Miscarriage Management

Protocols. We had many at Planned Parenthood.  Protocols on billing, customer service, client donations, medical services, counseling…you name it, we had a protocol for it. It was my job as clinic director to know them all. And, I did. None of the protocols were all that interesting. Well, none of them…but one. Buried at the back [...]

This Is Safe Abortion

We talk about “safe abortion.”  I have attached a complaint below by a woman who has now lost her fertility because of a “safe and legal abortion” committed by Dr. Douglas Karpen.  I would love to tell you that this type of complication is rare, but it is not.  I watched women almost bleed to [...]

Texas Sized Victory!

I never thought I would get such a huge blessing on Halloween…but I did. We found out on October 31st that all four parts of the Texas prolife omnibus bill will go into effect as planned. Here are the components: 1. Any physician committing abortion must have privileges at a hospital within a 30 mile [...]


The true story of a former Planned Parenthood director's courageous choice in favor of life.