Healing in Public

My story of healing is not an ideal one. Less than a month after I left the abortion industry, my face was on national news. It was like being shot out of a cannon. No time to grieve. No time to reflect. No time to just be alone. The only lucky break I got was [...]

All the pro-life facts about hormonal contraception (that you probably don’t want to hear) – Part I

Contraception I’m just going to go ahead and let you know that this article is going to probably anger a lot of people. But I am a truth teller, and sometimes truth hurts. And as pro-lifers, this is information that we simply can’t ignore…no matter how much it affects our current lifestyle. This is the [...]

I was willing to go to hell for legal abortion…and then I saw one.

Every day, I took the same route to my house from the Planned Parenthood facility I managed. The marshals that came to provide “safety training” for us once a year recommended we change up our route home. They came to warn us about how dangerous the pro-lifers were outside our facility. Ha. “You never want [...]