.