This is precisely how a late abortion is performed: now, tell me about the ‘right to choose’

“The woman is usually given sedation so that she is unconscious during the actual abortion. The nurses and technicians will physically push on her belly to help the physician pull the pieces of the baby out.” To read more of this article, please visit   *All replications of this article must be attributed to [...]

I am proudly a no-exceptions pro-lifer. But I wasn’t always.

Here’s my latest article put out by LifeSiteNews. “I am proudly a no-exceptions pro-lifer. But I haven’t always been. Admittedly, I used to accept the rape/incest exception. My opinion began to change as I met people who had been conceived in rape and saw that their lives deserved the same protection as mine. I came [...]

Our Five Surprises After Abortion

There has been an explosion recently of women sharing their personal abortion experiences as part of a new self-described “pro-VOICE” movement. The stated goal of this campaign is to shift the focus from debating the legality of abortion or discussing whether abortion is right or wrong, to sharing stories from individuals who offer an intimate [...]